Tokyo Game Show being kicked off by Xbox!

But only if your game is launching the next year. Wouldn’t want that energy drink and doritos investment to align up with the game launch. Makes too much sense.

We haven’t gotten new news for months, so it’s not like there is anything next gen related to repeat there anyways. Expect some Japanese support news and xcloud info.

IF Xbox marketing was smart, and recent moves make me question that, they would reveal a studio acquisition if they have one in their pocket but outside of that, it probably won’t be worth tuning in for.

I think with their emphasis on “Celebrating Japanese Games” we might get some new announcements of late ports/games already announced for PS4/PC coming to Xcloud/Xbox One and publisher partnerships for Xbox Game Pass but no “new” games for next gen. Does make sense they want to do Minecraft though as that game is massive in Japan and the biggest digital title on consoles that I wouldn’t be surprised if they maybe had some anime mash up packs to announce. Interested in why they are highlighting Flight Simulator though.


Aren’t train Sims kind of big in Japan? Maybe they are targeting the same market with flight Sim. Imagine that being the xcloud killer app when it launches on consoles lol

Everytime I see “Xbox” and “Japan” together as part of a formal announcement, I let myself get overly excited with the possibilities.

“Is this the year Xbox gets Persona? Maybe Ni No Kuni finally comes over? Will we learn more about the supposed FFXIV port?”

After the Dragon Quest announcement, I suppose nothing is out of the realm of possibility. Not expecting anything major, but having a push towards even greater third-party parity would be a welcomed surprise.

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No next gen news is expected, but that does not mean no new game announcements which is what I’m expecting.

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I was so excited about the Dragon Quest XIS announcement! I finished a replay of the whole series before confinement started but… I’d buy and play them all again if they were released on Xbox!

Have they committed to doing an XO event this year? Anyone know?

I’m confused about who owns the IP for it. I know that KT makes the game but i was under the impression that Sony published the first game. Not sure what the second one.

KT was the publisher for pc, Sony was international publisher for ps4. I don’t know and I don’t care, I want it at xbox :grin:

I don’t think Train sims have been as big as they were in the PS1 era but there is a Densha De Go! (The best known train sim in Japan since the PS1) Arcade game that’s still being updated. Flight Sim is still an interesting game to focus on for that audience and there is a hardcore PC Gamer market in Japan. So that might be part of their pitch

Lovely would be

New trailer of Tales of Arise, Elden Ring.

Games like Persona announced and maybe something else.

But I go in expecting nothing. That’s always best.

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This, mostly but I would LOVE to hear all the Tales games coming to join Vesperia. Persona would be welcome but I would prefer Shin Megami Tensei (Nocturne remake at minimum).

Oh good one! We did miss out on several Tales games that did come to PS4. But were they good at all? Vesperia was really good.

I wish I could tell you! I had Bersaria on PC but didn’t get to it and, unfortunately, my PC lobotomozied itself when my UPS didn’t react well to a power outage.

Tales Of Arise oh yes I’m still waiting for this one. Really interested by what I saw of it. It looks really good. Great artstyle, great chara designs, great looking combat and ennemy designs, beautiful overworld from what I saw.

Elden Ring is a day one for me without having see anything about, I know FS will deliver as always for me. Think I will go media blackout on this one just preorder it as soon as it’s available. This game will blow some people minds that is a guarantee!

Would love to have Yakuza 3/4/5 and 6 on gamepass right now since I finished Kiwami 2 and loved it. Trying to complete this amazing saga.

Sincerely if Sega partners with MS for Gamepass it is huge news and great motivation for other pubs to join in.

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Tales of beseria is the only good new Tales game after Vesperia. Better would be a port of Symphonia or Abyss. But I would gladly play the bad games like Graces on Xbox again :sweat_smile:

Oh my God, I played Graces F on PS3. I remember the awful voice acting. I hope to God Arise supports Japanese voices.

Ha ha, that’s the only post-Vesperia Tales game I played and I couldn’t stand it (aside from Magilou). Still, the option would be nice!

@Staffy @SpiderLink
The quality drop post-Vesperia was quite noticeable. You can say every game where Hideo Baba was the producer was bad in comparison to Vesperia.

This is … saddening to read.

…but also good! Fewer titles to feel guilty about: 1) not having; and 2) likely being in backlog limbo anyway!