What are you working on?

Yup. And need to make sure people go flying off the map a lot too :grin:

Still needs some work, but most of what I’ve got to do from here on out is just refinement and getting gameplay stuff in place. I’ve been bouncing against that budget limit for days though, it’s been pretty tight getting everything I wanted done.
Definitely need to tweak some of these lights looking at the screenshots :sweat_smile:


Yeah there’s a lot of track detail I’d like to put in and it takes a lot of time. I think there’s a way to split up the work and when I’m done this first track I’ll have a good idea good to best split up the work for the next one.

As far as scripting goes, I’m hoping to have a complete single player arcade racing prefab done so you won’t have to script anything, just plug it into your track. I don’t know how soon I can get that done, I’m learning a lot everyday but there are still some stuff that are nebulous to me.

What I’ve scripted so far:

  • vehicle flip protection (So it’s hard to flip your vehicle)
  • vehicle auto flipping (in case you do actually flip it, it’ll auto flip back to normal)
  • spawning the player into the car as the game starts
  • spawning the player at a starting gate
  • preventing the ejection of the player if they manage to flip the car (since it auto flips it just looks like one big roll)
  • a race timer that ends the game in a lose state if it runs out
  • a checkpoint system to add time when the player drives through it
  • a finish line that will end the game in a win state
  • sound effects for winning, losing, and hitting checkpoints

So I’m hoping I could package all of these things with some of the "physical"assets so that people can make their own racing tracks with a lot of the standardized elements. Like this finish line for example:

This way people don’t have to worry about anything other than designing a fun track.

While it may sound like I’m mostly done with scripting, I still don’t understand modes and how this all works. Everything works fine when I test it by holding down the 2 squares (back) button. But there is no visible round timer and no score. I play through it and when there’s a lose state It says I lose and there is a score of 0-0. I’m not sure how this will all work when I publish it and so I got to do a lot of figuring out there. Like if I can restrict the number of players to one. If I can restrict the number of rounds to one. If I can restrict the number of teams to one. If I can make use of the round timer instead of my own timer because the round timer would be visible. My current bespoke timer is being broadcast through the kill feed which I’m not sure will be seen in the published version.

So yeah I’m going to have to figure all this out in the next week. Well I do I hope I can finish the track, it’s hard to say because the material bug that I posted in the earlier video is just making things hard in that respect.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Note that I’m using my own timer which is being shown on the kill feed. And when the race ends it shows a scoreboard for two teams. So all of this other bigger stuff I have to understand and how it fits into any custom modes we make.


Started on a new map - and because I have 0 intention of not just continuing to remake the stuff I like in Halo it’s another Fallout map. This time I’m making Megaton - which I think could be really interesting as a multiplayer arena. I think a large building filled crater will suit FFA rounds - particularly something like king of the hill with the hill in the centre and the bomb for cover with everyone spawning on the outside with plenty of access to grapple hooks. It also has a pretty different style to Goodneighbor and gives me a chance to experiment with the terrain system, and unlike Goodneighbor I don’t have to worry about it being set in a city with tonnes of buildings looming overhead, there’s just a big wall around it. Anyway, speaking of which here’s the first pretty early screenshot and the in-game comparison.

The difficult part about the architecture is none of the walls are just flat rectangles - every building seems to be made of odd shapes and everything juts out at an angle, it’s a lot of work recreating it even if it looks pretty square in the in a picture like this :sweat_smile:


I’m finishing up a competitive slayer map. Intended for 4v4 and Ranked: Slayer game mode. Id like to run a full lobby of 8 on this creation.

Rock House. Created by: A Jesus Slap

Feel free to add and give feedback.


Just some test compositions. I’ll replace the elite with a stop-motioned doll.

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Here’s a comparison showing my progress remaking Megaton compared to what it looks like in Fallout 3, there’s a lot left to do but most of the buildings are in place and a lot of the harder sections are done (Like the crashed plane split across 3 buildings - which uh, the less said about how I made it the better - it was not a smooth process :sweat_smile:). Once I get the rest of the buildings done (which will hopefully be tonight) I’ll get the terrain properly in position and start putting in all the building struts and pipes - I think it’ll start to come together really quickly at that point
I maybe underestimated how much work this map would be, it’s definitely a lot more complicated than my last map, but so far I’m pretty excited to see how it turns out. I think there’s some nice spots where the H:I movement system plays in nicely - like at the bottom right there’s a building you can climb up to reach an upper walkway. At the very least I think snipers will be fun :sweat_smile:


Not much progress to show because most of the progress was wrapping my head around how to create a proper racing game type. It looks like a lot of the existing racing game types are based on the Slayer game mode, whereas I scripted all of my win conditions in my scripts. Based on timers, checkpoints, and a finish line.

So what I think I have to do instead is create a Slayer game type where the enemy team has a score that equals the number of checkpoints + 1 and when you pass through each checkpoint you gain one score. And then when you pass the finish line you get +2 score so that you end up with a higher score at the end thereby winning the race. And if the time runs out then you will have a lower score than the enemy team meaning that you lose your race.

