What are you currently playing?

I’m mostly just playing the game here and there and have found I enjoy the slingshot the most because it bounces off enemies. I just have to find the best set up for it.

Ninja throwing stars is also fun, especially with multitasker 12 equiped.

Decided to put a few other things aside and finally get around to Blue Dragon. It’s a bit longer than most games I would usually pick up on a whim; but if there was a time to do it, it’s now.

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Still playing Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Still a long ways to go. Game just keeps getting better and better especially with the combat and gameplay. Would prefer to just control Cloud but having to switch to other characters as the lead as been really good and better than I was expecting.

Resident Evil 2 remake. Played the original back in the PS days. Enjoying it in full details on PC. One of the best RE ever

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Balatro, Slay The Spire. Forza Motorsport and Dead Island 2.

Good for a couple of hours of gaming every day lately.

Still playing Rebirth. 100+ hours in. Chapter 11. Overall, an excellent game and while im enjoying a few of the optional side activities, the side quests themselves have been mediocre/decent at best. Just none of them stand out whatsoever. Hoping to have Rebirth completed by April so I can then get to Granblue Fantasy Relink and afterwards, Rise of the Ronin which was shipped out to me yesterday from GameFly. Plan is to have all three of these games completed in said order by the time I get Stellar Blade from GameFly which would probably be around the 31st of April.

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Mostly been playing Persona 3 Reloaded, I decided to put Yakuza: Like a Dragon on hold because as the games progress. I understood I was likely to spend 100+ hours on both, because while I don’t love grinding in an a game.

Once I start, I get into it and the games systems as best as I can and now I’m 130 hours into Persona 3 Reloaded. This is of course in normal and I’m likely going to do a playthrough in merciless without NG+ for cushioning after. I was thinking of also trying the whole only use 1 Persona and let my team mates be controlled by their AI.

The worst part is that I will likely do 2 more Persona 3 playthroughs, but in P3P lol. I’m unlikely to play any newer releases for a very long while.

Just finished Persona 3 Reloaded after about 165 hours of messing around. As expected I was too high level for the final boss fights and, because of all the items I was saving up I was never in any real danger.

The most annoying part is the fact that the 2 battles before the final battle all have phases that makes it so that after I do enough damage, all my attacks no matter how hard they hit do pretty much nothing. Overall, a fun experience, and off to Persona 3 Portable or back to Like a Dragon for my next game.

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Needed something more action-y after finishing Baldur’s Gate 3 so I’m playing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood now. Very fun so far!


Completed Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. 132 hours. Performance Mode.

  • Video - 10/10 (superb)
  • Audio - 10/10 (superb)
  • Gameplay/Combat - 9.0/10 (excellent)
  • Story/Characters - 7.0/10 (good)
  • Overall - 9.0/10 (excellent)

Overall, I enjoyed Rebirth for the most part. Characters were great, didn’t dislike any of them but the story like with Remake loses me during the last few chapters. Superb ending boss fight even though I hate the one hit/one hit point left bullshit. The combat is excellent but couldn’t give it a 10/10 because I don’t like how I can’t customize the HUD with damage numbers, etc. so it’s a half point deduction for this category which is something I do with every game I play. The other issues were the forced stealth, way too many cinematics during the last two chapters and the wrangle chocobo sections.

The pure combat/systems is excellent. I would prefer a strong attack instead of having to switch to punisher mode which is basically what it is. Wasn’t a fan of the skill trees in general. Visuals and audio are both superb. All the different maps are very varied and loved all of them. Mini-game wise, I absolutely hated Queen’s Blood which is why I only completed one or two of them as Costa Del Sol, Fort Condor and Gears and Gambits. All garbage mini-games to me. The rest I either liked or loved and wanted more but as usual, the mini-games that are the focus are those that I don’t like.

All the other side content was fine. I like the treasure map you get late in the game which was good side quest/activity, the towers, combat encounters, QTE shrines for the summons and the life strings were all good, enjoyable and relaxing for me. I liked the proto relics but didn’t do the two that were connected to the two mini-games that I don’t like. The chocobos which have different strengths based on the region was really good and fits in with the game design which was great. The side quests themselves were decent at best. But overall, an excellent game and I look forward to the third and final chapter.

​My next game is Granblue Fantasy Relink which I will be starting this coming Sunday.


Currently playing a mix of Kingdom Come Deliverance, which i found to be way more addictive than i thought and am plesantly suprised with this purchase, and The quarry, mostly to achivement hunt and all that.

