The Bethesda Three Game Juggling Act Argument Thread


Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, and as of now Starfield, are three of the biggest IPs that Microsoft holds. Fallout and The Elder Scrolls in particular are simply blockbuster games that completely dominate the conversation whenever the release.

The Elder Scrolls IV will arguably be the biggest game that launches… ever? Words can’t really describe how much attention that game will draw. The next Fallout will draw almost as much attention, and even if the franchise has seen a small decline in reputation over the last few years, the series still holds a spot as one of the premier franchises in all of gaming. Starfield has yet to release but still seems to have an incredible amount of anticipation and hype behind it. Starfield will undoubtedly be the biggest game next year if it can deliver on its promises.

These three franchises are incredibly important pillars to Microsoft, but unfortunately there is just one big problem. The cadence in which these games release is unsustainable. I’m not talking about a problem of releasing every year like Call of Duty, I’m talking about each game seemingly having a minimum of a one decade gap between each new game.

Games are more expensive than ever to make, and that also means more time being put into development. Bethesda Game Studios on average spends 4 or so years on development for each game, and with Starfield being put into the mix, that means, assuming a perfect development cycle and Bethesda rotating to a different franchise every time, each new entry in these series will have a 10+ year gap.

Of course, there are examples like a Fallout 76 or The Elder Scrolls Online, but those just simply do not compare to the mainline, single player focused entries.

I believe that Bethesda, BGS, and Microsoft need to come together to discuss the future of these franchises (I’m sure they have already) but I believe one outcome has to happen. Let other internal studios create these games with the oversight and input of BGS Maryland to avoid long gaps in between games. We have already seen this work with games like Fallout: New Vegas, which was a perfect collaboration between Bethesda and Obsidian. I’d like to see something similar between Bethesda Maryland and other studios. I’d love to see BGS Maryland, who is currently overseeing Fallout 76, have the creative freedom to create their own single player Fallout game. Or, if they’re up to it, make their own TES game. I’d love to see this same collaboration happen with other studios as well.

The fact is, these franchises are too valuable to lie dormant for as long as they do. There are too many talented studios under Microsoft & Bethesda to allow these franchises to waste while Maryland is cycling through these 3 franchises. So the next time Todd Howard and Co are working on the next entry of one of these franchises, I hope some other talented Xbox studio is also working on an entry on one of the other franchises.

Thanks for reading, sorry if this was a bit scatterbrained, I just had to let these thoughts out.


In before @javycane lol

Also, InXile is making Fallout.

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Nobody is gonna die if a Series skips a gen like We havent had an elder scrolls since 2011 for that matter. Sure those IP’s are valuable but I dont think Xbox nor BGS have to come to any kind of agreement on what needs to be done with them to fast track any kind of game. Either you give studios creative freedom to make the games they want and when they want or you dont. This conditional regarding the zenimax ip odd.

Also I dont want Obsidian or anybody else at XGS working on anybody’s else IP’s other than their own unless its a dead dead dead IP case like Perfect Dark. This is the gen to establish new IP’s for xbox into the future and you wanna put these people to churn out games from other studios. Kay. Go and use that Microsoft money for your own stuff and make a name for yourself finally.

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My number 1 issue with Fallout for example is the fact that the absolute best game in the series was made by another studio and its been more than a decade since any other team has had the chance to touch that franchise.

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I gotta imagine that even pre-acquisition, BGS had to have been thinking “how are we going to handle 3 tent pole series”


I wish we could stop saying NV is the golden standard for the series. The world sucks to explore in it, the legion and Caesar suck, the dlc all feel like separate games and Ulysses is an edge lord. If you dont like Obsidian’s boring you to death with dialogue at times boy is that a game for you.

It nails the western vibe but thats it. Id rather play 3, 4 or even 76 over it lol.


By joining and Xbox and letting them handle them

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The reason New Vegas exists is Bethesda was too busy making Skyrim and needed someone to make a game so there wouldn’t be a decade gap between entries. Literally the best game in the series happened because Bethesda decided to outsource their game.

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But there wasnt a decade gap between the series because we got fallout 4 in 2015 and fallout 76 2 years later along with stuff like Fallout shelter.

There has been plenty of fallout content made over the past decade that if it skips a gen nobody should complain a SOUL.

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More like the best dialogue. Those guys let me enjoy the technical garbage that was Alpha Protocol because the writing and character & RPG elements were just that good.


New Vegas is fun but its far from this utopia of a game people think it is. So many issues with that game that people just ignore with the basic one being the map.

The Mojave fucking sucks. Literally the worst region out of all the modern fallout’s.

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If many people feel that way then that’s how it is, you not agreeing doesn’t mean that it’s reasonable for you to ask for others to stop saying that it is. That you prefer the other games more is an opinion just like the one that says NV is the best.

I do agree that it’s fine for these series to skip a generation, I don’t want MS to force Maryland to farm any of them out.

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Imagine TES 6 or Fallout 5 as a launch game for next gen xbox .

Pretty sure both will have one entry this gen

I didn’t even deliver my hottest take which is that Bethesda Maryland should relinquish the Fallout IP to BGS Austin


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Oh yeah, InXile

So you think Bethesda is going to allow someone else to make Fallout 5 ? Cuz thats the only way I see Fallout 5 this gen .

Take this was a grain of salt but the way I understand it based on previous conversations I’ve had is Maryland has tremendous creative control over these IPs. BGS has 3 support studios that basically work for Maryland.

I do not understand why BGS Austin , who basically makes all of the Fallout 76 content, is not also tasked with making a brand new Fallout game so we get one before 2031.


Where does the 1 decade gap part come from as a premise? Starfield is 7 yrs after Fallout 4 launched. And I doubt TES6 will be all the way out in 2032…

I do think both inXile and Obsidian will have lots of crossover with BGS in the future wrt helping juggle the IP. I’d love to see these teams work together to each of their strengths (BGS with world design and the game engine, Obsidian with writing/story, and inXile with choice/consequence elements). I also agree that MS should find ways to leverage these IP more rapidly.