What are you currently playing?

I agree completely

It starts off so wonderful with some amazing tech graphics just makes it all so creepy Only for the end section to be annoying and kill so much of the goodwill I was having for the game

Looking forward to the remake of SH2 and also hope this demo means Konami is also making a new Silent Hill game with Hexadrive and this was just a small tase.

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Mmm ok i didnt know that… luckily i dont put much into completion % at all. Does seem unnecessary to set it up like that though

I don’t often juggle games but this week I’ve been juggling :

Planet of Lana, Shadow Warrior 3 (just finished it, was aight), and Ghostbusters The Videogame.

I’m adding Doom Eternal to that and also Jussant.


Started the Tomb Raider Remaster. I think they did a good job with it. With tank controls it feels like old times and with modern controls a bit like Tomb Raider Anniversary. The graphical overhaul is nice, framerate is a smooth 60fps now and you can toggle on the fly to the old visuals.

Would recommend :+1:


Really enjoyed FIST this past week as my focus whilst on annual leave. Gr8 game. 23 hours to get to the final boss. Some good challenging moments in the game where i started to think i wont get past the boss, and some gr8 puzzles that took me more than the youngens perhaps. But… this final boss, after just two attempts im totally defeated, seems impossible haha. Cicero may be the fastest ninja in history. Ive got to the final boss without having to master all the special moves, i used a few spec moves i became competent with up until now. I was hoping to notch a complete game but i think my glory days are long gone !


Started up Banishers to see how the game feels, so far playing in fidelity mode and I’m having some issues with the feel of the game. So will be changing to performance mode, I’m also having trouble adjusting to the game because of how much Yakuza I have been playing.

That I keep trying to press X to attack every single time. Which is weird to me, because I don’t seem to have that problem with other games.


Finished the Beyond the Dawn expansion for Tales of Arise. Good 7.0/10. Base game is better but if you like Tales of Arise, you’ll most likely enjoy it as it’s well, more Tales of Arise. lol

Also, received Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden from GameFly today. Already installed the game off the disc and went to play it but received a pop up message saying that I have to go online and download the update. I don’t know if the update is required but if not, did Microsoft implement their DRM again with disc based games? Because last time I played a disc based (Jedi Survivor at launch) game on Xbox Series X without connecting online, I had no issues.

Anyway, I’ll download the update tomorrow morning and finally start the game. :joy:

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Yesterday I finished Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. Pokémon Sapphire was the second Pokémon game I ever owned (right after Gold) and I remember spending countless hours running around Hoenn trying to catch them all (even if I did make my Kyogre faint on my original playthrough…).

This remake modernizes Sapphire and Ruby by including Mega Evolutions, Fairy type, updated evolutions, and new characters/content for those that want to really dive into the remakes.

While it doesn’t fully recapture the love I have for the original S/R versions, I definitely do appreciate the work put into this remake and allowing us to revisit some of the most nostalgic locales of my childhood.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire - Rating: 4/5

Received it yesterday from GameFly. Started it earlier today and played for about 6 hours. Really good but very heavily story based. There’s a decent amount of combat but you can tell that it’s about the story/characters and side quests that is focal point. I will say that gameplay/combat felt very sluggish and clunky in the beginning but that’s because I had all these camera options and such set to 20% speed and whatnot. Well, two of the options were horizontal and vertical character movement which I haven’t come across in any game that I have played perhaps ever. The settings are always for the camera speed and rotation. Anyway, I increased the character movement speed to 70% for both horizontal and vertical and wow, what a difference. Feels very fluid and responsive.

World is nice, game looks really good and I like the loot/resource gathering in the game. Combat wise, so far so good except for one major issue, when you lock on to an enemy and the enemy dies, it doesn’t switch over to the closest enemy even though I have that option turned on. Thankfully, you can do a “quick turn” which helps out a lot. Also, very happy that they allow you to customize the button layout. I used the second layout option which switches the light/heavy attacks from RB/R1 and RT/R2 to X/Square and Y/Triangle which is great as I hate using the shoulder buttons and triggers for melee combat. Then, I edited one thing. Switched the “action/talk/pick up” button from B/Circle to A/X and the “dodge/roll” button from A/X to B/Circle. Everything works perfectly now for me.

