What are you currently playing?

Yeah, I’m the other way around so that’s why I stuck around. Story was good enough to keep me going.

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Story/characters is #2. Visuals is #3 and audio is #4.

Pretty much barking up the wrong tree here then, Sam Lake is highly focussed on story as number 1 prio. and I don’t see that changing for AW2 especially as he’s had so long to think about it.

Look to QB and control to see the modern version of remedy shooting I guess, but AW2 will still be highly story focussed. Great for me but not so if you just want a generic shooter.

I can understand the criticism at Alan Wake somewhat. They squeezed every drop they could out of the rather simplistic gameplay loop and some episodes are really long (i remember episode 3 was like 2 hours or more?). Doesn’t help that Alan can’t run to save his life, hope he did lots of cardio for AW2.

Enemy variety and combat scenarios are not Alan Wake’s strong points but after playing the remaster I appreciated more what Remedy has done with what they had available, had quite a lot of fun with it this time around to be honest. And yeah AW is a slow game but that is not a bad thing at all IMO…it’s definitely not a game that you can rush through and have a good time with it. Nightmare is also a lot more fun/interesting and adds a lot to the tension of the game.

Can’t wait for AW2, I am really curious to see Remedy’s take on the survival horror genre. :gimme:

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I completed Quantum Break and while the story/characters interested me more than the combat/gameplay, it was still far better, more action oriented and enjoyable than Alan Wake. I didn’t complete Control but I played up to that maze puzzle. I wasn’t really into the story/characters at all but the combat/gameplay was excellent. It’s why I made it that far.

Alan Wake 2 can be story focused but the combat/gameplay needs to be great with some action in it and far better pacing than Alan Wake Remastered. If not, it will be completely overshadowed by REmake4 and The Callisto Protocol. At least for me anyway.

Agreed. Looking forward to seeing their version of survival horror.

My ultimate power fantasy

On my third playthrough of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Mass Effect 3, in framerate mode, as a Vanguard, running Charge, Nova and Flare

Fucking unstoppable


crazy how much better these games are with 60FPs. And its not from 30 either…I played all 3 on 360 and that game ran 20-25FPS most of the time during combat.

Devil May Cry collection, DMC1 was really amazing and it’s resident evil roots really show. DMC2 is a mess and I don’t recommend it to anyone but it’s short (like 3-4) hours so i stuck with it, thank god that’s over with. I’m excited for DMC3, that’s the one i bought the collection for.

Not can be story focused, will be story focused. That has always been the main priority for Sam Lake for AW. There is also a massive fan base for the first game which is often overlooked due to soft start against RDR. Gameplay wise Remedy are always evolving so it could be similar to AW or completely different at this stage they are not even ruling out first person. No way in the world AW2 is going to be thematically different from the original though.

Not sure I get the comparisons to RE4 or Callisto at all RE4 is a completely different beast and Callisto is well an unknown quantity but AW != dead space and if you expect the sequel to be some kind of equivalent then you’ll probably be disappointed.

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Started the Xbox version of The Evil Within a few days ago (I played the game on PC when it first came out) to revisit the game after almost 8 years and beat Akumu this time around. Game is still absolutely amazing…the pacing and the variety of locations and combat scenarios are the best I’ve ever seen along with Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space 2. The game surprises you all the time with new stuff (and when you are not expecting them), chapter 10 alone has more interesting gameplay concepts/scenarios than what other whole games have in their entirety. Can’t wait to see how Akumu is!

Also considering that it is a 1st wave, cross-gen, last gen game it looks really good with some great lighting and some beautiful particles that really add to the atmosphere, art direction is top notch too which helps a lot. Too bad it didn’t get an enhancement patch or at least a FPS boost, the really muddy/blurry IQ is the biggest problem of the game visually (sub-1080p paired with a not so good AA solution and some form of DoF are not a good combo) but considering the muted color palette and the darker themes of the game it’s not so bad overall…it’s still a really good looking game.


Will have to just wait and see but since they already changed Alan Wake from being a psychological horror to survival horror, I just wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to change other things up as well.

Comparisons in regards to them being survival horror games. Since Alan Wake 2 will be after both The Callisto Protocol and REmake4, the bar will be high. At least for me so Remedy is going to have to do some stuff that the other two games don’t do and really impress me because if it’s slow like the first game and combat is similar, I could easily end up dropping the game.

Story wise, I believe that Sam Lake should change and go more with combat/gameplay because that’s far more important in a survival horror game than the story is. Also, the atmosphere, tension and immersion needs to be there. If not, it won’t matter what the story ends up being.

On Series X it’s 120fps


Halo Infinite is in my steady rotation.

Working on Mass Effect 2 and Elden Ring right now. I also just discovered Fall Guys and it’s great fun!

Playing Overcooked 2 and TMNT with couch co op.

All in all…my gaming days have been really good.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Legacy of the First Blade expansion.

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Alex or Cassandra Playthrough, changes this story aspecta bit.

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After playing and beating Ninja Turtles multiple times, have moved on to Fallout Vegas. Bringing some of the best of Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian together. Bethesda’s gameplay sandbox and exploration with Obsidian’s narrative choices and skill trees which impact the world.

FPS boost and low loading times are really nice Series X enhancements.


The Elder Scrolls Online as always(well until I burnout again and decide to stop for a bit), High Isle expansion is out and while I have made very little progress for the main storyline. I have been exploring the new lands and doing some side quest as I run around, fighting the world bosses and doing the new world events volcanic vents. The side quest I have done so far are really interesting as well, like the married couple that happen to be thieves.

My playthrough of Dragons Dogma has unfortunately come to a stop, as I haven’t been able to bring myself to play the game after I played Tmnt. I don’t know what it is, but I should be enjoying this game more because it hits just about everything I like about fantasy games, but I just don’t feel to attached to this game. So I will likely drop it and start another game as my second.

This is a replay for me. Have played as Kassandra. Like the character and voice actor better plus knowing what happens to the other character that you don’t pick, playing as Kassandra fits better.

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Currently not super involved with anything in particular. Have been jumping around a bit, played one run through of TMNT story mode and will head back here and there to complete others when I feel like it. Installed RE7 after the X|S update to take a look. I originally beat it on PS4 when it released and loved it but figured Id take a run at it on Xbox, but Im starting to realize how much I hate hide and seek/seek chase mechanics in horror games.

Downloaded The Quarry but haven’t started it yet.