Xbox Acquisition |OT3| 100% Organic Growth

Hey @Mort is today the day? Will we see something in 18 minutes about actual Xbox Acquisitions?


Certainly would be nice to have this OT close out with some actual news!

Knowing our luck, it would be reverse acquisitions… Where acquired studios opt to buy their freedom. So they can go work on slightly different game for the next 10 years in slavitude to Activision or EA.

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Whats coming first … Acquisitions or fps boosts

Damn, that’s more difficult to pick than it should be. Even if you opened it up to any sort of BC related updates, it’s still a tough call.

You can adjust them and get them to feel pretty good. Not the best, but certainly more playable. The default is bad.

Yeah, I’m not sure I agree with @Doncabesa’s verdict on the controller aiming. The settings menu is decent enough to let you find something usable. “Worst I’ve ever used in a game” feels a little hyperbolic. (But then again, he gave Slay the Spire a 8.5, so he’s clearly crazy :wink:)

The game does feel a little buggy (anyone else getting controller disconnects?) but hopefully with a few patches it’ll get sorted out.

To put this post back on topic, I do still feel the bones of the game are pretty good (so far, in my limited experience with it) and that Turtle Rock should be considered heavily for acquisition. Definitely seems like a team that could use some more resources and the luxury of focusing on less platforms. Maybe Xbox partners with them on their next game as a test project? Xbox clearly has interest in the genre - Warhammer Darktide, getting Back 4 Blood on Game Pass, Avalanche’s Second Extinction, etc. and it’d be good to bring another “niche” studio in-house.

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I guess today this topic will end

I forgot about that tweet. I wonder who walked away or wanted to put talks on pause?

Turtle rock will likely have to find a new publisher for their next game anyway unless they take on a WB Discovery IP.

Evolve but it’s the Teen Titans vs. Solomon Grundy.

Mood for the end of OT3 Xbox Acquisition :

So this topic generated 9990+ posts without a single acquisition right?

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I was looking to see what Studio Wildcard has been up to since we haven’t seen any followups on Ark 2 since last December and they looked to have a friendly relationship with Xbox. However their parent company is SDE Inc that’s an affiliate company of Snail Games USA which is the American branch of the Chinese video game company Snail Games. So in the end it seems they’re bit too large and geolocation complications likely means not an acquisition target.

O’ell, as long as they remain on friendly terms and partnerships it’s alright.

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Zenimax/Bethesda was finalized.

EDIT: Damn it. That was in March, so before this specific series started.

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We managed to fill 2 threads with 9999 posts about acquisitions since Betheda’s acquisition lol.


I’d like to think Xbox understands the core gaming landscape enough to know that Studio Wildcard wouldn’t really be an exciting acquisition. I don’t think it would make the first-party portfolio any more unique or diverse because of it.

Maybe that’s a bad read from me, or I’m undervaluing that studio. I just think that money/time/capital could be better spent elsewhere.

It’s not about acquisitions, it’s about the friends we made along the way :heart:

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Don’t forget the enemies… Can’t value the good without the bad.

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I agree, but they did seem fairly close during the Ark 2 reveal.

As for this particular thread:

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