Square Enix Presents announced. A Digital-Direct showcasing new upcoming Square Enix games (March 18th)

  • New Life is Strange reveal
  • 25th anniversary of Tomb Raider
  • Just Cause Mobile
  • New Square Enix Montreal games
  • Outriders
  • Marvel’s Avengers
  • Balan Wonderland

March 18th @ 10am PDT/5pm GMT


What interests me here is that they have new Square Enix Montreal games. With an s. Wonder what they will be.

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a new Deus Ex? :eyes:

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That’s what I’m hoping for.

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I’d love this!

I think this will be a full on western conference. I would love a new Tomb Raider :heart:

Hoping for the next installment of Tomb Raider, the next game for Deus Ex which would continue the story from Mankind Divided and an isometric Lara Croft game!!!

Also looking forward to seeing if they announce any post launch content for Outriders.


Don’t think it’s happening. :frowning:

An isometric Lara Croft game would be cool lol, they did say new game announcements from SE Montreal that made the Lara Croft Go games that I loved.

I really enjoyed Guardian of Light and Temple of Osiris and it’s been over 6 years so I would love a new isometric Lara Croft game.


Me too. Those games are fantastic.

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Didn’t a Tomb Raider collection just get leaked through the MS store?

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Yeah, forgot about that. Basically guaranteed to be here.

Lol! What’s with the Microsoft store and leaking everything?


Man I’d LOVE a new Deus Ex game.

I’m expecting Life Is Strange 3 to be a timed PlayStation console exclusive or some bs like that.

I am excited for Just Cause Mobile😀

This is close to the date of April 3rd. The date the FFVIIR exclusivity ends. I wonder if they announce the PC version of VIIR Intergrade here? Or the Xbox version (lol no)

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Praying this means some Xbox stuff at the Square event.

It’s possible that they have a CG teaser for the new Tomb Raider, but that will be about it.

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