What are you currently playing?

The remake for the Genesis/Mega Drive is probably one of my favorite games ever. It’s definitely in the top 5 for me. The only thing I don’t really like in the 2004 Xbox version are the QTE minigames but im hoping that after Sea of Thieves made pirate games a little more popular that someone might decide to make something similar to Sid Meier’s Pirates. It’s been a long time since we had anything close to it.


Completed all of the side content (contracts, question marks, etc) in Witcher 3 Blood and Wine. Now I can finally start hunting The Beast that must have been running wild while Geralt spent weeks talking to Roach and playing Gwent.

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Finally playing As Dusk Falls and it’s pretty great.

Took a couple of minutes to get used to the artstyle/presentation but they hooked me fast on the story and characters. Really cool with a lot of choices that actually change things, and not “choices” like in a TellTale game. This is very well done.

About half way through, and I can allready see myself going for a second playthrough.


I think I’ll use As Dusk Falls as my pallet cleanser once Witcher 3 is done. Have been intending to play it for months. Glad you’re enjoying it.

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Let me know when you do - I might do a second playthrough on co-op.

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I re-installed the Hitman trilogy and completed the first 2 ‘real’ missions (Paris and Sapienza) in the past days. Just following story points and looking at challenges to see what is up and it finally seems to click.


Going trough the entire Taiko no tatsujin franchise. Finished a few of the Japanese PS2 games and man, this franchise has had almost no evolution since its release. It improves on certain parts, here and there, the menu adds something new,etc but its almost all the same. Idk if that’s good or not, depends on how tired I get when I finished them all.

I guess you could say changing something that works is unnecesary, and Taiko works fantastically.

Finally got around to playing Pentiment. It’s great, really great.

I’m Playing Hi-Fi GoldenRush at the moment.

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Beat both Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope and Witcher 3 Blood and Wine.

Sparks of Hope is definitely inferior to it’s really wonderful precessor Kingdom Battle which also has the great Donkey Kong DLC. SOH is way too easy, the open areas are a slog, the free movement during your turn just lets you cheese too much, and SOH’s time-based jumping is worse than KB’s precision jumping.

SOH is a skip. KB is unmissable if you like turn-based strategy and the Mario IP.

Blood and Wine is really fantastic. I 100 percented the map and got the good ending. Such a great send off to a great character.

I was first introduced to the Witcher through the novels. I can confidently say that the game surpasses it’s source material.

Decided to try out Goldeneye, and while the controls aren’t bad, the game feels wobbly. Definitely not a game I can go back to.

Finished Signalis a week ago which was a really awesome survival horror game, playing a lot of Forza Horizon 5 (which is my palate cleanser) in the last few days and planning to play some GoldenEye tonight.


I have all 3 sets of games, have been playing through the first game levels in the first game, have played most of them some in the second and in the third game. Kinda neat to get same achievements up to 3x and to see improvements made later. Just did Colorado level last week and got fed up and was killing all the enemies, must have only stunned a couple but had 125 at the end out of I think 130.

Finally playing Borderlands 3 after picking it up on sale recently. The gameplay is solid and better than ever but man are the antagonists insufferable.

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I started Goldeneye and man 00 Agent on Facility (second mission) is a pain. I only played multiplayer as a kid, so I’m not sure this is worth playing through on 00 Agent.

That said, playing 00 Agent on The Dam was great. I might just google which missions are the best and only play those on 00 Agent difficulty.

Also started Mass Effect 3 for the first time. The inability to holster your weapon fucking sucks. Just feels terrible when exploring environments.

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Yeah I can only imagine. Didn’t even make it through the first game, I can only guess how bad it is in this one.

I guess with the 1st game, I was a kid who enjoyed toilet humour and with 2 and pre-sequel, handsome jack propped it up with his charisma. This game feels like I’ll end up listening to podcasts while playing it real soon.

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I have found myself falling into AC: Odyssey. I always forget how compelling the “new” AC games are: basic-but-fun combat, great production values, and beautiful worlds to explore. I’ve always been a Greek mythology dork, so that’s the icing on the cake. 60fps on Series X with GP is just…cherry on the icing, I guess?


the Story DLCs are great as well

Haha nice, I finished Colorado yesterday in just under an hour. Followed story points for 3 of the targets, used a poison injection on the 4th and winged the last one by using my silenced gun just as he was alone.

Was my least favorite map so far though, going to Hokkaido next. :slight_smile: