The Ukraine conflict

Putin giving a masterclass in how not to do geopolitics.



Now it’s on the rest of the Nato countries to announce they will treat any aggression towards Finland and Sweden as if they already were Nato countries


Lol @ France and Germany trying to dictate what piece of land Ukraine is entitled to or not.

Take everything back if Ukraine has the fire power and funds to do so, Putin shouldn’t be appeased too because France and Germany are worried about gas/oil.


Historic day. I am honestly stunned at how fast this process has been, this is a new era. Russia truly screwed up big time, this was inconceivable just a few months ago for both Finland and Sweden.

Just the other week we entered a mutual security agreement with the UK. The US and other NATO countries have promised support and today our brothers and sisters in Norway, Denmark and Iceland issued security guarantees effective immediately.

It is truly a sight to behold, the unity and friendships shown is amazing. Together we will stand against the Russian hordes.

I do not agree with that analysis. The EU have not been tested in that way, and we all know how the biggest countries there are either dependant on Russian energy or being weird, like France. The true support in Europe lies in our neighbours and the hard af people in countries like Poland, who knows what the Russians can do and the UK who has taken a big role outside of the EU.

As for Putin trying to look tough, he just gained 800 miles of direct border with NATO. Great job!

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No worries. Zelensky learned from Minsk to not listen to us Germans.

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They are going full North Korea over there, aren’t they?

Let’s hope he’s way wrong about that, but I’m also done worrying about it.

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Seems like they’ll have to concede some territory if keeps going at this rate. Russia is figuring out it’s logistic issues.

This is relevant. Aired at the end of the Xbox stream today…


I missed that. Thank you.

I can’t imagine what they are going through… And some of the developpers are on the frontline, WTH ?! Fuck the ruscists !

Good job on MS for making them voices heard worldwide.

STALKER 2 is my most anticipated game with Starfield. I hope they can deliver. They deserve all the support so they can finish the game and release it in 2023.