Tips for old games that are MASSIVELY improved on Xbox Series X

Video got published if anyone is interested.


Will watch after I’m done with Valhalla for today!

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Bleeding Edge looks glorious on SX.

I don’t know the resolution but definitely looks higher than on X, and it’s much smoother too.

And the auto hdr works super well in this game.

Are there still a decent number of people playing? I keep meaning to try it out again.

For me it varies depending on the time of the day. Tried some matches early in the morning and was getting some 1-2 minutes queue times. But in the evening it’s been quite fast, 15-30s. Though I dunno if it’s due a sizeable userbase or just a small one that keeps matching against each other

That’s really weird. When I tested Witcher 3 the performance mode looked much lower than 4k and more in line with DF’s analysis of the x1x when it it ranged form 1080p up to 1332p iirc. Having said that some elements it didn’t notice much, but for example world items laying around like shields and clutter etc looked way lower than 1800p to me. But hey, I haven’t been pixel counting.

EDIT: I see your vid echoes the DF analysis of the x1x. Just strange I notice some stuff looking low res. I was testing around the eastern side of the main Novigrad map. Maybe its just item detail or something is reduced in the performance mode. I couldn’t tell res difference when it came to Geralt himself for example. Enjoyed the video btw. Thanks.

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Great video. I really enjoyed it. I finally subscribed too, sorry for being so late with that, haha.

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I’m sure the resolution can go lower and I’m happy to count more screens in more demanding areas. To be honest, it took so much time just to get where I got in the game that i felt some pressure to move onto the next game.

Hey ,thank you!

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Really good video with great insights as well as an interesting choice of games


Awesome video and commentary Kage! keep up the great work!

Also I am curious to see how Titanfall 2 looks on the SX which IIRC it’s resolution goes up to 6K. :nerd_face:

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I have recently been trying Skyrim and Fallout 4, running both with frame uncap mods. So far Skyrim frame drops are found outside Whiterun on the way to Riverwood and looks a little bit nicer with Auto HDR. Certainly not a flawless locked 60fps.

However Fallout 4 so far looks much better with Auto HDR and runs flawlessly at a locked 60 fps…well so far at least. Unfortunately I haven’t got into the notorious city areas yet. I’m super impressed with Fallout 4 at this early stage though. Especially compared to the x1x.

EDIT: oh and old but good. I’m about 40 hours into Borderlands 2 on the series x and it has been a totally locked 60fps at all times. Excellent. Used to drop and hitch quite a lot on the x1x.

You’re welcome!

When I like something I’ll give credit where it’s due. Wolfenstein looks awesome and if it weren’t for AC valhalla I would go for a second playthrough.

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Some personal tests I’ve made:

  • Cities Skylines runs at a locked 4K 60 on Series X. It was 30 fps on One X, but if you pulled down the camera low enough, it would run at 60 for a very short period of time, which is why I tested the game on Series X.

  • Deliver Us The Moon, one of the worst performing Xbox One/One X games, now runs at at 1080p 60 locked, or 4K 60 (even if the game states its 4K 30) with some minor dips. If you own a VRR/FS compatible screen, this mode is great

  • Black Desert is now S|X optimized. It runs at a locked 60 fps (I dunno the res) or at 4K uncapped (I have VRR enabled so I can’t tell the framerate average)

  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter lets you unlock the framerate and choose between 1080p, 1440p or 4K. All of them are locked 60 now.

  • Absolver had a messy framerate on One X. It is now a full 60 fps at 4K resolution.

  • Void Bastards was usually choppy even on the One X. Now it’s locked 60 even on the most stressful levels.

  • TES IV: Oblivion was choppy even with its 4K patch on One X. Now it’s locked 30

  • Attack on Titan 2 runs at a locked 60 now. The game uses some weird 1080p native image with a 4k buffer, so judge by yourself at which resolution it actually runs

  • Code Vein was a mess framerate wise. Now it runs at a flat 60 frames. I believe the game is higher than 1080p but it isn’t 4K

  • Crash Bandicoot 4 is an obvious one, as it was already close to 60 on One X with minor dips. Now it’s fully locked. Still 1080p tho (I tested it on my brother’s Series S and it’s the same deal)

  • Destroy All Humans is now 1080p 60 locked. Had serious dips on One X.

  • Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom is now locked 60 at 4K. It had dips on a huge number of levels.

  • Halo 5 is now locked at 4K. The game used dynamic resolution on One X but on Series X, it just stays there at full 2160p.

  • Games like State of Decay 2, We Happy Few, Sea of Thieves, Ori, The Touryst, Black Desert and Halo The Master Chief Collection are S|X optimized and can run from an external HDD or SDD. They run great and are faster to load compared to an external HDD on a One/One X.


Been playing Skyrim with the unlocked framerate and a bunch of graphical overhauls. It runs great and is sort of sucking me back in.

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too bad all achievements are locked


The latest Crash is 1080p? What a shame. The trilogy was 1440p I believe.

Wow, all this sounds awesome

Auto-HDR is great

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Thank you!

Thanks! The commentary is actually one area I’m not happy with lol but I appreciate the compliments.

I’m actually looking at Titanfall 2 today and beat it for the first time. Took plenty of screens to see how well it reaches 6K.

Awesome post! I’ve become a bit obsessed loading up random games just to see how well they run now lol


There is actually a workaround to play the game with unlocked framerate and still unlock achievements! I have to look for the Reddit post, though