One thing I don’t like is that if you want a waypoint, you must leave the compass on the screen which I hate because I prefer it off. I noticed this with Avatar, it’s in this game and im pretty sure it’s in Ubisoft’s Outlaws game. It’s very annoying because I just don’t like it. Just want a normal waypoint on the screen. Other than that, when reading notes and stuff like that, it gets added to your collection but doesn’t disappear from where it’s located which is more of a pet peeve for me than anything.

Overall though, really enjoying it but due to work the next two days, won’t be playing it again until Wednesday but looking forward to getting back to playing Banishers.

Finished Resident Evil 3. A good time overall, clearly action & set piece oriented, Nemisis was a scripted boss encounter not a stalker which was a good thing for the game imo. It plays well, looks amazing, played with Ray Tracing at 60fps on console and it was incredible visually and technically. Very short, I’m talking it took me a little more than 5 hours for my first playthrough lol, I can see why many judged it for that while being full price, but It has no effect on my opinion because I played it on GP, it was a proper length for the intended experience.

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Color Ball Blast: Got me addicted a little bit, chasing a few more achievements before it inevitably gets too grindy. Included in Google Play Pass.

Space Marshals: Played SM1 on Google TV last year. SM2 on my phone, because it wouldn’t run on the TV. SM3 now on my new Logitech G Cloud (yay!) because the phone is a bit small for games like this. This one seems a lot harder than the first two. Haven’t managed more than one star on a level yet. Always fair checkpoints, though. Easy recommendations if you enjoy “stealth” twin-stick shooters. (All three on Play Pass.)

Tell Me Why: A bit too boring for the most part. But Chapter 3 was definitely better than the first two.

Finished FFVIII Remastered jumped into Persona 3 Reload. First persona game for me. Liking it quite a lot. I really enjoyed Catherine from Atlus and this is as good if not better for now

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I am so jealous. Can’t wait to hear what you think of P3R!

If you like it, I highly recommend checking out 5 Royal and 4 Golden at some point. Especially 5 Royal since its more inline with Persona 3 Reload.


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Persona 3 Reloaded and getting annoyed whenever Fuuka says the area is clear and a character wants to scout ahead. Every time I’m just like


Finished Lies of P. Really enjoyed it. Amazing graphics and great gameplay. I resorted to spirits to help me in boss fights everytime I could, no remorses.

Started Cocoon. This game is blowing my fucking mind.

Started brotatoe to get my daily achievements and its been a blast to the point I’ve done way more than one daily achievement and will do several runs a night.

Still play halo weekly to get the weekly challenges done. Enjoyed the new big team battle maps.

And have persona 3 reload going but it’s starting to drag a little don’t know if i will get around to beating it or move on. Had the same issue with 5 with the blocks slowing the game down way to much.

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Probably just going to do weekly updates since I usually burn through games on a pretty consistent basis.

Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn - Rating: 6/10

While the base game of Tales of Arise was solid for the first 80% of the game, Beyond the Dawn almost seems to have the opposite issue. 20% of the story content here is super compelling, while the rest feels like strung along side quests placed in between cutscenes. It was nice to revisit the cast of Arise and I’d absolutely be down to do it again, but hopefully it’ll be in something better (and more reasonably priced).

Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo - Rating: 8/10

Paranormasight is a smart, dark visual novel horror experience that takes parts of what I love about the genre and spices it up a bit. I appreciate when games are able to take an idea, twist them into something different, and blend that different take in with some familiar territory to create a authentically cool experience. If you haven’t checked this one out, it might be worth looking into. I just wish Square Enix advertised it.

Spirit Hunter: Death Mark - Rating: 7/10

Death Mark, funnily enough, is another supernatural horror visual novel game that deals with curses. This time, you’re tasked with the duty of saving multiple civilians that are caught in the plot of corrupted spirits of all shapes and sizes. While the atmosphere is strong through most of the game, there are some really weird sexual tropes that really damper the mood at times. Most of the puzzles are interesting enough, but could be expanded upon.

Currently Playing/About to Play:

  • Spirit Hunter: NG (really enjoy this setup more than Death Mark).

  • Helldivers 2 (will be starting this weekend)

  • Super Mario Wonder


I completed this two weeks ago or so. Rated it a 7.0/10. It’s good but the base game is definitely better. When you play Helldivers 2, please post your impressions. Thanks.

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Can do homie!

I was mixed on Beyond the Dawn. I wanted to like it more than I did, but I can get why some people might like it more than others. I’ll probably go back to clean up the left over stuff so I can reclaim my 100% on it. :slight_smile:

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