Street Fighter 6 announced!

If it was exclusive, why not announce that and associate the game with PS from the very beginning.

Oh great, now I need roundtable from Capcom? Lol.

There is also that fighting game collection that was announced for all platforms alongside this. Letting that be announced alongside this further disassociates it with PS.

Don’t ask me why Japanese developers often do this secretive platforms stuff though, it never amounts to anything.

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I wish we got more but I remember the announcement trailer for 5 only having small glimpses of Ryu and Chun-Li as well.

I still hope it’ll hit Xbox but who knows…

Because it wasn’t a proper reveal…?

They literally announced a new game beside it with the platforms announced.

Makes no sense.

Sony will show the actual trailer with PS exclusivity announcement .


Pretty much what I think too sadly…

I imagine the game is supposed to be multiplat but Capcom is still waiting for either Sony or MS to throw millions of dollar marketing deal.


It will be announced by PS it is expected that they will have mkt of this but it will not be exclusive.

I think they don’t yet know whether to go cross-gen or not. Or maybe even whether be on Switch or not. These decision entail slight design and technology decisions and well, and that’s why no platforms announced yet.

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SF5 announcement did have announced platform and flat out said exclusive. Here, well, guess we have to wait. It’s been a long time for Capcom to go exclusive that isn’t Switch. With PS and Xbox, it hasn’t been the case since that game. Can it happen again? Don’t know. Time will tell.

These countdowns to teasers of an announcement of an announcement need to stop entirely. Its one of the worst parts of the gaming industry.


This trailer was not for the casual audience , this was for the FGC .

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Yep SFV was announced at Playstation Experience 2014 and they immediately painted “EXCLUSIVE” on it. They wasted no time flaunting it.

Capcom themselves announced this and haven’t attached Playstation’s name to it. It just doesn’t fit Sony’s usual MO. They don’t get the moneyhatted companies to withhold this stuff, they flaunt it right away.

Apparently, the cat who directed Bayonetta 2 is working on the game -

Playstation is tweeting about the fighting game collection but not SFVI… Would they really hold off on talking about their own exclusive…?


Wonder if the lack of platforms is due to it being fully gameplay revealed at a state of play where the exclusive tag will have a bigger impact for playstation? Hope it’s not for the fans on Xbox but wouldn’t be suprised


It was a teaser…not a full reveal.

I hope I’m wrong but got a bad feeling about it, along with with Jez/Nick said.

Im hoping Phil gets Capcom on the phone to try and get SF6 on Xbox like he did with MHW. Just hope it makes it over to Xbox this time.

character models look like they belong in a RenPY WEG.

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