Tips for old games that are MASSIVELY improved on Xbox Series X


well don’t leave me hanging? how?!

Here it is:

PSA - You can now run Skyrim at 60fps! : XboxSeriesX (

There is a little trick as long as you use only this mod: After applying this mod, reboot the game - mod manager - disable the mod - start the game (non-modded save file or new game). In this way, the game still runs at 60fps and you can unlock achievement.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s load times have been drastically reduced.

Wait, Witcher 3 is 4K 60FPS on series x?

It was already 60fps with dynamic resolution on One X and hits this framerate there quite often. On Series X its mostly locked and runs at the higher end of the resolution scale, but i don’t think it reaches 4k.

I had no idea it was 60FPS on one x and I played it a lot lol

CDPR added a performance mode and HDR at the end of 2017 iirc.

It is 1800p 60FPS according to Kagemaru in performance mode, with some settings lower than the 4K mode like shadows. But yeah, almost a X|S enhanced title now.

For some reason the game ELEX popped in my head and I immediately wanted to check there had been any improvements due to BC. Holy shit!

Loading times were murder on One X, quick as hell now. But the best news has to be that it’s buttery smooth at 60fps now and I don’t know what the resolution is exactly but it’s razorsharp, that crisp.


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Shadow of the Tomb Raider got a 1080p60 performance mode which is locked now. Also the insane cutting edge antialiasing makes even a 1080p picture look amazing on a 4k display. The visual clarity you get from the 60fps mode is insane.

I also tried GTA V and think auto HDR looks excellent here.

Hitman 2 loading times is something the XSX makes short work of. And the quality mode with unlocked framerate is 60fps, love it.

Loading times in SW Squadrons is peanuts now too, awesome.


Has anyone tried Assassin’s Creed Unity yet? Curious if that game uses auto-HDR.

You weren’t kidding. The game is completely transformed on SX

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I’m replaying Titantfall 2’s campaign right now and I can’t recall the game being THAT sharp. I can see individual blades of grass far in the distance and so many tiny details on textures. Resolution seems much higher than 4K, but I’m not sure. I heard about the hypothetical 6K framebuffer, so maybe that’s it. There is almost no jagged edges and I have a 1440p screen.

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I just got get over how good Daytona USA looks in HDR. Xbox tech team are just something else

I have noticed this with pretty much every BC game I’ve tested. There’s this extra crispy layer on top of it. Some early XSX users (media) said this in their tweets too.

Probably when a resolution is dynamic it will automatically be around native 4K, but even games that I believe have a fixed resolution (Darksiders 3)look crisper to me.

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Ninja Gaiden 2 got a 12GB upfate yesterday. Anyone know what it does?

Probably nothing. Just an emulator update.

And I don’t remember having this update.

Something about Overwatch is doing it for me too. I assumed it was the Auto HDR.

AC Origins now runs at a totally locked 30fps (before it had frame pacing issues and judder at times) and also now appears to run at a full 4k and never dynamically having to scale. Much improved over the x1x.