Starfield controversy (from leak, possible spoilers)

This is by far, the biggest Starfield controversy yet. Apparently you can’t seamlessly explore an entire planet, instead the planets have procedural generated zones that have invisible walls. It can only take around 10 minutes by running in a straight line on a planet from your ship to reach an invisible wall. This was seen in a roughly 1 minute leaked video that was played in fast motion of a player traversing a very barren Earth with a lot of rocks taking time to render in the distance. There was absolutely nothing to do in the area that the player was running in and it looked incredibly boring. This video was eventually removed on YouTube and made Starfield look really bad with a very toxic comment section. The planet zones are incredibly small which really sucks, I’m not sure if the planet zones vary in sizes though. I hope that there are much bigger zones so that there is much more to explore without getting interrupted by an invisible wall so quickly. I understand why there aren’t land vehicles because you would reach an invisible wall in no time. The zones are randomly generated with hand crafted content and aren’t even linked to each other. For example, if you land in a zone next to New Atlantis you won’t even see it from a distance, New Atlantis is its own separate zone. I’m personally devastated and am no longer excited for Starfield. This really breaks immersion and I’m mad at Bethesda because they lied to us saying that we have unparalleled freedom in this game. I wouldn’t be surprised if Starfield only scores in the 80s on Metacritic and gets mixed reviews which would be an epic failure for this hugely anticipated game. For me, planet boundaries is the nail in the coffin for me, what do you think? This is a very hot topic right now and needs to be discussed, thanks.

Tilegate got overblown, people have been clearing it up (not sure if this is spoiler stuff or not?)

  • Says the tiles issue is overblown, those hoping for a space sim could be disappointed but in the normal gameplay loop you do not run into boundaries, game is too good to care about it

  • Sunsets, planets, views are visually mindblowing

  • Says this is Bethesda’s magnum opus

  • Settled Systems News Network in New Atlantis will have some very interesting quests

  • Quests and side quests are best yet from Bethesda

  • Tiles DO blend together, they line up when landing in different tiles (I know there is conflicting info out on this, just repeating what he told me)

  • Didn’t want to spoil it for others, but said Starfield is basically 2 games in one, Starfield and Starfield 2 (referring to the mysterious NG+)

  • Sound design and especially the OST is extremely high quality

Expects review day to be crazy. He’s an actual gamer, seemed to be objective about it, but couldn’t stop gushing over the game

Edit: removed some stuff that could be considered spolers.


Is this information real? Can you please give me the link to where you got this information, thanks.

I just need to understand if this is satire…


Sure, I remember specifically in the Direct where Todd Howard spoke directly to camera and said “You know, we’ve actually built 1000 planet sized maps by hand, and they’re going be continuous, and if this isn’t true, you can personally call me a liar”.

So you have verified this, with your own eyes?

Bethesda: “1000 planets”

Folks: “That’s too much land to traverse games aren’t respecting our time”

Bethesda: “limited portions can be traversed”

Folks: “I wanted to traverse endlessly I’m devastated”


Posted unseen.

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The engine & world limits are of secondary importance (or lower tbh).

Like for example I once killed Three Dog in Fallout 3 in the Galaxy News Radio building… & yet his radio broadcasts continued. That’s immersion breaking. That’s the sort of stuff that takes me out of a game experience.

What we’re seeing with Starfield here is just the normal pre-release internet meltdowns fuelled by clickbaiting & console wars. For me Starfield needs to really nail the universe & how the player impacts all the npc’s & events, i.e. so I don’t feel like I’m in a shallow sandbox where everything is static & the player character has very little impact on anything or anyone in the game.

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Man, imagine the discourse there would have been in 2002 when folk realised that the Halo: Combat Evolved skybox isn’t actually a full Halo ring that you can drive around?

My understanding is that each tile is the size of Skyrim’s map. You’re never going to reach these boundaries in a normal course of playing.

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If this is the biggest issue with the game then i think we’ll be ok

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Gameleaksandrumors, also on other era. People have moved on from tilegate to water. Tommorow it will be something else.


We’ve just had a 96 rated RPG where the maps are 300x300m in size, enemy factions in act 1 and 2 are a javelin throw away from each other and major quest lines involve them not being able to find each other.

And yet this is supposed to be a big deal? Give me a break.


This seems like it should have some sort of spoiler / rumor tag and if so should also maybe not say what it is? I thought there wasn’t going to be a spoiler thread yet and kinda stumbled in here and stopped reading when I figured out it was about Starfield.

That said, I’m playing Hitman again at the moment and the level I just played (first from second game) had invisible walls that impact my strategy, and… I got over it pretty quickly.

A new era of console wars is about to begin. :risi: And it is mostly going to be waged from one side. :doge:

Since this is the leak/spoil thread I can finally post my thoughts here. I find it bizarre that Sony fanboys are clinging desperately to this whole barrier thing. First it was 40 minutes one direction, and now it is 10 minutes? And me personally? I don’t mind if each planet is Skyrim sized because that would still be dope as hell.

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Yea seeing the water trolling. Seriously, until reviewers review the game any talks from leakers will be bias imo.

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Sony fans are out in full force to try and bring down Starfield with whatever they can, it’s actually getting ridiculous. I’ve seen the leaked video and I don’t see what’s wrong with the game to be honest. Game looks polished as fuck and will probably be regarded as one of the best games this generation. And thanks to MS the devs had all the time they needed to fully realize their vision. Bethesda has all of my trust honestly, and stuff like seen in OP can only be taken as a joke imo


Really shows the whole “Xbox needs to invest in more games” was just them trolling all along. They are also the ones posting all these leaks around the web to try and ruin it for everyone. This also kills the whole “just get a PC. Xbox games are on PC” narrative. Because if getting a gaming PC was that simple we wouldn’t be seeing this weird frenzy. But yea the gameplay looks amazing from what I’ve seen.

But Sony fanboy better PRAY this shit doesn’t get above a 90…

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