The Ukraine conflict

Thanks for this, for me this clears up my questions about mundfish. I thought that maybe they were being forced to support the Russian propaganda, but with so many people having had a history of doing so in the past. I can certainly see that they support Russia in this war.

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It seems to be subtle in the game itself, so I get that many people took it as it was and didn’t think too much about it being some kind of propaganda tool.

And I’m not even sure about the drone stuff as it is far fetch, but the rest is at least questionable.

For me, it’s also about the product being some kind of russian/soviet normalization. I don’t know how the game has been made and what was the intent in the end but it feels like propaganda to me.

If you look at how Ukrainian developers portray soviet stuff and their own country in the STALKER and Metro series, it’s grey and kind of grim at times with not a lot of praises for the past and hope for the future.

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The game is clearly a critique of communism. They don’t just suggest it its pretty straight in the face “we are all equal, but some are more equal than others” and all that stuff. If you can’t see that you havent played the game. It’s basically the soviet version of bioshock. If you can’t support because it got funded with russian money you better stop playing every nintendo game because their games are funded by saudi arabia. Which if you remember dismembered and disposed a journalist.


Yes, as someone who is very, very pro-Ukraine and also played Atomic Heart there is no question the game is criticizing both communism, the Kremlin and the dangers of power being concentrated to a few . There was several times in the game where I wondered how they got away with it, but I guess you have to play the game properly to notice.

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I didn’t play the game, only watched reviews and gameplay videos, so I can’t judge on the scenario and the critique it makes of communism. That’s why I said I feel like it’s achieving some kind of propaganda goal.

Kremlin and russian propaganda in general often goes against its interests to manipulate people, to make they think it’s not propaganda. And then, they can sprinkle propaganda on top because of people assuming it’s not propaganda.

Think about it : what most people have seen from the game is : “wow soviet era sci-fi looks cool”. And that’s okay, just like Call of Duty sometimes can be really patriotic about America’s wars.

Anyway, even besides that, I think the game came out at the wrong time with money now pouring into the pockets of oligarchs which will probably go towards the war effort or some other activities which I don’t want to support in any way right now.

it is on me though. But I think I needed to make light of this. At least raise the questions to which anyone can make their mind on.

It probably won’t change anything mostly because nobody won’t ever know what that money (and GP money also) will be used for, but hey, I did the least I could do.

Nintendo and Saudi Arabia, I don’t know much about that so I can’t say much. I know about the journalist’s death though. And yeah, it pains me that companies don’t react much to these kind of international events.

I haven’t played a Nintendo game in over 15 years, the reason I can’t support this game is the fact the a large portion of the money it makes will be going to the Russian government, and it’s being given to them willingly.

I also won’t support a studio whose heads have a history of supporting Russia’s views Aa things are currently. The only way I can see myself ever buying anything from Mundfish is, If Russia loses this war and actually moves away from their current views like Germany did.

You can scratch all of Embracers games off your list too, they are also in bed with the Saudis. Not to mention Tencent, Netease and the other Chinese companies.

I’m pretty sure that if we followed the money, there won’t be much left of this hobby for us to partake in.


Ah man, that is hitting the nail on its head right there. I mean, wasn’t there a big controversy around the time XSX and PS5 were about to come out about where all the parts are coming from, and especially in the state of these companies where make them are being treated? It’s horrible, but if we want to ban it all…bye bye gaming, basically.

Similarly I will still watch Hollywood movies, but knowing they do celebrate sick mofos like Polanski, where many beloved creations are by Weinstein, and so on. It’s tricky. There are many examples and in many fields.

That’s why I don’t want them to go to war with another country or even invade one… Because I won’t be able to play anymore. I won’t be able to close my eyes anymore.

Ukraine invasion by Russia is in the news, so of course I focus on that. China is also concerning to me so I do what I can with my small means, my conscience, awareness and my will.

Yes, which is perfectly fine. We all do what we can, I donate monthly directly to the Ukrainian army f.e.

As for Atomic Heart, I would never buy the game but I felt playing it through GP was allright. Contrast that with STALKER 2 where I have pre-ordered the collectors edition just because.


Finland is officially a member of NATO. Didn’t Putin start a war to prevent them as well as others from joining? If so, Karma and irony strike.


Putin : I’m going to invade this small sovereign country and see where it goes…

He’s a master strategist.

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Yeah, Russia is trying to save face by downplaying this and making out Ukraine is different, but geoplitically this is a disaster for Russia if they truly believe NATO is an existencial threat to them.

There was a reason why the Soviet Union insisted on Finland’s neutrality throughout the Cold War.


the dam is gone, broke at night. this is a major catastrophe for everything downstream


Yeah, it’s horrible. It’s one of the worst terrorist attack in history. I have no word. I don’t know what we should do.

It’s destroying a whole region in pure spite. Reality is settling in and they now know they lost Ukraine so they don’t care what happens. They are going full scorched earth at a scale we never saw before.

Also we know that’s russians. I don’t know why media have questions. It’s them. Of course it’s them.


Yeah, the russians are losing hardware and men at an incredible level, the war is not going their way to put it mildly. This is a desperate attempt to delay any crossings at Kherson, fucking barbarians.


‘Fine, you don’t like us, we don’t care’ ‘You know, maybe NOT INVADING A COUNTRY might help with things?’ ‘NO U. Anyway, here’s a dam, kapow, lol’ ‘And you’re surprised nobody likes you?’ ‘IT’S SO UNFAIR’

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The only rationality is militarily it kind of make sense. They know they won’t be able to hold the whole front so they are trying to stop ukrainians from crossing the Dniepr and will focus on the counter offensive on the Zaporizhzhia front. But that’s so desperate. Ukraine can also be sure that if the front collapse there, Crimea is right behind and nothing will stop them from getting it back.

I feel like we should send them some more gifts after that infamous attack. Some high range missiles that can reach the Kerch bridge are an option now I think.

its awful

i dont want to image what these terrorists will do when Ukraine army forces them out of the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia.

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