The Big ol' Xbox 3rd Party Releases Discussion Thread (HiFi, SoT, Pentiment, Grounded) (Part 1)


Your still working on the assumption that they are going to say they are going multiplatform with everything.

It could be anything right now.

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Could be just like I thought, Surface team already was contributing on Xbox consoles, now have a bigger role maybe due to handheld sku, and someone interpreted that differently now and led to misrepresented reporting…


My thoughts exactly. If Xbox was on PC, it would be just like steam and like you said I doubt anyone would care if the games went multiplatform then. No one was jumping of a roof when the Half-life games went multi and now steam just goes exclusive again. I think that would be a really good way of assuring gamers their library is safe.

This is what I want, they go this path and I don’t really care what they bring to PS

Contributing, not “in control of”. It’s not “non-news”, the news was that Jason Ronald has a new position and the hardware dev is fully under the Surface team.

Most of these rumours have turned out to be “non-news”.

They don’t have to say it for me to believe it. I don’t think there’s a chance they don’t move that direction. Satya has made it clear he wants to be everywhere.

Trying to stay a part of this whole mess, but I keep thinking does these guys from MS really care for Xbox brand? I’m not sure, the rumors have been so crazy and their are so inept on shooting down them and relying on ppl like Jez to try to make the gods work due to MS incompetence and/or laziness on communicating with Xbox users. I still think the rumors are over the top, and they are not as deep as have being spread on internet. But how to trust MS if everyday is a new drama and, looking for the leadership, I sometimes have the impression that if its not enough for them the billions being made they could anytime take an action like windows phone (which I got screwed btw). If they cared about the Xbox brand itself (not gaming in general) we wouldn’t have gotten so far in this story. Hope for the best, but they are the only to be blamed by this situation and is comprehensive that xbox users are worried.


Something in return.

Xbox exclusives going to other competing platforms is a perceived loss, so with that you better communicate it with something Xbox fans would receive as a gain; like how when they intended to increase GWG, faced the backlash, they then reversed and gave something in return which was making free to play games actually free.

I’m thinking if you want Xbox fans to digest whatever decision involving multiplatform releases, you have to give something in return to them, games they didn’t have have before or are currently missing from Xbox. Not doing something like that would be a huge failure in reading the room and controlling the narrative.


I think we still just need to wait and see.

Xbox have made some really stupid decisions but not lets kill our brand after investing $80-90 Billion into it type stupid.

Sorry for the late response but yeah, I agree with you on that Sony squeezes customers with price increases and awful policies bc their business model is ancient and they have little competition.

I meant Sony respects console player in the sense that if you buy a Playstation console, you can be sure you will receive a really good console gaming experience, as Sony still considers that device the absolute core of its business. With PS5, you can see it in the innovations in the DualSense and the catalogue of exclusive content, for example.


Me, they don’t really need to. Others? Nothing. It doesn’t matter if it starts and ends with Pentiment, SoT and HFR…there will be twitter hell of people claiming “no reason to buy an Xbox” when most games won’t end up on other consoles, or that things like Indy and Call of Duty are far more likely to shift Xbox and game pass then keeping Pentiment exclusive…or that going “soft 3rd party” will let them keep acquiring, even as the worlds richest company with the FTC bungling its position.

Honestly, not much lol. I don’t believe Xbox hardware will be going anywhere, at least for the foreseeable future and not by their own accord. The only thing I want is clear, concise communication on their future plans, how and why they came to the conclusion to port some of their games to other platforms, and what games are going to be candidates for such. I want to be convinced that continuing to invest in the Xbox platform is better than going to another platform, whether it be Steam, via PC, or another console.

As someone who very much prefers console gaming, and as someone who has been a primarily Xbox player since the OG Xbox, if I get the same, vague bullshit about it being “on a case-by-case basis,” regardless of that being the case or not, I’m probably out next generation and going PC. It isn’t even about some games going multiplat, even though I think that’ll just balloon over time and will ultimately hurt Xbox hardware. It’s more that I’m tired of the garbage communication from Xbox and, honestly speaking, after years of overpromising and underdelivering, if I can’t be convinced of their direction and that my investment in their platform is worth it anymore, why stay? The multiplat stuff is basically just the last straw in a mounting hay pile for me.

Thank you for coming to my therapy session where I vent my frustrations.


I agree. I don’t think it will be enough. The console will become less attractive to new buyers.

Looking at Playstation they’ll have Sony games, moneyhatted games, third party games that never released on Xbox before and now even Xbox games.

It’s a tough situation for the console. It worries me.


Anyone complaining about the podcast format is either ignorant or a troll. The official Xbox podcast has high quality video for each episode. Its no different to any other video interview. Infact its better because there is also an audio option.

I think an interview is better then pre scripted video of Phil, because more detail and questions will be presented.


Doesn’t matter what the format is, what they say, what they announce and how it’s communicated is what’s gonna make the difference.


I think some people imagined Phil Spencer doing promo codes for Hello Fresh and don’t really know what the Xbox Podcast is and thought it was an audio only deal, but yeah the format is a really good way to do this. It’s all going to come down to how everything is communicated and what their actual plans are.


Yes. At first it does seem not the best move forward for Xbox. However MS must of figured out say 50million series consoles + PS5 game sales is more profitable then 70 million series consoles + no exclusives going to PS5.

Personally I think Xbox should take the steamdeck approach, that way the “Xbox console” will also get PS5 games, unless sony stops releasing PS5 games on PC lol.

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How hard is it for 3rd party devs to release games on other storefronts like EGS or Windows Store? Xbox PC device doesn’t work if it still has to rely on Steam for almost everything.