I recently just did add an “open game mode” as a request and 343s official forge feedback thread (thanks @QuietGamer90 !). This will allow for more sorts of games from racers to platformers to even detective games and Pokémon Snap type games where you don’t have to hack a win condition based on score. Because we can already script existing custom win conditions in Forge but it doesn’t apply when you play it through 343 existing game modes.

I did decide to flush out the race track a little bit more and I’ll share a little hack that is similar to the one I shared above.

I had some terrain that was meant to look like mountains but they looked really bare from afar. Just like last time I needed a whole bunch of trees on it but instead of putting hundreds of trees I again enlarged one tree, scaled it to be flat, and put it on the side of the mountain. Trees grow straight up and not at an angle so I had to be a bit careful in adjusting the angle.

So here’s one for demonstration and then I lined up a few to be perpendicular to the angle of the player as they come down the racetrack

And you can see how it looks like from the player perspective on the ground from a distance…

I circled out the trees. It looked like a plain green grass field which just didn’t look good. I wish I took a before picture so you can see it but you can actually see more of that green in the higher parts of the mountain which I later filled in with more trees.

While I realize that the budget is pretty high in Infinite it’s always good to look for efficiencies because you’ll never know when you really need the budget later on. I’m around 20% of my budget and I’m around 20% done the track. So it’s going to be a close call and I imagine I’m going to need to cut the scope of my track at the end.


First of all, thank you for sharing how you’re approaching the situation. The engineer in me finds it interesting, how things work and how work arounds sometimes are needed.

Does the game go into “overtime” if the score is tied at the end [ie: both teams are inbetween the same checkpoints] ? Is that built into the Slayer game mode or would you have to script that up yourself?

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Do keep in mind that I’m aiming to make a single player arcade racing mode a la SEGA Rally. Later on I hope to do a multiplayer racing mode but the existing ones out there seem to cover the bases for such a mode.

You can set various options for the Slayer mode but by default when time runs out the Slayer mode awards you with a win when the score is 0-0 when you run out of time. This is why I would set the enemy score to the number of checkpoints plus one. So that if you hit the last checkpoint but run out of time before finishing the finish line that you are short by 1 point.

Again it’s weird because Forge scripting allows me to execute a “Round over, player wins/lose” state but that’s ignored in any game mode (Slayer/CTF/etc).

I’m going to revisit this one more time in case I’m missing anything.


I was going to say “I don’t have much new to show” cause I’ve been busy recently but then I looked at my last post and realised I haven’t updated this in a while :sweat_smile: I ended up re-doing all the ground cause I wasn’t super happy with the sand texture, kind of a bummer there’s no way to switch between inheriting the maps ground texture and using a custom one but oh well. The new ground is mostly in place but I’ve just been layering more on as I work on each area so there’s still more to do. Just as I was uploading these screenshots though I clicked through some old ones to compare - definitely looks MUCH better now though with the darker brown shade of ground. I’ve also built the wall around the map, and now I’m working on all the support beams, pipes, wiring and all that sorta detailing. I think this is where it’s really gonna pop once it’s done. The plus side is I’ve made the decision to not add all the railings to the walkways so that’s some time saved - it might look a little odd without it but I think the level would be much more awkward to traverse with them in place. Also I’m fighting with the budget enough as is :wink:

Also ignore the fact that the budget isn’t showing right, it’s actually at 99%. Trust me, I’d know :upside_down_face:


This is looking quite solid :+1:

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I love the lighting + sky + atmospheric scattering. Everything looks grounded and it suits the vibe.

This looks incredible!

Thanks, it’s really important to the map to get that sorta faded Fallout sky feel to it - I think I’ve got the tone right but I’ve still got some work to do, it’s a touch overpowering when looking up at the sky.

Thank you! Considering how impressive your work is in Forge that means a lot

Sometimes the budget doesn’t seem to properly update, last night I spent a couple hours re-optimising anything I could find to try and make enough room for the home stretch on my Megaton map. All across the map there has been tiny sacrifices, tweaks and adjustments just to try and cram everything in and I couldn’t even get down to 98%. It was getting worrying.
I just booted it up, 92%. I haven’t seen such a glorious number in over a week. I’m so happy.


Did I take heed of these hours of effort optimising the map and the fact that there really truly probably isn’t much more I can squeeze into it after this final 7% of budget? Did I hell. I added more cables and hanging lights.

I also added the saloon sign, it’s not really obvious in the picture since small details seem to vanish with the LOD stuff. It turned out okay? Text isn’t exactly easy, especially one with a specific font :sweat_smile: I think it’s finally tipping from “it’ll be done eventually” into being nearly done though, I’ve got one more section to finish up modelling and then I just gotta add more ground detail, get all the gameplay stuff in place then mess around with the lighting some more.

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You’ve done an excellent job so far capturing the look of Midship without even having any covenant props - nicely done!