Starfield |OT| You're Finally Awake... In Space!

It’s just comics have taken Batman from Gotham all the way to Apacolypse(Darksieds planet) and beyond for some time now. Gotham maybe the first thing people think of when they think Batman, but the guy has been just about everywhere now.

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OMG! This is made for me.

This game will be an 11/10 now. Thanks for the tip :saluting_face:

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I accidentally accessed console commands and lost access to my achievements. :smiling_face_with_tear:


On PC? Think you can get a mod to re-enable achievements…

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Thanks for the heads up. I’ll need to look into that.

Need the BvS suit as well as Knightmare BvS suits

Anyone tried this on console? Doesnt seem to work for me (cant build the recycler)

I haven’t yet, but I’ll give it look.

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Did the Tracker’s Alliance quests and enjoyed both of them as well as the endings to both. The Vulture was a pain in the ass. Killed me 5+ times with two shot kills.


So far the mod doesn’t have any indication about how it works, besides saying it giving us another option on the work bench. But I don’t see anything showing up when I go to it, I don’t think we need any requirements as there’s no mention even on the nexus page.

The nexus page does mention this: Modifying the rules New instructions are coming due to not being able to use RTFP with consoles. Currently the keywords are mapped in an init quest with a fallback of random return.

So maybe the mod is uploaded but not fully functional yet on for Xbox, until they add the new instructions.

Edit: one other thing I saw on the nexus page was about X or Y being the button to activate it at a workstation for console. So it could be that the mod is currently set to X for me and X is my activation button, so it doesn’t work. I will have to rebind buttons later to make sure.

Still on my first play, had put this down for a while.

I just finally finished the Crimson Fleet story, and the second to last mission was quite good. I thought I’d look around and pick up some stuff on my way out but that didn’t happen, getting out of the Legacy was a really well done experience. I couldn’t see where I was running and felt really immersed in it, my character just about died. The last mission was fun too but that one stood out to me.


Just a heads up for everyone -

Not sure why but after loading up my save file from yesterday, the player combat level was reset to normal. Everything else in the gameplay options were still set but I had to change them both back to “hard” difficulty. I don’t know why that changed on it’s own. My only answer would be that it was from downloading the Vulture quest for the Tracker’s Alliance. Other than that, have no idea. But since I do check this when starting my game session for the day, I saw it right away.

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Yup, mine too. There was also a slight change in the settings location.

To everyone using the recycling mod. Unfortunately it doesn’t work unless we start a new game.

But it does work pretty quick, it opens a storage menu to put things inside the industrial workbench. Once you transfer something exit out and the materials will be in your inventory.

I’m using the SKK Fast Start mod, so I had no resources/mats in my inventory.


Thanks fir this, thought i was going crazy yesterday. Binding and unbinding.

I hope bethesda ads this in officialy, mods are great but can lack that bit of extra polish

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So which mods dont disable achievements?

Only official ones. Look at the screenshots in this post. If it has that check mark circled in red, it supports achievements.

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Photo mode keeps glitching for me. Everything turns dark when I turn it on.

Which platform?

Are you inside a ship when trying to take pictures? It’s usually the only place this happens to me.

This is what I needed.