The Ukraine conflict

Melitopol is the obvious target, that front should be the next focus yeah. Dniepr will protect the heart of Ukraine as well as Odesa now, the Russians really suffered an incredible strategic defeat in Cherson.

From a military point of view, the past few months couldn’t have gone better for Ukraine. It also verified their methodical advance in the south to pretty much starve the Russians of supply to force them to retreat.


From a military point of view, it shows you how much a kicking NATO would hand to Ukraine.

none of this would’ve been possible without NATO command and control, intel and the resources of the individual NATO members.

Could you picture the US, UK and France going full blown conventional war against Russia with no possibility of a nuclear retaliation?

Russia is militarily a paper bear…no teeth.

Another nice thing is that Gammalsvenskby (Staroshvedske) was liberated in the Kherson offensive. It’s an old 18th century Swedish settlement, where people still speak (old) Swedish. “Gammalsvenskby” literally means Old Swedish Village, it has a fascinating history.


I don’t follow the news a lot but on Twitter it’s hard to avoid the stuff about a stray missile that hit Poland. I see people saying it was a Russian missile, others claim it was from Ukraine itself. And some folks are panicking that this will trigger WW3.

Do we know whose really it is?

The most likely thing is that Ukrainian AA engaged russian cruise missiles close to the border and the result was something landing in Poland rather than on target. Exactly what it was we don’t know yet, could be the AA missile itself or the russian missile crashing.

It won’t trigger anything.


Dutch news a few hours ago said Putin will make a important announcement near the end of this week. I’ve not been following much news on it, but just happened to see it. Wonder what that will be about.

Probably that Elden Ring did not win Game of the Year, God of War did.

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So you’re saying that Elden Ring will be Putin its place?

Sorry, had to.

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Another round of mobilizations for the meat grinder.


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Such an unnecessary loss of life due to one man’s ego trip.

Also another reminder that the studio can take all the time they need as the developers have much more important things on their plate


Something I had seen the other day. It’s a really pretty costume that was made under sad and unfortunate circumstances. They did a really good job with it.


I came to post the info as it appears to be confirmed by multiple sources. I’m glad you already post it though !

RIP hero.

I learned that he worked on the old S.T.A.L.K.E.R PC games and even had a character modeled after him.

It’s so sad learning that so many talented people are dying on the front. Some of them could have fled or done something else, but many went to fight for their country, for their freedom.

I’m not sure I would have the guts to do that. Probably not. It deserves the utmost respect.

Slava Ukraini, Heroiam Slava ! Yobana rusnia ! (fucking russians !) (I’m learning a bit of ukrainian because I would like to go there when the war is over)


Yeah it’s an incredible sacrifice so many brave people make.

Heroiam Slava!


so many senseless deaths

fuck putin and his cronies


I know that with the game being on Game Pass, many will ignore this but I think it’s important to know the position of the devs and how they are ignoring the invasion of Ukraine.

I get that they may be under pressure and don’t want to make a statement while their country is at war, and probably are scared of doing so, but we need to be aware of that and criticise the game accordingly.

I decided not to play it after all, but if you chose to do so, just be aware of the themes and how it won’t probably be a critic of the Soviet Union and communism just like Wolfenstein New Order is pretty clear about nazi Germany and fascism. To me at least, it has never been really clear in the trailers.


Putin is running about like Stalin at the minute. Anyone speaking out negatively about the invasion is basically shipped off to jail.

It’s the sad reality and it won’t end until the Russian population collectively stand up like the Ukrainians did a decade ago and say enough is enough to Putin…


You’re free to ignore this. Just for those interested :

It seems like little in the grand scheme of things, but I think people should be aware of these details, especially the developper’s ties with oligarchs and people in power at the very least.