[Spoilers] Starfield Story Discussion

Caveat Emptor: in here be Starfield story discussion including what would be considered spoilers. Enter at your own peril.


Hm, thread open for an hour, no comments… STARFIELD HAS NO STORY! Or maybe it’s just really good and people would rather play for now :thinking:

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Character has been created, Bouncer, Kids Stuff, Neon, Raised Enlighten.

Took some screen shots of the opening before character creator and imo, lowering film grain to zero was the right choice. Game is currently in quick resume to test how well it’s implemented.

Also hoping for an update to give us access to the brightness settings soon, because imo, the default brightness is too high.

Can someone who has finished the game or maybe knows…

Is it best to main line story and then do everything else in Ng+

Wow this game is an absolute blast. Everything is so massive but detailed at the same time. Its insane. Im 4 hours in but idk how it scored anything less than a 95 from what Ive played. INSANE.

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I beat the game. I married Sarah Morgan before entering the ending. I will spoiler tag the rest. when I made the choice to become Starborn, the game told me that Sarah would also become Reborn as well. When I entered NG+ my Sarah wasn’t their. Was that just a BS throw away ending line and my wife is gone forever despite me being told she was becoming Starborn with me??

If that was just window dressing and it doesn’t impact my NG+ that’s gonna be a huge missed opportunity with this games relationship system.

i assume you were bringing Sarah (and the others) into the unity. the logic is that you are the only one who entered the blackhole so if Sarah was still inside there then she is trapped forever and wouldn’t reborn in the new universe. don’t let anyone join your ship before entering it.

I am not ready to read spoilers bit on twitter I read something that now it is bugging me. It is related to the NG+

On this twit…


It seems it’s suggesting that in Starfield the whole first play through it is actually a dream. Or that it is what is crossing my mind all the freaking time now when I’m playing the game. So it is better if I know what’s going on. Is it that the case?

Nope. IMO it’s better to do everything on your first run because your perspective on the universe will change. I would recommend to play the main quest till Neon. After that it’s the best time to fully explore.

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It’s not a dream.


Are we living in a dream right now? (On a serious note, no it’s not that at all)

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Thanks guys i was getting paranoid. Real life could well be a dream.

NG+ is not a result of a dream but it did give me an existential crisis all the same.

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Ok, I have to ask: Has anyone else become “The Mantis” yet? Becoming a new age Mandalorian was not on my bucket list :sweat_smile:

Well finished the main story last night. Was pretty good i thought. Can already see myself doing some NG+ runs before settling into a “universe” and finishing all the faction/side quests and so on. Married Sarah before finishing the main story so she was widowed rather quickly haha.

How many NG+ have some of you done? Do the ship and spacesuit stats improve each time?

Also, turns out the player character does have a voice :joy:

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I’m only at NG+. But rushing through NG+ should take around 3h if you are getting all powers as well.

Ship +6 and suit +10. But only the stats of the suit improve and the traits are random for each run.

so I beat the game today and man at some point the main story picks up so well. I loved the direction it went and saying goodbye to everyone before you stepped in unity made me sad because of the journey i went on with all of them, the writing is so good in this game. finding out why earth went bad was cool and the starbourne and there motives for everything man. so good. Plus all the side quests and factions which are JUST as amazing. bethesda was such a good pick up for xbox. I dont know how any game can top this for GOTY but im sure the media will find a way

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I got one!(sorry was excited and posted it on the main thread)



Starfields’ ending could be used to create any number of crossover stories, both in game and writing.

We could get full conversion mods that stepping through the Unity suddenly puts us in a new universe based on other franchises. Like the Star Wars Universe, Halo Universe, TES Universe, Fallout Universe, Star Wars Universe, DC Universe, Marvel Universe, Mass Effect Universe and so many others.

With the The Unity not existing in the same way in each universe. For example: in the Star Wars Universe The Unity would be The Force. Of course something like this would be easier to implement in writing than game play.

Have finally started New Game+, and I have to wonder why our character doesn’t have a double outside of the powers to make doubles or the one we meet and talk to at The Unity.

I wonder if this implies that our being reborn as a Starborn is different from The Hunter and the Emissary(by the way, whose the Emissary on your play through? I’m curious if it changes depending on who dies), where instead of existing at the same time as our other counter part we end up fusing with them. Maybe gaining all their memories in the process? Of course this could just be for gameplay balance.

Either way, the fact we can either go through with the main story again as before or proceed to tell everyone at Constellation everything is interesting to me. Even more so because the Artifacts have all moved and going as normal would have meant going to brand new places. Right now I’m debating if I should remove my background tags, so no parents or Neon Street kid. Which actually work better together than expected, because the mom character talks about us wanting to get away like her grand mother.