Summer Game Fest 2022 (Premieres on June 9th)

The official Geeked Week trailer is very light on gaming related stuff, but here it is anyway:

Anyone planning on summarizing that Netflix event? I suspect I’ll avoid it now.

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Can’t say I’m particularly excited about Netflix’s game forays. Drive up price of service and so far at least seem relatively pointless as actual games. I guess Ubisoft was doing a couple of things with them for AC though so that could be OK. Or possibly not, who knows. Sounds like the animated show is being done by an internal studio from Ubisoft, not Netflix which probably helps it stay alive for now.

Plus there’s the obvious reason to not bother watching it now as you pointed out.

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Not sure that this counts as summer games fest, but it sounds like they talked about 4 things at the 505 games showcase yesterday. This may have been posted elsewhere, not sure as I’m not having a ton of time to read threads, but nice summary here. At least one seems like it already had been announced, but still cool.

I think they all look decently interesting to me. I will say, my first thought on the game Among the Trolls was that it was about dealing with online people, and I have to say I kinda am sad this isn’t the case. :grin:


Some good news for those of you who keep clamoring for gameplay footage:

Probably all from mobile games…


Hey man don’t be dissing mobiles games now…

For those of us who haven’t kept track of what’s on when:

Its pretty much E3 shifted earlier by 7 to 10 days. It’ll be weird to have Microsoft showing last instead of first.


Nice! So pretty soon we’ll have some nice gaming stuff coming up, well let’s hope SGF isn’t as much of a drag as last year, lol.

IGN also has a showcase on Friday June 10th. GamesRadar Future Games Show is Saturday June 11th and PC Gaming Show is Sunday evening June 12th.


A teaser giving an idea of some of the games we can expect to see during SGF this year:

Sorry for linking a Tweet instead of the video directly. I couldn’t find it standalone. For some reason they haven’t uploaded it to their YouTube channel. :man_shrugging:

saw redfall again, it’s probably what xbox is showing at SGF

Trailer at SGF and deep dive at Xbox show then.


Wait. You said 7PM uk and he said 6PM. :thinking:

Bringing in the big guns.*

'* Yes, that was intentional.

Corrected, thanks.

What are people’s thoughts re: spoilers for the SGF show? Keighley just Tweeted about something that will appear on the show, so it’s entirely official and not a leak, but I know some folks like to go into things like this with as little foreknowledge as possible.

Is there any kind of consensus on what should be shared here? Or maybe better to just be on the safe side and not post anything about specific content?

I’m expecting Summer Game Fest to be my best show for the first half of the year. The Game Awards was great for me. Showed me 10 games including 4 new game reveals. If I get half this, I will be very happy.

The only thing that im 100% expecting is a God of War Ragnarok release date trailer if it’s releasing this year.

I personally think if a developer indicates they will be at a showcase, that isn’t a spoiler and can be discussed anywhere

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