Studio Acquisitions and the Market Breakdown per Studio

This really just turned into a WB thing more so than anything else lol

idk what Turtle rock bring to the table ? it’s not like xbox needs more gaas games

I mean there’s nothing wrong with more either.

Evolve was a cool concept that could’ve potentially done really well with more support


Hate it or love it Gaas games are the most popular example Halo Infinite, FH5, SOT

Everything is a GaaS granted it gets updates lol

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I know people have been discussing a Sega acquisition for a long time, and while I understand that it would probably be a great thing for Microsoft’s overall portfolio and their international success, I have to say the prospect of a Sega acquisition doesn’t make me particularly excited at all. I’d much rather see them go after IO Interactive or Remedy.

But, thinking about Sega I tried to come up with a) Sega games I really like, and b) just any Sega games at all. For the first list, I pretty much came up empty. Sonic and Shenmue, the two biggest Sega properties I can think of, aren’t my cup of tea. I do remember enjoying JSRF reasonably well, but it was far from a favourite. Ditto Panzer Dragoon Orta.

And beyond those four properties, I couldn’t come up with any other Sega titles at all. Granted, I was an NES kid growing up, my first real exposure to Sega titles came with the original Xbox, as you may have guessed from what I listed above.

So I had a look at the Wikipedia list of Sega franchises and while there were plenty of familiar titles (Afterburner, Crazy Taxi, OutRun, Super Monkey Ball, to name a few) there was nothing at all that made my heart swell. Maybe Otogi… a modern version of that could be something special.

But yeah, as far as I’m concerned I’d much rather see them go after IO Interactive or Remedy.

You are greatly underestimating Sega’s IP. At absolute worst case it’s comparable to Capcom and Konami.

Sega effectively kept their platforms alive with the first party because they weren’t getting support from Capcom, Konami, or Square. They have equivalents to many of the biggest IP from most of those publisher, though obviously not always as popular.

They also (alongside Namco) owned the arcade scene across multiple genres.

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Oh, I didn’t mean to imply their IP isn’t valuable or appealing to many people. That’s why I started off by saying “I understand that it would probably be a great thing for Microsoft’s overall portfolio and their international success.”

I was only saying that it’s not appealing to me and that as far as my personal tastes are concerned, I’d rather see them acquire other companies.

Yeah I understand. I guess I am just assuming that since you have very little experience with Sega you don’t really get much from just looking at a list of names of games.

The biggest problem with Sega is they aren’t even capable of making games like those any longer.

All those IP’s you mentioned are from the Sega Japan branch. You should do some research into the Sega West Branch. And I mean the Talent not the games they have made. Obviously they are known for the RTS games and more so the PC space. However, that branch is what was really keeping Sega alive all these years. They have incredible leadership that is always being voted best place to work in the games industry. The problem is that they do not chances to flex their creative potential because Sega needs to keep the money flowing with the safe bets from the hot selling Total War, Company of Heroes, Football Manager Etc Etc. Remember, Creative Assembly did make Alien Isolation, and Relic did do a third person action shooter Space Marines. So they have shown to be able to adapt and do other projects. And as of this moment Creative Asselmbly has a total of 800 employees with 5 studio locations working on multiple projects that are not RTS games. So i would say just wait and see what happens over the next 2 years. But that doesn’t mean that i would not want Remedy or IO, i mean fuck it get them all lol.

And they have Atlus, which besides the FF14 team at Square Enix, is probably the best JRPG team in the market

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If Microsoft were able to acquire all of DC along with WB Games, then the price would easily be worth it because Microsoft doesn’t need to get into movies, TV shows, etc. but could license out all the properties for a nice payday for each single movie, show, etc.

Also, while I don’t know if there’s a digital comic book subscription for DC (there may be or it could be Marvel, I remember Zalker87 mentioning this months ago but I don’t remember everything he said), Microsoft could do a subscription service for DC Comics where they would not only save money from not having to print, distribute, ship, etc. out all the books, the subscription service fits right in with Microsoft’s direction and they could make a good amount of money with it.

Add in all the future games and they would make back the purchase price in less than a decade so when you think about it, it should be an easy decision if the opportunity is there because regardless of the purchase price, again, Microsoft would get it all back.

Sony is on fire with the Marvel games as they not only review and sell extremely well, but arguably more importantly they get all the attention and focus because like them or not, Marvel is on fucking fire as is Sony like I said so having the actual competition in DC all to their lonesome would be massive for Microsoft and the Xbox brand.

Hell, just the idea of owning NetherRealm and having future potential cross-over games like MK vs KI or Injustice vs KI or all three in one massive live service game would be worth it in of itself.

Plus, since WB Montreal and Rocksteady are already developing DC IP’s, Microsoft and Xbox could benefit right away and allows their currently owned internal studios to not have to do any DC IP’s (unless of course they actually want to) and stay free to do whatever they want without impacting or affecting anything.

So for me personally, I would love to see it happen and if it was up to me, deal would have been signed, sealed and delivered already because I honestly wouldn’t care about the price tag for one simple reason - I know im going to make it all back in time and after that, it’s literally free money and who the hell says no to free money? But sadly, I think the time has past for acquiring WB. Microsoft had the opportunity and passed on it over a year ago.

One publisher I think right now is ripe for an acquisition is Activision Blizzard. What better way to clean out a company and it’s issues than a brand new owner? I personally have zero interest in AB outside of Diablo IV but business wise, if it could be acquired on the “cheap”, it’s a no-brainer simply because you get arguably the biggest franchise in gaming with COD while in turn, take it away from Sony which despite what anyone wants to believe would hurt them big time.

They would also get some good development studios in Infinity Ward and Treyarch with Sledgehammer being good but not great. You also have the Blizzard side with World of Warcraft which seems to be coming to Xbox on December 9th and I do believe that rumor along with other IP’s like Diablo and Starcraft.

Microsoft would obviously clean up the companies/studios, Kotick would be gone once his buyout is finalized and you would be getting the biggest FPS franchise in the world that consistently sell 20m+ copies every fucking year which is insane, an amazing action RPG in Diablo, an RTS in Starcraft, a massive franchise in Warcraft plus they have Overwatch that I just remembered.

Granted, I don’t see this happening but business wise, I think it would be a huge move for Microsoft. Also, isn’t COD pretty big in E-Sports? I don’t follow any of that shit but im pretty sure that there’s a league and whatnot, right? If so, there’s even more value right there.

At this point though, im just hoping Microsoft can acquire Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal as soon as possible along with the Tomb Raider, Soul Reaver, Legacy of Kain, Deus Ex, Thief and Gex IP’s.

You really went all out sir :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

You’ve both made great points. Even from an entirely self-centered perspective, I’m no doubt underestimating what Sega would bring to the table in terms of games I would enjoy.

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