What are you currently playing?

I beat Metroid Fusion. Saving the animals in Super Metroid is cannon.

I think Metroid Dread improves on Metroid Fusion with the EMMIs (over the SA-X), better bosses, the story, and more open pathing (no waypoints).

I want to replay Metroid Zero Mission soon, so that I can finally rank the best versions of the five Metroid games: Zero Mission, AM2R, Super, Fusion and Dread.

Excluding Zero Mission, my ranking is: Super, Dread, Fusion, and AM2R. AM2R is a fantastic fan remake, but you can only do so much with the worst Metroid game. Super over Dread because I prefer exploration over boss fights in games, but Dread’s boss fights and movement are clearly leagues above Super. Idk maybe on another day I would rank Dread over Super. I’m not sure where Zero Mission will land, but it will definitely be in the top 3.


Still playing MH Rise at least 3 to 4 times a week with friends and have now picked up Ni No Kuni to try and beat it on Xbox shortly after Ni No Kuni 2 hits GamePass next month.

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Currently playing and loving sudden strike 4. Most people would have missed it because it was a games with gold game! Much prefer it to AOE 2, no resource management just pure combat and the combat feels much deeper. Very hard to get 3 stars on normal difficulty though. Definitely worth a shot if you enjoy RTS games.

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Did anyone try Valheim yet?

Finished Zero Escape: The Nonary Games. Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors gets a full recommendation from me. Its a great puzzle game with interesting characters and stories. And I liked it more than the second one (Virtues Last Reward), its more focused, shorter and doesnt waste the players time as much as the second. The escape rooms in VLR are as good as it gets but the visual novel sections sometimes are 1 hour long and a drag. I also didn’t like the ending with a cliffhanger.


I just did this too, although fast forwarding it for the 1000G before it left Game Pass as I played them before.

I stopped fast forwarding on the finale of 999 to see how “that” was handled without Nintendo DS gimmicks… Not that greatly IMO, but it’s impossible without actually being on a DS so what can you do

You’ve probably heard about the third game being very weak, and unfortunately I can back that up. It’s not good but it’s also quite short and also has good “laugh at it” moments.


Yeah, i heard about the third game being not so great. Right now i’m a bit burned out on the franchise (should have not played them both so shortly after another) so maybe in a year on sale.

Diablo time, anyone playing?

So uhhh…anyone else playing REmake 4? it seems that Xboxera is not a big fan of RE and horror games in general. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yesterday I got the steelbook edition (which is quite disappointing art/boxart wise) and an Elite Core, I was planning to get an Elite anyway and decided to get one now to also help with REmake 4’s controls. With some tweaks in the Elite settings the game definitely plays better than the demo but there seems to be some improvements in the retail version (especially in the left analogue stick deadzone/movement) too regardless.

Playing on Hardcore and while it’s challenging I expected much worse from what I was reading on otherera, game is amazing so far with a great balance on keeping things intact but also re-imagining/remixing stuff. I am at the start of Chapter 4 after playing for about 6hrs last night. Can’t wait to play more tonight! :partying_face:


I’m playing it. I don’t really know what this stuff is about controls because the game feels fine to me.

I also chose Hardcore. It is harder than anything in the original game for sure but is manageable. Only troublesome part so far was the beginning village survival segment but it’s been fine since, though I probably just hit the next “barrier” in the house survival with Luis (I stopped playing here after 1 death lol)

It was not too long ago I did a replay of the original (in October last year, to get the Professional achievement). So far the game really does feel familiar. Even kept some funny lines like the “Bingo” line and “Hey it’s that dog” lol

Yeah REmake 4 is definitely harder than the rest of the RE Engine games and also the original game, REmake 3 has some really challenging modes with Nightmare and Inferno (with the latter being the best high difficulty setting in the series along with REmake 1’s Real Survivor IMO) but Standard (going by the demo) and Hardcore here in REmake 4 are tougher than the equivalent settings of 7/2/3 and Village for sure…didn’t expect that from Capcom but it’s a nice surprise, can’t wait to see what Professional is gonna be like.

I also played the original game last October too and I think that REmake 4 hits a nice spot of familiarity while keeping things interesting and fresh so far IMO.

RE4 Remake

Finished up mission 12 of the campaign of Transport Fever 2, 6 more to go.

Still having a great time and learning something new in each session.

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I finally beat the Mass Effect trilogy for the first time (Legendary Edition). I’ve been disappointed by media before, but I think the ending to ME3 may be the first time a media product ever made me angry (at least I cannot think of any other instances). It was such a strange reaction for me that I got a little embarrassed about myself, but I guess that shows how much of an impact this series had on me.

Funny enough, I got the “reject all choices” ending in ME3 just because I didn’t trust the star-child, and the game just ends after you piss him off. I restarted the mission to get the destroy ending. Imo, you should still be able to pick an ending (even stick to doing nothing if you want) after pissing off that brat.

Imo, ME1 is the best video game story ever as someone who loves detective/cop mystery stories (also ME1 had the best version of the Citadel). ME2 is also incredible as everyone would agree, although I prefer ME1. For the most part, ME3 was great, especially that Shore Leave DLC. ME became one of my favorites series ever.

The ending of ME3 got me thinking about how much better Witcher 3 and Blood and Wine handle player agency. In ME3, everything hinges on your final decision. In Witcher 3, your entire playthrough matters.

So, I started Witcher 2. The stealth sections are trash, the combat is bad (I turned it down to easy for now), and man 30 fps is rough. Despite those issues, I’m loving the game. I’m at that first town in the forest where you are preparing to face the kraken. I really dig the beginning with Geralt and King Foltest, and later hanging out with the blue stripes is a treat. I got the ingredients for the anti-kraken-toxins potion just by exploring around, so I feel pretty good about my progress. I also avenged the death of that troll’s wife.


If you have friends to play with, and aren’t gaming alone, just play sea of thieves with your friends, preferably two of them. It’s the most fun I’ve had in a video game in quite a while, I’m kicking myself over not getting into it sooner, just an incredibly fun game. Your ship being on fire from lightning strikes while you are smashing into islands and getting shot at, and you playing music with your friends while sinking will definitely leave you unable to breath from laughter.

REmake4. Currently near the end of Chapter 3. I have some issues but great game thus far.