The Series X seems to be in steady supply right now. A blip or trend?

The Series X seems to have had a huge supply drop and has been in stock for multiple days in a row now.

Is this just a massive supply drop? Or has Microsoft finally figured something out with supply issues.


I think they won the bidding war to acquire many supplies for themselves. Acquiring this many could help the boast on the earning next month (April). It’s smart of Satya, especially since the momentum would look strong for investors.


Dont think it can be claimed to be solved or anything but definitely more than a blip. Nearly a month of availability in some fashion.

I think a very large supply drop and if it continues throughout April then it should be relatively “fixed”

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It’s been in stock for over 2 weeks now at Walmart online. It’s rarely been out of stock for an hour or two before being restocked. It’s also been available via SamsClub bundles online.

It’s been available via AllAccess plans from Target online and Gamestop online around the beginning of March. They switched over from AllAccess plans to normal or a bundle plan around a week ago.

They have been available at some Retail locations for purchase at different Walmart, Sams Club, and Target as well.

I forgot to mention that Microsoft has had build-your-own bundles for Series X available as well.


Not sure if I’m looking at it right, but in my Amazon account, it’s Number 1 for video games now.


Obviously because nobody wants it :wall_peek:


Also showing as #1 for me [Amazon US]


Hopefully, they do share some of those stocks in Japan. Based on Amazon Japan, it’s sold out. I assume their priority is definitely here and then I guess UK.

P.S. Holy moly, it’s seriously dominated by Switch. Nice to see Series S in top 50 though. Wow, they really love Minecraft. They even bought Java code. Good call on buying the brand, Microsoft.


*in the US.

I thought it was widely available in other countries because it wasn’t selling…

I’m in a country where PS has like 90% market share if not more. Xbox Series X is non-existent in stores, while the S is moderately available. Online, both are available and the X sometimes goes out of stock in some online stores. Microsoft obviously allocates less in the region here but some people with retail relations said MS made more stock available than before in their history the region.

Also worth noting that even PS5 is gradually getting more available online too. I’m looking at local Amazon and it’s available.

I think optimistically, by the end of this year it will start to get normal again for all consoles where if anyone wants a console they can 100% easily find one online, and even in retail stores but less so.


Like I posted the other day in Australia there has been a fairly constant drop of consoles on Amazon and EB games with the EB games drops being huge lasting over 3 hours for the Series X. Series X was #1 last week with PS5 being #5 I think it was.


It will be interesting to see if this continues into the next couple of months, as it should tell us if Microsoft simply placed a huge order for basically the rest of the year.

It’s #2 on Amazon Canada.

Here’s the Top 10:

And the Xbox controller is in 13th.

Full list here:


Guess they are trying to send as many consoles as possible to USA.


No doubt that the serious money they coughed up for components is helping here, think I saw somewhere that they may have secured much more than most tech companies for the next two years, along with Apple so sales will probably be quite high for the foreseeable future.

Yeah, it was rumored that they won the bidding

It’s why it will be interesting to see what the supply situation will be in the coming months, because if it stays relatively the same then the stories that Microsoft has indeed outbidded other companies for Fab time would be true.

It will be also interesting to see the regions where most of the supply will go. I guess it is gonna NA / Australia / UK

Probably. Those three are among the biggest markets for Xbox, so they will probably be where Xbox is most in demand.