The Game Awards 2022 | OT?

Some points of interest:

  • Tickets went on sale November 1st (now sold out)
  • The list of nominees are available here:
  • Last day of fan voting is December 7th
  • The award ceremony will take place on December 8th at 19:30 EST
  • Most of the award categories are decided on by a 10/90 mix of fan votes and jury votes. But there’s also a Players’ Voice category, which is entirely decided on by the public.
  • There’s an FAQ that’s worth a read for those curious about the voting process and other things.

Rooting for Halo, but what other adaptations do we think might get nominated? Sonic?

Uncharted? When did that release?

Would love to see a small slice of Perfect Dark following the tradition of CG/Engine and then gameplay like Hellblade did

and as much as im looking forward to it, I don’t want to see Hellblade there again, last thing the game needs is Deathloop vibes, save showing it again until there’s a proper combat demo/release date/releasing within 6 months of the trailer

Would love to see Avowed finally too


Uncharted released this year but Sonic has it in the bag. Rooting for Fallout next year.


This year. But that movie was bang average.

WE all know TLOU TV show will get it.

Until officially told otherwise, I think we’d all do well to assume Xbox will stick to only including games that will release within the 12-month window following whatever date the show in question is on.

Do we think Perfect Dark might be release before December 8th, 2023? If yes, it’ll probably be shown. If no, then it’s probably best to assume it won’t.

That’s not scheduled to release until 2023. I agree with you that it’s probably a lock, but not at this year’s awards.

They aren’t doing that for TGAs, Phil himself said he likes using it for things that are further out

I think they will probably continue using the 12 month system for their Xbox Showcase but not for others

Oh, this is the first I’ve heard of this. Where did you see that?

We might be getting DLC for Shredder’s Revenge announced here.


It was just a casual thing he mentioned in some stream he was invited to ages ago

Just something along the lines of TGA being for things that were a little further out

You say that, but TGA 2019 had Ori and Gears Tactics (with gameplay and release dates) in addition to Hellblade 2 and the console reveal. Their 2020 and 2021 offerings were just Perfect Dark and Hellblade though, so it’s hard to predict.

If we don’t have dates by then, I could see Starfield and/or Redfall getting release dates at this year’s TGAs, along with maybe a gameplay reveal for Perfect Dark and maybe confirming that Hellbade is Fall 2023.

Im not saying they wont have things there that are closer, what im saying is they will likely continue using TGA’s to show something that is further out

I think we’re gonna get an avowed gameplay trailer similar to hellblade 2 and they’ll date it 2024. We will see it again at E3 2023 for a early 2024 release imo.

Ah, I see. Well, if it was ages ago I’m inclined to not put much stock in that, and instead base my expectations on more recent behaviours and statements. Meaning, unless we’re told otherwise I’ll continue to assume they’ll stick to the 12-month thing for all events going forward.

Not saying I’m definitely right in that assumption, just saying that’s what makes sense to me.

The Future Class nomination form is live, so if you know someone who’s deserving of some recognition, now’s the time to speak up on their behalf.

Anyone here ever been to this? Anyone considering going this year?

I didn’t even know they sold tickets to the thing. :upside_down_face:

Some think its a form of punishment… :troll:

Probably seeing in IMAX this year. Hoping to go to LA next year.

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