Trying to finish both before tipping into Shenmue and Frostpunk.

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Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Already on chapter five after six hours. Game looks gorgeous, love the art style, the different regions and the vibe. Audio is pretty good including the English voice acting. Story and characters are okay thus far. Definitely feels very rushed in this regard. Combat is strongest aspect but I really wish developers would allow users to customize the HUD. Also, I wasn’t a fan of the side quests in Rebirth but holy shit, these side quests might be the worst that I have ever experienced in any game because there’s no real quest to them. You basically just complete them by gathering what you need during the story chapters. I do like the action sequences during the story chapters and adding in some variety for the objectives has been pretty good. Will see how the rest of the story plays out.

In addition to daily FO76, I started Diablo IV and picked up Destiny 2 again to play with a friend.

This is my first Diablo and I am hooked.

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Quit, uninstalled and mailed back Granblue Fantasy Relink. Wasn’t bad or anything, simply wanted to start playing Rise of the Ronin instead which I did yesterday. 17 hours into the game in two days. Level 15. Really enjoying the game, especially the combat. And thankfully, there’s an easy difficulty level because I would probably be getting my ass kicked if there wasn’t. Have only died once thus far but only because I always have plenty of health packs and have those two options more health and using less stamina during combat. Great game. Definitely better than the 75 it’s rated. It’s not at the level of Tsushima but it’s a great 8 to 8.5 game and one that will tide me over until I get Tsushima 2.

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Still with Kingdom Hearts 2 HD 2.5 ReMIX on Series X and Horizon: Forbidden West on PS5.

Played a couple of smaller games as palate cleansers (One Night Stand, Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet) before jumping into Diablo IV!

I’ve had it in the backlog since the holidays but not found the time, now that it appeared on Game Pass I got an unexpected co-op partner so that’s how I play it mostly. A bit unusual for me to do co-op first, but it suits the game very well. Having a lot of fun with it, it’s my first Diablo game…


Just finished Return To Grace, it’s a narrative driven game where we control a character and to lead them to the end of their story. It’s light on puzzles and they’re all easy, as the game is all about finding out what happened and deciding what you want the ending to be.

As with other games that have a similar set up, I enjoyed it and while I likely won’t return to get the other achievements. As they’re related to doing things in the story I didn’t want too, I think I will be buying the game in the future.


Playing Celeste over Xcloud and I’m having a very good experience.

Edit: Enjoying the game, but the chase sequences are way too long.


Finished Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth & Robocop: Rogue City a few days ago. Now I’ll take a little break and probably play through Trepang2 (which I just bought) and then start Dragon’s Dogma 2 in a few days, really excited to finally play it!

I finished Infinite Wealth after 153 hrs and it was such an excellent game! really good story, great characters (Yamai is the GOAT), awesome soundtrack and tons of really enjoyable content/side activities. Loved the Crazy Delivery mini-game and Sujimon (I’ve never played a Pokemon game btw), jobs were so much fun to level up, really liked the new additions to the combat system and Honolulu was such a beautiful (Sega’s blue skies man!) and fun to explore city. Also some of the performances were so fuckin’ good, especially a particular one in the end must be one of the best performances that I have ever seen in a game. Top notch stuff from Sega and I can’t wait to play the next installment!

About Robocop I mostly bought it because I love the Robocop movies (the first two at least) and I wanted to play a FPS, I expected it to be a good game but I didn’t expect to like it that much. I watched both Robocop movies before starting the game and the amount of care, love and respect for the source material that the development team put into this game is absurd. So many cool little touches and easter eggs scattered across the game plus the depiction of the world is so fuckin’ good, the game oozes atmosphere in every corner. Surprisingly the game reminded me of The Darkness 1 and the Riddick games from Starbreeze as it’s not a straight up linear FPS game with levels…instead you explore a part of the city, interact with NPC’s, do side quests e.t.c. it really feels like a Robocop daily life simulator and I loved it for that.

Story was also pretty cool and the performance of Weller was awesome (as expected). Of course all this would’ve been less exciting if the game wasn’t any good but thankfully the game as a shooter is truly great, Robocop is a heavy (righteous) killing machine…gameplay wise the game is a power fantasy through and through with enough variety (from enemies to combat scenarios to adding new weapons) to keep things fresh in the 20 hours that it lasts. I know that saying a game has a soul may sound cheesy but this game has this in spades even with it’s budget shortcomings which is truly remarkable. Highly recommended for any Robocop fan or anyone who enjoyed The Darkness 1!