Tips for old games that are MASSIVELY improved on Xbox Series X

Many old games are automatically improved on Xbox Series X - but some are more improved than others. Especially games that ran bad on the Xbox One family of consoles

These games really feel like completely new experiences - even though they are NOT patched. I thought we could use this thread to list some backwards compatible games that are worth trying again.

Here are games that had real technical issues I found to be improved to a degree that they feel like completely different games:

  • Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - Locked 60fps now, no loading stuttering
  • Sekiro - Almost locked 60fps, instant loading
  • Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - This ran like 10-15 fps in battles. Now locked 60fps. Suddeny playable
  • Skyrim Remasted - Locked 60fps with “fps unlock mod” (sadly disables achievements :frowning:)
  • Fallout 4 - Locked 60fps with “fps unlock mod” (sadly disables achievements :frowning:)

Does anyone have more tips?


The Outer Worlds - no minute long loading times are a godsend

Forza Horizon 4 - 4k@60fps and short loading times make managing a garage with a couple hundred cars a breeze

GTA4 - runs now with a almost locked 60fps

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Monster Hunter: World mow runs at 60fps, even if it’s in Resolution mode. It’s fantastic.

Has anyone either Dishonored? How is their framerate?

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Ooh, I need to play TABS on the Xbox Series X again. Now I don’t have to worry about super low FPS when placing a lot of units.

I also noticed Sonic Generations and Sonic Unleashed run completely smooth now, without any frame drops. That makes a big difference.

I think crysis 2 doesn’t have frame drops anymore either

Amazingly enough JFO still has stutters - in the FMV’s on Kasshykk. I’m on my second play through and its happened both times. Gameplay is ROCK SOLID 60fps though.

How many of these apply to Series S?

I can’t believe I’m playing Witcher 3 again for the 3rd or 4th time, now at 4K 60FPS (performance mode) and it’s glorious. The fluidity really make the combat playable and fun, now without compromising the details of the full 4K !

I can’t wait for the next-gen patch, as the game still have some annoying bugs. But it is still to this day, an incredible achievement in gaming and an engrossing experience every time. There is so much stuff to do !

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I have Dishonored 2. While right now I’m too busy in Valhalla, I will give it a go tomorrow and let you know. :slight_smile:

I am curious about Prey as well, not sure if that was a locked or unlocked framerate.

Witcher 3 is so good at 60fps, lovely loading times too. According to DF from a two year old video framerate mode does sacrifice some visual fidelity but honestly I have a hard time noticing it when I switch to 4K mode. But the framerate is a crazy difference.

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Little different tip, but I have to drop a mention of the original Assassin’s Creed, backwards compatible on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X. With 4K resolution and increased shadow definition, the game looks razor sharp. Of all the Xbox One X enhanced BC games, Assassin’s Creed blew me away more than any other with how modern it looks.

I tried Dishonored 2.

It’s locked 30fps, saw no drops and I loaded several save games. DEM LOADING TIMES THOUGH!!!

Also like with every other BC game it definitely is more crisp than One X. I know I’m not seeing or imagining things. :slight_smile:


Messed around with Forza 7, playing Suzuka in the rain and the auto HDR just makes the game that much more gorgeous.

Another auto HDR nicety would be Elite Dangerous too, makes everything just pop more. Such a great system. If you have a substantial backlog like I do, the “wait” for a new game is more than bearable.


Huh, FM7? That one always had HDR and amazing too :slight_smile:

You can now play wolfenstein 2 in native 4K at a mostly locked 60fps. Witcher 3 is about 1800p on the Series X in performance mode, a huge jump over the One X resolutions. Kingdom Hearts 3 is also now a locked 60fps. Should have a video going up covering these and a couple other games.


Hitman is close to locked 60 at 4k. Feels amazing.

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Just curious, but it seems you can actually “see” like DF what the resolution is? Witcher 3 between both modes looked very similar to me in terms of resolution but I had no idea if it was 1800p. But it seems performance mode runs with a dynamic resolution as well. Perfect. Cyberpunk next? Hopefull!!!

Sounds like it truly is THE mode to choose then, even if you apparently do miss out on a bit of visual fidelity, as per DF in a video of two years old or so.

I’ve taken a number of screenshots of Witcher 3 in performance mode and every screenshot came at 1800p when I did a pixel count. There’s a very good chance that the resolution will go below and above that, probably all the way up to 4K. I just didn’t count any examples of it.

The resolution mode was a native 4K in the few examples I counted.

You also do lose out on some visual settings in performance mode, such as shadow quality but it still looks great.



I wonder about that patch for the game next year. I was busy with Blood and Wine until XSX came out and I bought Valhalla, now I’m hooked to that. Soon Cyberpunk, so maybe around the time I get back to Witcher 3 the patch will be there, haha.

Yeah, shadow quality is not a super huge deal, especially when 60fps feels so damn good in the game.

I think you’re right. But for some reason it looks better on SX

Ah yes, that’s a fact! Every BC title so far just has that layer of extra crispness, I love it.