The Big ol' Xbox 3rd Party Releases Discussion Thread (HiFi, SoT, Pentiment, Grounded) (Part 1)

Gamepass is going to have less 3rd party deals in the future because it has more 1st party titles. 1st party titles are the better investment

I forgot there were this many tiers already. I’ve been going with the best one since day one and never looked back.

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This is so incredibly incorrect. Some of the notable recent releases: RE2, F1 23, Palworld (biggest game oty so far), Persona 3 Reload, Madden NFL 24, RE3.

Since last year It’s been the best run of Game Pass for me at least and I guarantee you many people agree.


If Xbox brings Pentiment to other platforms, we can’t say anything to Microsoft. They had already warned us in 2022 :rofl:


If Xbox were to put all their games everywhere they would be titan and kind of hard to compete against

Like even something smaller like Grounded, it was already a big hit on just Xbox and PC but if that launched on PS5/Nintendo with full crossplay it of course would have been even bigger

Then of course you’d still have your monster titles like a Gears 6 which again would do big numbers on everything, they’d have everything from single player and multiplayer, from one and dones to GaaS, from big to small and they’d have titles from first party studio’s pumping out games constantly with how many studios they’d have

It’s hard to see many publishers being able to compete with their variety and output in general but obviously going this route comes at the cost of making GP and the Xbox ecosystem far less appealing so you’ll gain in third party sales but lose in store and subscription sales

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Phil is already on public record saying they are working towards a new ‘Xbox’ so I don’t think there will be any issues with them saying they are committed to hardware still. Obviously the FTC leaks confirmed they were working towards it too…

If this rumoured town hall was anything to go by it was also allegedly re-iterated there. Although it is my personal experience that employees normally find out any ‘plans’ the same time as the public if not a few minutes before so I suspect this town hall rumour is fake too.

The last time my employer made a big change they emailed us all about 5 minutes before they discussed it with media (and started reporting on it). Mainly because they knew employees will talk regardless if they are meant to or not.

I think there will be less ‘need’ for third party deals but I think the deals will still continue. They won’t be able release big AAA games every month that appeals to everyone.


Not correct. 1st party can’t cover the amount of games we’ve historically been getting on Game Pass (8-10 a month). 3rd parties on Game Pass are not slowing down.

Both Games Pass rumors (no more day 1 1st party and no COD) stem from timdog who otherwise gets ridiculed into oblivion by the same people who picked up the story and tan with it.

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Sometimes you can put this down to subjectivity when it comes to GP being good or bad for someone but those are major titles whether people personally like them or not so if GP money has “dried up” then I’m not sure how they got all these titles

Assuming they want to make it so only Ultimate has Day 1 games, just get rid of console, it only makes things confusing anyway when Core is there now

It sounds like most people are already on Ultimate anyway and this would be there way to bump and extra 20-30% of people into the highest option which would be a pretty big revenue boost

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What I don’t get is why can’t Xbox just go full PC like Steam. They built the series X/S consoles which allowed us to keep same Xbox one account with our library, why not do the same on PC. Play Anywhere is practically useless as it’s only for a few games. I think if Xbox had built their Xbox into PC most of these problems won’t exist. They’d be able to make pretty much every PC an Xbox and that would solve Game Pass growth issues. people at that point won’t need to buy an Xbox if they have a PC and moving and playing your games would make sense. For now, the only thing we have is game Pass which has no long-lasting connection once you’re done with the games not to mention many of the games are not play anywhere making buying it useless. I think If Xbox was on PC like Steam this idea of games going to PlayStation and Nintendo won’t matter much. For me I would hope they announce plans like this.

Yes, I definitely don’t intend to mean that everybody should like those releases, just that objectively there’s been big and quality additions… someone doesn’t have to like them all to admit they are.

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less doesn’t mean none

Not to sound like a doomer but if they start putting their games on other consoles it makes the platform less appealing which can lead to less sales and less third party support so assuming that would be the case, they’d need third party deals more than ever to encourage them to keep releasing on the platform

Although that’s more of a next gen issue than a current one, they have enough units out there to not worry for the rest of this gen I’d imagine


I’ll continue to be in this ecosystem as long as they don’t make changes to Gamepass.

As for their third party plans ? I don’t have an issue with it, they’ve been indicating that this is the path they’ve wanted for a while now. I would like them to rip off the bandaid completely rather than acting like it’s only going to be smaller titles or “legacy” titles.


All I need/want is for the multiplat stuff to not be as bad as rumored. I don’t think hardware is the issue, it’s them being less competitive and the effects that it will have going forward (third party support, etc.)

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I should say the other thing I’d find reassuring is a plan to bring Xbox to PC (for real) including backwards compatibility. As well as a pledge to continue to merge PC/Xbox so that am Xbox game is a PC game (and vice versa).

I think that’d reduce concern about people losing their libraries in the future as well as reduce concern with third party support in the future.


Not everyone can (or wants to) afford three consoles for €1500. The enthusiast market is also a tiny minority, so MS/Sony/Nintendo are just cannibalizing each other with an outdated “console” model. It’s like buying separate PCs for Steam, Epic and GOG. Or separate streaming sticks for Netflix, Disney and Prime. It doesn’t make much sense anymore, considering the hardware is close to identical.

The future is a single gaming-box and/or cloud apps where you can just log in to your service of choice. MS is leading the charge towards this, like they have been with everything else. But rest assured, Sony will follow shortly after (like they have with everything else.) Nintendo might take a little longer, since they actually make money off their hardware.

None of this will happen over night, obviously. But I still predict the next Xbox console to be the last traditional console as we know it. Sony and Nintendo may do one more after that.

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Sure, fewer releases is possible. But I’m simply saying, 2023 had 149 games total, 11 1st party additions (day 1 or otherwise) and 50 day 1 additions. If 50 day 1 releases stays constant but the 1st party output doubles, we’d still get 30 day 3rd party releases. So the decline wouldn’t be really perceptible.

Perhaps MS intends to completely cut down on 3rd games on Game Pass, but its value would also decline tremendously. Given that the CFO described the subscription as a ‘high margin’ business as it is, I doubt Microsoft is willing to bet on diminishing its perceived value too much.

I wouldn’t call myself an enthusiast in fact I’d call myself pretty casual I’m a sports game and AAA player on the whole. I find the business side interesting that led me to forums like this. I’m in the U.K. so my friends list is evenly split between Xbox and PlayStation & I like to do both.

Beyond not being able to afford multiple consoles, some simply do not have the desire to own multiple consoles.

Like here in Canada, do you spend $800 for a PS5 to play Spider-Man 2, or do you use that $800 to buy 8+ more games for your Series X/Switch/PC?

There is also the space issue. If you live in a small apartment/home, space is at a premium. I’m learning this the hard way right now as I prepare to move to my father’s later this year. I am trying to decide whether I really need my gaming PC, Series X + S, PS5, Switch and a Steam Deck. If I’m honest with myself, I could probably get 99% of my gaming from a PC and a Steam Deck.

I just think they’re going to have a hard time getting people to buy their consoles after this announcement. I don’t think gamepass is enough.

You can make the case that part of the reason they’re on pace to sell 20 million less series consoles than one is due to releasing on pc day and date.

I know they won’t be day and date on ps and Nintendo but I do not think people will mind waiting. Especially if they can get a larger amount of games on PlayStation.