UPDATE: FALSE FLAG! Entire Xbox 360 marketplace might be closed by May 2023

Crisis averted. Thanks @Doncabesa!

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This comes up when searching on https://support.xbox.com/. This doesn’t seem to affect BC titles on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, but potentially anything only available through the Xbox 360 console marketplace might be gone forever by summer.

I know it’s been almost 20 years and most things are BC, but there are still some titles that aren’t due to licensing issues. Better buy what you want sooner than later, especially digital only games/DLC that have no disk format.


IIRC, PS3 also tried this and recieved massive backlash so they plan on keeping things up for a bit longer, but then again they don’t have the same BC as Xbox does so backlash was warranted.

Maybe Microsoft will recieve similar backlash and keep the 360 marketplace open until 2025 for the 20th anniversary, if this is indeed happening?

Is there an easy way to determine what 360 titles you own that aren’t covered by BC?

If you’ve played the game at least once, TrueAchievements.com is amazing at filtering your library.

I hope there is backlash on this. I’m not against the idea of Microsoft shutting down the 360 store but it’s the idea that they are shutting it down in four months without giving people time to plan.

Also if they are going to shut it down they should at least give out a list of the games and dlc that are going to be removed.

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I posted this in the other thread but this sucks for DLC preservation specifically. Think of all the non-BC games available that still have DLC for them. Gone forever.

And also as I said, there’s still many great games available digitally that aren’t BC. Armored Core: Verdict Day being one I bought recently.


absolutely disgusting move.

i hope they get the same backlash Sony and Nintendo got for this.


The 3DS shop closure stings the hardest. Hundreds of great games (Atlus’s lineup especially) and DLC going away.

The only way to access that content afterwards, if you didn’t buy it beforehand will be used copies or a hacked 3DS (the only way for DLC).

Piracy continues to be the best preservation tool…


Yeah, this sucks.

I have to check if there are any 360 games and dlc left to buy which are not on the Xbox bc store. Even if i have big reservations to reward this closure (if real) with my money.

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Yep the 3DS/Wii closures still sting. If Microsoft does decide to go through with this decision and close down the Xbox 360 store by April I’m sure game piracy is going to rise since you can’t trust companies to keep their promise on game preservation.

It’s also not nearly enough time. 3 months? Nobody is scrounging up money to go on a shopping spree to buy things before they’re gone for good in such a short time.

Nintendo gave over a year’s notice. Still awful but the time frame given was long.

We honestly don’t know. They haven’t actually made a public statement about any of this. That’s the most annoying part to me, we simply don’t know.

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Any noteworthy titles, bc or not I should get before access is removed forever?

Only thing that could give it some justification is if they have a massive sale of all the games and dlc leaving before then. But knowing Xbox that wouldn’t happen.


There is no official confirmation for this, at least yet.

Super lame if true. I don’t see that message on that page so I don’t know.

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Personally I can’t imagine what non-BC content I would want to buy that I haven’t already bought over the last 15 years.

Generally, this sucks and I’d like the marketplace to stay online as long as humanly possible, preferably forever.

Small, quick and dirty list from me


(This is the only available Armored Core game digitally now. The only way to prepare for AC6 unless you buy physical copies)


(Bandai JRPG that was never added to BC)



(Almost all of the Warriors games are still available digitally and not on BC. Just threw a couple here.)

Prices are high on some of these, if this is really happening they need to do a final massive sale.

The game itself isn’t available, but there is a lot of free DLC available for Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 (and some paid ones for DWG3). I was actually planning to play through all 3 of them over the course of the year.


Will need to think more about what DLC is possibly going away for good because that’s the major hit here. At least every game I listed has physical copies.


I’m not sure what dlc might get removed from the 360 so here is a list: