Tokyo Game Show being kicked off by Xbox!

I loved Phantasia, Symphonia, and Vesperia so I was a bit disappointed when Berseria didn’t elicit the same reaction in me. I didn’t realize that could possibly be attributed to a specific person, though I guess that’s a bit sad too.

Tales fan base thought he was the man culprit for the poor games post Vesperia. Beseria was the first game since Vesperia which was a step up in comparison to the others games. He was not part of Beseria. But they lost a lot of quality.

So if you don’t like Beseria avoid everything post Vesperia.

The Trails Series by Nihon Falcom is a much better and I hope those games will hit Xbox.

Ha ha, good to know, thanks! I played Trails in the Sky on my Vita and really dug it. It would be great to play the whole series on my main console =)

For me Tales Of Vesperia is my favourite. The best Tales Of imho. Tales Of Arise seems really attracting we’ll see more infos I hope at TGS.

Hoping for Disgaea.

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