The Ukraine conflict

Yeah, imagine if that orange dude was still in the WH… yikes.


It’s a bluff, Putin knows what the Chernobyl Incident in the Ukraine did to his people. Cancer rates went up nearly 28%, food and water was contaminated with high levels of Caesium for decades and will continue to do so for years still. The reactor meltdown was the equivalent of around 400 nuclear bombs. The combined nukes of the U.S. and Russia is over 11,000. Unless he really wants the world to end, this man is simply having a bigger Johnson match between himself and NATO.


I just watched the Russian ambassador on french TV and how pathetic it was… Just laughable, even though there’s really nothing to laugh about.

The interviewer was great, trying to push his deranged rhetoric, but it was just bad hearing the russian talking about provocation by NATO or that the Ukrainians servicemen were everywhere in Mariupol, so that’s why they had to shell the whole city and that now the city was liberated.

I mean, we already heard this whole BS, but the guy (he’s pretty young, 39 I think he said when asked) doesn’t have to do this. Why not just say you don’t know and that you see how terrible it is but you can’t do anything. The guy is a puppet and even slipped and say the forbidden words of “war” and “russian army”. Yeah, I learned that there was no “russian army” in Ukraine. That’s just gross at this point.

Putin just holds everything together, it’s crazy how powerful this madman is, it’s like these tools accepted the BS, they have no agency or anything, even living here in Europe.


It’s always amazing how many mental hoops people jump through when they have to go on tv to bat for a politician or a political party, and say stuff that they must know is complete BS.

Biden is doing amazing right now. He’s absolutely doing what’s necessary with that Lend-lease. He’s doing what Europe can’t do, sadly…

It will help Ukraine bolster its defenses and counter the Russian army with some nice weapons. Send them a couple ballistic missiles to cut those supply lines. That will also allow them to destroy that Kerch strait bridge and then take back Crimea.

Russians are still holding up, I don’t know how, but it will become more and more difficult for them to sustain these kind of daily losses. Any other army in the world would have collapsed after a month of this hell…

And seeing the face of Putin today… He’s not doing great. He’s tired of this mess too, that’s so obvious.

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Great news. I will also add that Ukranian soldiers are getting trained to use some of the equipment that Ukraine will be getting so hopefully they will be able to use them shortly.

It is also ironic that Russia is celebrating Victory Day against Nazi Germany while it is devastating large parts of Ukraine where a lot of the fighting and devastation took place during WW2.


Yeah, Putin and Kremlin’s whole thing is twisting history to fit the “Mother Russia will rise again” narrative that we got fed with millions of dumb american movies in the 90’. It feels so weird to me that the soviet flag is coming back and all their old crazy nostalgia about the red army… It’s “by the book” pure authoritarian dystopia !

I knew Russia and communists were bad, but I learned so much twisted details about Russia’s history these past months that I guess they probably can’t teach it as it is, as it’s stuff of nightmares even for well adjusted adults.

Like, for example, I read that a few days ago :

Yeah, Tsushima. But it has nothing to do with the game of the same name.

It’s just unbelievable.

They still have lots and lots of artillery.

Good news, the Ukrainian army pushed the Russians back almost to the border at Kharkiv. I hope they can use their shiny new toys in the coming weeks to stop the Russians in Donbas and kick them out there completely.


With Lend-lease and all the other support from the civilized world, Ukraine has the chance to kick the Russians out of the country. Hopefully the military disaster and sanctions together will push someone in the Kremlin to put an end to Putin.


And if it happens whatever date that happens to be should become an international fucking holiday. I know we shouldn’t wish for someone’s death, but I don’t care.

With that horrific mother fucker, I yearn for his demise from the bottom of my heart


Yes! I’m with you on that.



There will be peace in Ukraine by putting excessive pressure on the Russian army and the Russian military industrial complex. So: deliver more weapons, instruct more soldiers and install more sanctions :+1:

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I do not have an issue with Macron keeping in regular contact with Putin, as diplomacy is still a potential exit from the war no matter how small, and it is not like Zelensky has not tried to negotiate a peace settlement with Russia. But not putting excessive pressure on Russia is just stupid.

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I would have prefered he said nothing…

I think he’s trying not to make big moves right before our “legislatives elections”. It’s important he win those so he has a majority so he can actually rule the country. Just a thing to keep in mind.

That said, in all honnesty, the destruction of Ukraine won’t ever be repaid in full by Russia. It’s impossible, especially for Russia to repay that debt even of buildings destroyed.

There will be change in Russia, but we won’t invade Russia to make that happen. They have to do it themselves, or they’ll never get back on the world stage.

Macron is thinking ahead here. But yeah, it’s too soon, especially for ukrainians. They’re still fighting for their life.

From the outside it sounds incredibly dumb. We shouldn’t hurt the feelings of childraping murderers? Ok.

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Yeah, I guess it’s diplomacy. But he shouldn’t say stupid stuff like that.

Say “we are worried about the path Russia is taking and we hope russians can find a way to get through all the internal struggles they are facing right now…” or something like that.

Ukrainians are offended by what he said.

Anyway it’s just words. We’re not lifting the sanctions any time soon.

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Getting closer to NATO every day! Thanks for the support and cooperation, my British dudes!


Breakthrough… More like breakdown eh.

One less tank that the Russians can use and with more weapons entering the field it will only get worse for them.