Starfield: Official Gameplay Reveal - Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022


This looks damn awesome. When they were zooming out on the planet system I literally got dreamlike joy because it felt like my dream fantasy being realized.

Also, the game looks visually impressive and artistically gorgeous. Specifically visually impressive for a Bethesda title. You don’t go comparing this to other linear or general open-world games, of course it isn’t on that level, but it’s absolutely unfair to compare considering the incredible scope, depth, freedom that they offer at BGS.


Game looks great to me and no signs of jank.

Something seemed a little off with the gunplay but I am not sure what. Need to revisit the trailer. Either enemies not reacting or perhaps the gun not having enough movement/recoil?


I think its missing character hit reactions, it almost looked like the bullets didn’t bother the enemies


Whatever it is I think it’ll be addressed


AI looks terrible and so does the gunplay.

I’m hoping everything else is amazing to mask those issues because I don’t see them being fixed lol.


I watched it 3 times already, just playing it on repeat. Weird to say it’s exactly what I wanted, like it’s just crazy to think how big this game will be. It will consume lives, like someone else said. And they will surely add stuff with DLC along the way. Possibilities are endless. Easily a game you could play for a decade. I don’t even know how they made those 1000 planets, like how much is handcrated ? I want to know !


Have to be honest here.

I hated the idea of Starfield because I hate space games.

After watching that gameplay it could be one of the my favourite games of all time.


i was a tad dissapointed at the first moon part, but then the layers upon layers of the game started peeling back and i was awestruck by the end.



I hope that some of the factions are mutually exclusive, so that if you join one, then many of the others will be thorns in you side all over the quadrant. I also hope that there are some prefab outposts, I’m terrible at designing buildings.


I think that the original planet looked kinda bland - too much empty space. Lack of blood also did not help.

But other locations with NPCs etc. looked much better. However people will compare it with Cyberpunk and I don’t think visually Starfield will win at all.

UI looked great though.

in 4K looks nice.

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I’m sure they are, they realize not everyone is into those extra management mechanics. I also think the flying and space fighting can be skipped.

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I can’t lie, I was hoping that they would copy everything about the Cyberpunk NPC behavior, but given the scope of this game, I’m just being greedy.

I was kinda against manual flying before, but now, depending on how easy it controls, I might be with it.

I am pretty sure NPCs in Starfield are gonna be much better and dynamic. Bethesda’s AI has always been cool and funny.

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It looks incredible!! 100 systems and 1000 planets with space flight and customizing my ship and recruiting my crew!! I love this and I love Xbox!!


Gunplay isn’t great, framerate not great, not the most intense trailer etc but

How do you even capture the Bethesda magic on a video like this, what i liked the most was the character creation as per usual, will spend hours there, also saw you can cook food and drinks, so mods please you know what to do.

Can’t wait to see everything there is on the game, factions, quests, characters, music! (this needs to be very good on a game we’ll play hundreds of hours)… the whole package basically.

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I was disappointed of course to not be able to play Starfield this year, but the scale of this game is clearly something that I am really glad at this point that they have some extra time to polish before in the first part of next year. It looks awesome for me as a Bethesda RPG and NASA space junkie!


Lord I can’t wait.


I’m in for the ship customization and being able to make a crew. I hope we get some cool crew management stuff, like being able to recruit/hire different people with different skillsets and maybe certain people will work better with certain other people, crew conflicts, etc…

Not to worried about any barren/procedural planets. I’m sure there will be plenty of hand crafted areas and little hidden places to find. If this is “cloud enabled” there is a potential of players being able to stake a claim of their own place on a planet where others can go visit.


I think the game point out if there is something interesting on the planet, and you can instantly land near it.

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