Starfield: Official Gameplay Reveal - Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

It sure would surprise me if there aren’t more. Maybe some in those cities in stores, or as enemy. Really hope so. Doubt the only enemies will be humans and creatures.

Considering that Vasco can be modified to become an attack robot, it might be a possibility. Who knows. Starfield require bigger deep dive, maybe a whole show dedicated to it at this point.

explosions sound in space triggers my brain :smiley:

Would make sense since you can disable ships and board them to so i imagine you can roam your ship in space. I think to be boarded you’re ship needs to be disabled so you would most likely feel your ship being shot in free roam

I really hope they will use auto HDR if they can’t have a proper HDR implementation themselves. Fallout 76 was not exactly great with HDR, so hopefully they’ll take a good look at auto HDR because it’s been more on point than not for me. If they just put the same one as 76 in it and call it a day that would be extremely disappointing.

Too many studios do exactly that.

Juicehead video trying to tie up the gameplay reveal with some of the previous leaks. Interesting if the rest proves true

I saw in a video that apparently the 4chan leaks were also true? I never saw that leak, I don’t want to know everything the game has to offer almost a year before it comes out.

I made a Thread on Twitter to explain why I think piloting a ship in the atmosphere is not necessary for a game like Starfield ( sorry it’s written in French but it seems to me that we can translate easily on Twitter ) hope you enjoy it I also talked about ground and space exploration


This part of the deep dive really shows the much better animations, as brief as it may be.


The Starfield hype encouraged me to pick up a Bethesda-like game for the first time in years. I played the heck out of Morrowing and Oblivion and some of Fallout 3 but missed most of the rest. Decided to go with the only Bethesda-like not made by Bethesda, Fallout Vegas. Despite how rough and aged the visuals are, I’m completely engrossed. Just love it…and it makes me look at Starfield differently. Imagining that sense of immersion in a world but with no limitations, to the types of worlds and environments they can make is extremely exciting. Knowing that they want to go back to RPG basics is compelling…because I assume we’ll see choices that matter and more player agency. I also agree that in the little time I did spend with Fallout 4 (only like 4 hours), the base building is the aspect I disliked most and is the reason I quit so quickly.


They have 3 events ( QC , Gamescom, TGA and maybe 4th event in December or November for Xbox called XO22 ) . No need for dedicated event for one game

They will have to start introducing Direct style events for the games. Big showcases are not enough for that - you can’t dedicate a section of a showcase for the explanation for some game mechanic.



Personally I’m not watching it, but if you want…

I remember seeing that leak some time ago and for the little I have still memory of it (and if it all end up being true)…Starfield could become Bethesda’s best game with a lot of interesting content and stuff to do while exploring and doing the usual in a Bethesda world (which are, again, unmatched) do whatever you want with the world/s they have provided to you.

I find the things around this leak fascinating as well, especially the insights into why FO76 went sideways (majority of Maryland focused on Starfield, anyone pulled to work on it was only for 11 months).

Which means Starfield has been in the cooker for a long time.

Sounds good, but any surprises that are left I’d love to discover myself. Gonna be difficult but I’m gonna try to stay away from any more possible deep dives.


Yeah, this is the way. I’m not looking at anything more until I play the game myself. Super weird wanting to be spoiled, but to each their own I guess.


For me personally Bethesda games are all about the journey itself so I don’t care about spoilers or whatever. I might not even finish the main quest.

Look, a weirdo!


Spoilers for me though are more than story. It’s locations, characters, enemies etc. etc. I’ve seen more than enough allready, almost too much. I want to experience and discover it myself.