Wasteland 3 |OT| In Reagan's name!

I’m definitely gonna mess with the difficulties tomorrow, as I was playing Ranger precisely because I wanted a challenging experience in the first place! As you said, it was fun to manage resources, I was working my ass off to have money for ammo, medical supplies, barely could afford any great weapons except after completing a long mission, or something…

It will probably become too easy on Ranger for now, so I’m gonna up the difficulty as if I’m not mistaken, it can be changed on the fly.

But I’m not gonna lie, it’s exciting to have access to a ton of shit right now.

Lucia is awesome

This is not patched yet ha ha. I made $175,000 last night with this.

One thing to note is you need to purchase the Bizarre Pass first, otherwise they will vouch for you instead. Once you do this, it looks like the exploit stays open and you can go back and make more dye at the table.

Folks playing on console, how has the experience been so far?

No complaints on the 1X. Some weird bugs/glitches once in a while, but no technical problems.

Yeah bugs and glitches were on the PC version and the FPS got nuked into oblivion at HQ, although I finished it 4-5 days ago before the patch came out.

I have a gaming laptop solely for games like Xcom, Wasteland, Gears Tactics, Crusader Kings etc. No way in hell would I play something like Cyberpunk or Valhalla on it but its fairly high end and can run isometric games pretty well.

I did try WL3 on Xbox off Game Pass and I didn’t like the dial menu too much but I’ve heard most people tell me its pretty user friendly, probably way more than Xcom 2 was on console before that got patched.

I believe I’ve heard the WL3 Console patch is coming soon

I’m a couch gamer, for some reason I simply don’t enjoy using kb/m. No complaints from the controller usage on WL3, it’s fairly fluid.

Same here, just certain genre’s. Playing Halo Wars 2 on Xbox was a cluster fuck for me but it worked out well with mouse and keyboard.

I was contemplating building a gaming rig instead of using laptops but it’ll probably be a mid range lighter gaming rig because I’m not going to play any of the major demanding games on it and will stick with consoles for those.

We got a product for you - it’s called the Series X and will launch fairly soon… :crazy_face:

I wouldn’t ever play Crusader Kings or AOE on consoles lol yuck


You’re welcome! :innocent: :kissing_heart:


i think im at the ending … had a couple bugs where a side mission wouldn’t “complete” even though i did everything … whatever. lol

how do i use a nuke?

The Xbox version of this patch has been pushed live, the PS4 and Win10 versions are coming as soon as they make it through the cert process. Thanks for your patience on this.

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Its a special ability with use of a rocket launcher, I think its one of the explosives skills

ooooh! okay.thanks!

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Yeah got a lot of crashes and freezes, more and more and bugs. I will endure it because the game is too good really. Too much to do and to see.

Really hope they make a huge director’s cut with lots of QOL features and lots of new content if possible and a graphical enhancement to be like what they showed 1st of Wasteland 3 when they showed the prototypes sceens which were amazing.

Please bring Wasteland again it is a so awesome IP.

Almost sure Brian Fargo wants a fully realised open world Wasteland for next gen seeing how much he loves this franchise. And I’m 100% behind the idea. I want it!

Guys, if you loved Wasteland 3 and want to know more about the thought process behind it and the future of InXile I made a thread about an interview with Brian Fargo.


Man an open world Wasteland would be incredible in this setting, there is just so much potential here. With his teams stellar storytelling and lore building, combined with AAA budget this would be a pillar series for Game Pass and Xbox.

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I must be lucky, no crashes or bugs yet. I am pretty early though, just got to Denver and met the Gippers.

100% agree it could even be the flagship Xbox franchise if they treat it well. Their next gen project became my most anticipated game now.

Despite so much bugs I love so much Wasteland 3, incredible game.

I’m almost sure their next project is a Wasteland sequel (maybe not called W4) because Brian Fargo loves it so much and how he talks about it and all the hints in the recruitments and also between every Wasteland release we saw huge upgrades and innovations to be bigger and bigger. Physics, A.I, interactions, deeper and more complex and nuanced rpg mechanics, more choices etc.

I think they really want to make this IP bigger more known to the public and maybe go out with a bang as I saw @Sponger said InXile wants to be the Top 1 studio RPG in all areas (graphics, animations gameplay, physics, A.I, rpg mechanics, storytelling etc) and they were under the biggest transformation of the industry.

Also found an easter egg to Wasteland 4 in the Bizarre which clearly says Wasteland 4 the best game ever lol with a sentence as a dig to Mass Effect ending

Look lol