Wasteland 3 |OT| In Reagan's name!

Well, i just beat the game. Probably chose the easiest ending though, but wow. What a very interesting game.

:slight_smile: Very glad i experienced this.


So I started playing Pillars of Eternity on GP and although its a great game, it makes me sooooo grateful that WL3 has full voice acting. I know Brian said a few times that thanks to MS they were able to fully voice act the game. Pillars 1 doesn’t have full voice acting and its a bit tedious to read all of the dialogue

I think WL3 would of still been great but having full VO needs to be mandatory in this style of game with a bunch if dialogue and it really pushed WL3 to next level ei POE tier of ISO RPG’s


Yes indeed VA helps the game by huge margins. I even succeeded to bring a friend to this game and now he loves it.

Where can I put the first code that La Perla gave me?

Enter the med bay on the Ranger HQ and go straight in the back of the room, there is a door that leds to a bunker, the code open up the first door.

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So I did the Reagan quest (which I found hilarious BTW) and I decided to transfer his AI to Ranger HQ, so I lost Mother Nancy support and the a Commune got furious with me. However, I heard I could explain my reasons to the Commune (I got their trust in the beginning of the QUEST). The thing is I can’t see a prompt to talk to the communication machine anymore, anybody can confirm that in fact I can explain my reasons to the commune? If so, can I still get the party bot with sal? Cheers

The real MVP for me the last half of the game was a pet chicken. MY goodness.

So I did change the difficulty to Supreme Jerk, and it’s so good right now. Even with all the armor I bought, I can still be one shot. On Ranger difficulty it would have become boring easily.

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Played it quite a bit thanks to game pass but ended up just dropping it. Fun world, interesting cast but the combat just too slow and boring for me. No matter how many changes and upgrades I make they take forever to chore through and Its a shame cause other than that I liked.

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We just posted a news update on our patching process going forward, as well as when to expect the next (1.1.1) update.

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Great news! Keep it up the game is absolutely phenomenal, don’t let the bugs undermine the fun.

I want everyone to know that we love the Wasteland universe and will continue to hone the experience.

Long after bug squashing is complete, we’ll continue to add UI improvements, optimize load times and bring on DLC expansions and more.

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wow been taking my time with this game but I’ve been having so much fun with it. The world they created is amazing. Just got to the bizarre and bought myself an interesting parrot. Love this game

I’ve been experiencing less crashes since the last patch, definitely. The constant crashes at the vendors have completely stopped.


Bring it on! I’m in 1000%

Ahaha, me too! Honestly, about UI improvements, they should totally add some way to filter and better sort the inventory. It’s a mess right now.

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Yeah the inventory is a real mess, I want to have the stuff better sorted out, it is confusing. In terms of QOL etc I’m all behind them. I had lots of crashes or characters doing weird stuff animations glitching etc lol

Did you notice Brian said after expansions “and more” what did he mean by that? Wasteland 4 teased?

Anyway seems the game, despite the bugs received a superb feedfack, on my side all my friends love it too. Really happy for the studio.

Very intrigued about that! To be honest, I don’t expect it that soon (nor do I want it so soon, they should take their time with it). I’m all in for a paid content expansion. I’m all in for whatever InXile does, to be honest. Just want to see them thrive!

I actually don’t have many friends who like tactics. I didn’t get to check the co-op, unfortunately.

Changed the thread title to keep it fresh

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Same as you they can take all the time need to use the full power of the console and the latest tech possible.

I am playing it via gamepass and will gladly pay for an extension. Once the game is fully patched and fixed I will buy the base game, they deserve the money.

A big expansion with new features, areas quests etc like in the old days oh yeah I’m in.

PS: Remember there is the Outer Worlds extension released. I didn’t play it yet. How is it?