Starfield |OT| You're Finally Awake... In Space! [NO SPOILERS]

Nobody’s obligated to like a game, but that right there is as clear an example of giving a certain score purely to grab attention and insert oneself into the narrative as you’re likely to find.


To be fair they purposely “forgot” that Fallout 4 existed (which is weird since they apparently loved it)…if you can’t see what they did with this then I don’t know what to tell you. Why even defend this? :man_shrugging:


There’s a big Bethesda hate train, in fact it was a big reason for Outer Worlds goodwill, people were just championing it to spite Bethesda, it’s not really a BGS style RPG, it’s an Obsidian RPG.

This is just showing how much people in the media can be driven by narrative. Jim Sterling goes in something already hating it because of the company. They hate Bethesda and Microsoft, double homicide this time :skull:

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  • About Paul Tassi:

he knows how to make money. Just write a headline and trigger some people. He does it every time.

Why are we still talking about him on this forum ?

  • About Metro:

Isn’t it a free publication in the UK and in the same group as Daily Mail ?

So like Paul Tassi they are making money with rage- and clickbait

  • And about Jim Sterling:

I wouldn’t even follow them. Their Starfield review is probably the most watched video since 2021.


It’s so blatant lol

This dude even loves the game but gotta keep cranking out the stupidity for clicks, just stop giving these people attention, it’s all they want, especially in this era of social media rage bait

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Honestly can we create a new thread so people can talk about all the negativity, clickbait and review score ?

I’m getting tired to read a new controversy every time I’m checking this thread.


There is already a thread. Just move your review score talks and the other negative stuff on this thread.

Thank you :+1:


It’s been years since Jimquisition stopped offering actual insights about video games and became 100% about outrage peddling and bandwagon jumping on the controversy du jour.

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Xbox exclusive vs multiplatform


Yeah I would just mute or block these guys. These people don’t deserve our time or energy


You can do this is Starfield too.

Yup. You can even stealth your entire ship into parts to avoid combat!


I’m going to have to try a stealth build for Ryujin corpo spying in the future to see how that works(Unfortunately I hate stealth in every game I have ever played that includes Dishonored, Thief and other stealth focused games).


It works fine, it’s just not very forgiving. You can hack, or digipick rather, computers to take control of turrets, robots, doors or other systems. Turning things on/off, change FoF-settings, release military bots from cargo on unsuspecting enemies etc. etc. all without being discovered.


That’s fine, but I just in general hate stealth, as I think it’s boring. I have tried playing some stealth games and usually stop very quickly, but I want to try and give it a chance in this game before I decide to just shoot my way in and out.

Also found someone that sells more than 1 potato, Jane Weller on Mars/Cydonia.

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Yeah, I do a bit of both. Often it’s stealth at first to provide some sort of advantage, whether that’s by hacking security systems or just getting into a good position, and then unleash hell on the enemies. :wink:

My current stealth approach is I shoot one person from a distance as much and fast as possible and then fight everyone.


Cyberpunk’s stealth stuff blows Starfield’s out of the water, let’s be real now lol.

That Dan dude sounds miserable playing video games though. I hope I never becomes that jaded with a hobby that I love.


This from a couple of days before reviews hit:

I was not wrong unfortunately.

It’s a Game of the Generation for me though. Absolutely amazing.


Still boring except using a pistol for max damage.