The Not E3 June Showcase 2024 Leaks and Spoilers

A thread to contain any potential Leaks or Spoilers of the upcoming June Showcase.


Have we got any lengthy leak list this year? It’s probably about time now

Leak list for the June Showcase?

Yeah, for now I only encountered a leak list at 4chan. Looks pretty fake, saying South of Midnight is visually “Blegh”

The only leak it got is ID next title. Other than that, nothing is out. Either the leakers know but won’t speak or they don’t and got lucky to retrieve one.

The only real leak so far is ID’s game title and platform plans

Something Blue Dragon has been hinted at by a couple of insiders but not confirmed by any of them

Other than that I dont think there’s been anything of note

I have a feeling Black Ops 6 will be there! :wink:

But seriously, so far we know of Doom, most likely Gears 6, State of Decay 3, Perfect Dark. I think those are the ones heavily hinted on by leakers.

Then there’s the Blue Dragon leak as well and the Gears Collection stuff.

We are most likely getting some kind of Xbox Series X all digital. Isn’t the showcase where they revealed the black Series S? I think it’d make sense. Hoping for something 100$ cheaper, actually hoping they undercut Sony to push sales numbers and announced some form of COD bundle as well.


How solid is the Gears remaster collection? I feel like that’s been a persistent rumor for years. Feels like one of those things an insider can “leak” every year and eventually they’re bound to be right. :rofl:

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I just want Judgment campaign with no broken achievements. I haven’t touched that one due to broken achievements.

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That lineup already sounds crazy


A new blue dragon game?

I have a message.

This is E3.

Always has been.

Always will be.

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What do we know about xbox’s showcase lineup so far? I’ve been living in a cave these past couple of months and the only think 100% to be there seems to be COD.

Guess avowed and Indy will be there too since they are coming this year,

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  • Call of Duty
  • Everwild
  • Perfect Dark
  • State of Decay 3
  • Indiana Jones
  • Gears 6
  • Doom 3
  • Clockwork Revolution
  • South of Midnight
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Huh? I think only Perfect Dark, DOOM, and Gears have been been talked about in rumors. And of course COD has been confirmed by MS themselves. And of course games coming out this year (Indy) will be at the Showcase.


I think after the store listing earlier this year its safe to assume Silksong gets shown at either Xbox or SGF…. Right?



Perfect Dark, DOOM, Gears, COD, Indiana Jones, Avowed… already a crazy lineup

It’s likely, but it would be funnier of it’s a no show again.

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Hmmm. Am gonna make two sections. One for confirmed and one for to wish for within showcase.


Cod Black Ops

Doom prequel


Indiana Jones

Updates for Diablo 4 and Sea of thieves.


Ara: History Untold

Age of Mythology(However am thinking it is shown in Summer game fest but am not so sure)

Clockwork Revolution

Game reveal of Brass Lion Entertainment deal

South of Midnight

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

Game reveal of Double Fine

Activision Game on Gamepass alongside a slew of other backward compatible.


Sega/Atlus new game

Capcom Kumitsu gami release date with another game reveal(Pragmata)

11bitstudio showcasing more games

Gravity Well brand new game

Partnership with a mobile game studio from the makers of either Kuro Games or Hyphergylph.

Square Enix games coming to gamepass day one.