Summer Game Fest 2022 (Premieres on June 9th)

The Summer Game Fest premieres on June 9 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 6 PM GMT with a showcase featuring game announcements, reveals, and Day of the Devs.

Summer Game Fest will be streamed in participating IMAX theaters across the US, UK and Canada.


And it’s not just Summer Game Fest, they’re also doing it for The Game Awards:

so redfall gameplay reveal at SGF?

It wouldn’t surprise me if we see games from Xbox getting shown twice at both shows. I think Xbox likes the eyeballs Geoff is getting atm.

I had kinda assumed this whole IMAX dealie would be a U.S. only thing (despite IMAX being Canadian) so this was a welcome surprise:

Not that I’ll be going, but it’s nice to see it available in a few more markets.

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Nice!!! Just waiting on Ubisoft to announce their Forward showcase for the same weekend and I will be very happy.

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Right? Hopefully we get a Nintendo Direct that following Tuesday aswell!

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Hope Nintendo does a direct that week too.


Even though E3 is dead I hope we keep a week of gaming streams and events to keep the spirit alive. There’s something special about watching all the reveals, demos and developer interviews and watch the entire industry come together and celebrate our passion. It’s a time of the year I look forward too like Christmas and Halloween.

It’s a shame certain platform holders and publishers have tried to kill it but thankfully companies like Xbox and people like Keighley are still around.

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Random: I heard on a podcast that Geoff Keighley’s parents are somehow involved with the creation of IMAX.

That’s interesting, and it’s certainly random too, indeed, haha.

Just doesn’t seem like the kind of reveal for SGF at all, unless they have a mini deep dive of sorts at the Xbox show.

I think we could get some sort of Starfield teaser at Summer Game Fest, akin to the Fallout 76 teaser at the Xbox E3 2018 show

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Oh wait, I totally didn’t realize this airs before Xbox.

Yeah, I suspect the scheduling was purely a grab to get some game reveals instead of having them at the Xbox E3 show.

That is possible yeah.

So it’s SGF, Xbox show and that’s it? No Ubi, EA? It would surprise me if Devolver isn’t having a stream of their own.

We have rumors of a “massive” Ubisoft summer showcase.

EA Play Live is cancelled this year - we have seen them announce several individual game streams, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they keep that up going into the Summer. The Star Wars Jedi sequel is going to be at Star Wars Celebration - probably a CGI trailer and title announcement. I could see an in-engine trailer at Summer Games Fest or the Xbox Showcase. We could also see something Dragon Age at either of these events.

Devolver, those publishing arms under Embracer, a Sony Summer State of Play (maybe Ragnarok?), Square Enix Presents, Capcom Showcase, Day of the Devs, etc are also all possible-to-likely


Agreed. I’m expecting a Starfield teaser trailer during Summer Game Fest with it saying tune in to the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase this Sunday for the full reveal and whatnot.

As Eamon said, EA cancelled their Play showcase while Ubisoft is rumored to have their showcase soon. Hoping it’s the weekend of the Xbox/Bethesda Showcase. THQ Nordic has a showcase but it’s not until August.

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This is a very worthwhile read. The first half goes into the short history of how SGF came to be, but about halfway down the page there’s some bits about what we can expect this year:

  • It’ll take place in a significantly more compressed time frame, only from June 9th - 12th (as opposed to a month, or indeed the whole summer)
  • There’ll be fewer standalone events, with some companies instead participating in first-party events
  • SGF will hold post-press conference streams, where they’ll discuss the main news from each event
  • They’re making a conscious effort to expand the focus beyond just western developers

I’m looking forward to SGF this year and I’m curious to see how it will continue to evolve.

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Oh fuck. Geoff botched the pre-show/post-show with the last Xbox show. Please, PLEASE bring on people A. who know what Xbox is and B. do not actively hate the platform or the genres of games their first party makes.


Wait, you weren’t impressed by the person who was like “I hope they show Halo first so I can run to the bathroom” or something to that effect? :smirk: