The Ukraine conflict

If you have been keeping track of the Ukraine / Russian conflict you might notice that the situtation is only getting worse. Atomic hearts is being developed by a Russian company based on Moscow and economic sanctions are on the horizon among other thing. I was looking foward to playing atomic heart on game pass. It satisified my Fallout itch since there hasnt been one is a very long time.

Unfortunately, geopolitcs will make it so it will probably never release on the west and I feel disappointed about it. I wonder if they will make an update about it to let us know the future of Atomic Hearts.

Theres also stalker 2 which is a game developed by an Ukranian game developer which also puts the development of the game potentially on hold indefinitely.


Keep in mind that I started this thread before there was war for context. When I wrote this initially I only saw a world of sanctions and not of war.


Yeah, it’s scary. I was watching some of Putin’s speech earlier and I saw a mad man, lying and knowing exactly what he was doing, escalating the tensions for months, probably years up until this precise day where he laid down his cards for the world to see how determined he is in descending into madness and trying to bring the whole world with him. It’s hard to know exactly what will happen next, but the world has changed once again tonight…

Man, and just thinking about Stalker 2 probably not releasing this year, maybe boycotted, is just sad…

Maybe MS really is cursed with its third party deals, but lets not do that here as lives are at stakes. Ukrainians and Russians…they don’t deserve this shitshow.


I was very worried last week, to the point I had trouble sleeping. Even when the danger for me isn’t even comparable to people in Ukraine, I can’t even imagine. Also this mixed messaging from the media, who I already don’t trust doesn’t help it.

At one point last week it seemed things were calming down and the troops were going back, but seems that isn’t the case then.

I tend to think too fast towards extreme doom scenarios and Reddit posts like WW3 is coming doesn’t help either. It’s very doubtful it will come to that. Not even Putin I can imagine wanting war with many countries.


Yeah, it was a lie to gain some time. Putin was playing with US and EU the whole time, not to great effect as it was blatant troops were still moving towards the border, but we couldn’t do anything. We’re all waiting for him to cross the red line and he knows that very well.

I can’t sleep either these days. I’m just speechless, watching it all unfold in real time. I’m not scared for myself, but the stupidity on display leading slowly towards what could be one of the biggest conflict in Europe since the last World War is crazy to think about. I really hope it won’t go this far. Putin can be stopped but at what cost ?

Edit : sorry, I just had to get this out of my chest, I guess.


Right there with you man. It’s something we haven’t experienced before, we are used to relatively safe and carefree living, I mean I’m in The Netherlands, nothing happens here. Sure, the occasional mad man doing some horrible stuff but that’s about it.

I’ve been talking to people that know a little about these things and they basically say they cannot imagine that this will lead into anything remotely close to WW2, that Putin is not dumb and knows it won’t be pretty for him if he’s really thinking of doing some crazy shit, he’ll think twice is basically what they’re saying. I hope so!!!

I mean what happens if he does eventually invade Ukraine, will other countries intervene? There could be severe consequences economically though from what I’ve heard. We’ll just have to wait and see. I have decided to just keep doing my thing day by day, not worry 24/7 because it’s gonna eat you up and at the end of the Day you can’t do anything about it.


I am pretty sure the game will be released on the west. And it won’t be even delayed unless something really nefarious happens.

I’m french, so yeah, we’re not used to this kind of tensions, not even prepared to be honest, even though it’s not true we’re cowards, ah ah!

I’m proud of Macron and Biden, what they did was really clever, as we didn’t give anything to Putin to work with but he’s just too stubborn, he had planned for all outcomes. I think all his interventions on TV today were recorded, not live.

I’m an optimist so anything could happen even a coup or something in Putin’s own ranks. If Putin is really getting into Ukraine, he’s putting a target on his head. Most of the world is supporting Ukraine, so I don’t see Russia getting anywhere near Kiev.

That’s why it’s so crazy, because sending 75% of your army knowing they will suffer many casualties is just madness. There’s also many ukrainians living in Russia, what happen to them ?

Also, he’s old, he knows he won’t be able to stay in place for much longer. Maybe 10 more years if he stays in good shape, but I don’t see him dying of old age to be honest. It’s just sad that people are still following him blindly and dying for this narcissist. It’s really a lose-lose situation. No one will gain anything from this.

At least we’re all united against Putin now, so there’s that.

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Hear you man!

The other day on YouTube a video played automatically (after Watching something else) and this was the UK news and they said China is closely looking on what Putin will do and they might see a chance to go after Taiwan. Also that China and Russia are close nowadays. They started coming with all these crazy theories and at that point I just clicked it away. Enough! Fearmongering is what the media is good at for sure.


Yeah, it’s not healthy imagining what could happen in situations like these. I’m also sensitive to that…

I got into some threads on Reddit with people watching live streamed coordinates of flying drones and planes from the military patroling the border and knowing them by their call signs, lol ! That’s a bit too far for me !!

We can’t do much about what’s happening right now. It’s okay to be a bit stressed, but ultimately, it’s not in our hands. The right people will do what they have to do, we just have to stay positive. In these strange times, people are more open and helping of those in needs.


Putin is one scary individual, he is like a real life “James Bond Villain”. I can’t even begin to fathom what he is capable of.


Errr…sanctions would make that impossible. And Putin is literally declaring war as we speak, so…


I don’t follow it so much anymore, not good for my sanity. But it has started then?

Can’t higher ups in Russia or just people with power to do so…DO something about this guy?

Thought it would be interesting to share this.

In short, Putin said the newly recognised LPR and DPR are now the whole Lugansk and Donetsk regions, so even more of Ukrainian’s territory has to be considered independant. It’s basicaly a joke statement playing with Ukraine trying to push them to respond with fire, deal the first blow so Russia has the “right” to fight back. He even went on demanding the demilitarization of the whole country… He’s losing it…

So yeah, that’s a declared intention of invasion if he’s really going to send troops outside the delimited zones that were discussed just yesterday.

Good things though, countries are closely monitoring the situation and responding. The weight of the sanctions could damage Russia in the short term to long term. Russia is now seen as a rogue state and many countries and entities are reacting. Let’s see what Biden adds to the pile.

On this one forum they have been discussing this all day and I’m seeing things like…

“WW3 is starting to become a fact the way this is going. Back then Germany also “just” invaded Poland, just like that. Russia is doing the same thing now.”

I truly hope it’s not that simple. Let’s hope something can be done about Putin. The problem is, he for sure has friends. If anything were to happen to him it might be seen as a declaration of war. But Putin also made it clear they think nothing of the sanctions Biden spoke of. Fuck man, where is this going?

No WW3, I think not. Just Russia going rogue and hoping they get Ukraine back in the fold. Easier said than done.

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I just thought about 4A Games…They are still in Kyiv. I hope they can move out fully in Malta, where their second studio is located.

Edit :

That’s all I found. They probably have most of their devs in Kyiv still and working on a new IP.


Something tells me stalker isnt comming out this year now


China is close to Russia now. The have funded a new pipeling from Far Eastern Russia to China for the cheap movement of gas into China.

Putin also didn’t move most of his forces on Chinas border to Ukraine without assurances.

Any UN action on Russia will be vetoed by China. China will go after Taiwan in the future and Russia will support them.

Western sanctions will only push Russia closer to China for economic reasons.

I hope you guys are safe with what’s happening over there right now. I know it’s not answering the OP’s question but people’s safety is always more important than video games.