UPDATE: FALSE FLAG! Entire Xbox 360 marketplace might be closed by May 2023



Crisis averted. Hopefully the store stays open for many many more years!

Well I guess I have some crow to eat for going into a panic. Hope it stays up as long as humanly possible, there’s just too much content that goes away forever when it closes.


Nah you’re fine, they legit posted that it was shutting down. That’s on MS not you.

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the only reason they’d take it down is if the tech debt on it is so rough that maintaining it becomes too many man hours or the licensing issues hit too hard.


I think our panic was justified, this was not some ‘insiders’ hottake but officially posted on Xbox support website.

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So these games will be unaffected?

Those are still subject to leaving, it was a panic about the entire thing going they were responding to.

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That sucks that they will be gone. And I wish Microsoft could just bring them over to the current store. Especially the ones that don’t have an Xbox One edition

No! These games are affected and will be delisted on the 7th of this month (February).

So buy Daytona USA and Jet Set Radio on the old marketplace or your 360. They are backwards compatible so you can even play them on your Xbox One or Series console :+1:


Applause for Sal Romano/Gematsu for looking into this quickly :clap:. My favorite gaming news source for a reason.

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How in the world does something like this get posted accidentally?

Regardless, I wish they’d find a way of transferring everything to the XB1 store so we wouldn’t have to worry about outdated 360 stores

Ok so the Microsoft Spokesperson addresses that the Xbox marketplace won’t close in May 2023 but they didn’t address whether or not the Xbox 360 marketplace will close over the next year.

So technically the Xbox 360 marketplace could still shut down next year?

It will almost certainly shut down someday. They’re obviously planning/preparing for it already. I would guess that when it does happen for real, we’ll get 6-12 months warning.

It might be in 2 years, 5 years, or 10 years. We’re just not going to know until they announce it for real.

My guess is it happens by the end of this year, unless they get enough backlash from this that it makes Phil want to avoid doing another “We need to do better” video. :smile:

I expect at least the web store (marketplace.xbox.com) to close sometime in the (near) future. This thing is ancient and over 10 years old and potentially a security issue. Maybe the store on the 360 itself will still be open. Who knows?

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It wasn’t really posted, it showed up as a preview in the search box. Who knows how/why that was there.


I hope everyone seriously considers buying what they want from the OG 360 marketplace before 2025, which is the 20th anniversary of the 360.

why do u keep referencing this fake date you just made up?

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