The Game Awards 2022 | OT?

Given how easily public voting can be gamed with bots, and how console warriors likely vote solely based on what platforms a game is out on, I don’t have a problem with this 90/10 breakdown.

But yeah, I agree that the lopsided weighing is kind of funny.


Considering the nominations and usual winner, I don’t think the jury is that much diffferent from the console warriors either.


Yeah public voting can be tempered but still the 90/10 is a complete joke. 10% is so low that I don’t know why they even bother…I guess “engagement” is the reason.

This is sad and funny at the same time but I completely agree. :smile:

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Was unaware of the 90/10, that’s awful. Need less games media involved, more devs and genuine critics.

TGA is like Oscars - it is all about elitism.


I probably would have never gotten into the souls series if i could just play on easy. Theyd have lost their appeal and wouldnt be the big seller that they are. This series got people to go beyond and test themselves that they didnt think they needed.

Its that appeal that draws people to the games.

You have to remember these arent 10 hour action games. They take 50 plus and even up to 100 to beat

Add easy mode people beat them in 20 and probably dro off the series.

Ah the good ol’ your choice robs me of my elitist superiority argument.

Dark Souls is currently about 6 to 16 hours for me, as even without playing the game for months and returning back to it.

For comparison my 1st full playthrough of Elden Ring took 60+ hours, I had restarted with a new character because I wasn’t into the that play through. Currently Elden Ring takes about 30+ hours to beat and If I decide to farm runes and only focus on the main story bosses that could drop to the low 30s, maybe even down to 20+ hours.

As for difficulty, I think “Dark Souls is as hard as you want to make it.” sums it up best. In DS1 I remember the easy mode for me being having health and wearing the heaviest armor you can without fat rolling. Early game that’s the stone armor set, that provides 100 poise and a good amount proction that you never have to actually change it.


actually, i hope edgerunners wins best video game adaptation because i know it will make some animation snobs furious.

Show Avowed, It’s Time!!!

TGA get the most eyeballs out of any gaming event. Even more then E3.

Beside Starfield, Avowed is the 2nd most hype about Xbox game that is announced so far. Plus all of the people still playing Skyrim is dying for something to quench their thirst while they wait for ES6.


I don’t consider myself a music fan, and I haven’t particularly cared for past TGA musical performances (Imagine who?) but I listened to Hozier’s debut album quite a bit when it came out, so this might make me change my tune a little.

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Whatever ends up happening, I hope so much that Rand and Jez’s speculation turns out to be 100% false, it really needs some Xbox presence. I love how the show started last year. Geoff really hyping the first game up and I don’t think anyone expected that to be a XGS game.

I agree that it’s time, if we look at E3 last year and what they said it’s waaaaaay past time actually, lol. Really wish they had just communicated it a little to the fans of Obsidian, ah well.

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I never understood that speculation anyways. If they really are worried about hurting the deal they can stick with already announced games. Those could be used regardless in an argument so showing Those wouldn’t hurt them. They have plenty of already announced games that they could show off if they don’t want to announce anything new.


Yeah, it would be really dumb to skip the TGA over CMA concerned lol

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The music performances have been VERY hit or miss. Even Green Day, where I like some of their stuff just irritated me when they performed.

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The Arcane/Sting performance last year was awesome.

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Last day of voting for round 1 of Players’ Voice. The top 10 at the end of today will go to round 2 starting tomorrow, so if you’re a fan of some of the games just outside the top 10 you may want to get your vote in before the cutoff.

This is the current situation at the top:

Sonic Frontiers and Genshin Impact are locked in a heated battle for this player’s choice award lol