What are you currently playing?

I just beat titan fall 2, its such a shame the game flopped because its such a great game. Its combat/gameplay is super fun, the story is alright, the characters which matter are fun, the titain combat despit being a bit slow is engaging and they you know the surfing in CS:GO…the wall sliding its self feels like it could of made a mode like that, it can be that fun


Started Rise of the Tomb Raider for the first time after finishing the first for like the 5th time lol


borrowed my friends ps5 and am doin the last of us 2. not feeling the combat at all. otherwise loving it.

Playing Tunic right now, think I’m getting near the end of it. Definitely not what I was expecting when I first went into it. Hard boss fights and the game is really cryptic. Had to use a guide in a few areas but for the most part it’s a solid game. Oh and the soundtrack is phenomenal.

Never mind. Apologies.

I did the Jurassic World Evolution weekly quest for points recently and keep coming back for more. Its really fun. DINOSAURS!!!



Heard really good stuff on both. House of Ashes seems to be the best out of the three games. Will try the trilogy out this Summer. Enjoy!!

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I’m surprised at how good it is. The game setting is wonderful, its like a mix of the Relic meets The Mummy

I can only dabble into games at the moment, but I tried Gorogoa and it’s awesome.

Even if you aren’t into puzzle games I suggest giving it a try. It’s on Gamepass and available over Cloud streaming and you don’t need super good latency to play the game. Even if your network isn’t the best I would suggest trying to stream it.

There may be other games like it but this is the first I’ve played anything like it. The puzzles are pretty trippy and I love that. You’ll know within the first two minutes whether you’d like the game or not. But you don’t see the games full potential until you’re 10 minutes in. It’s a bite-sized thing where I’m only playing 15 minutes a day, tops.


been messin with infernax. it’s kickin my ass

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Currently playing though GTA 5 properly for the 1st time ever (I had it on the PS3 but I never even got 50% though the game) and DMC 1

Started up Dead Space the other day. Creepy but good!


Are you interested in the remake?

If it’s different enough, sure. But I have no issues playing older games as long as they are good.

Okay, cool. :slight_smile:

This is one of those games if I could forget everything and replay…. This would be up there!

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For Series X I Nearly finished Call of Duty: Vanguards Campaign as well as grinding the new season :slight_smile: Going to get GTAV Next-Gen so I think ill be starting that after. For PS5 I started Sackboy & Fnaf: Security Breach :slight_smile:

Crusader Kings III, though it has been pissing me off lately after a certain amount of game time, the game just crashes.

Ive just got into Hunt Showdown and its one of the best multiplayer games ive ever played. I cant believe they havent optimised this for the next gen consoles and rereleased it.

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