Sony PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan stepping down In March 2024


Who will lead next


Maybe not fully related but I guess his work with MS/ABK has backfired quite a bit


And. Here. We. Go.


This real?

I Wonder if this is due to ABK deal

Yep, real guy!

Edit: the backfiring is my speculation, but yeah the tweet is real.

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Herman Hulst? It’s not impossible.

That ABK business really did damage.

Jim Ryan has lost 2 publishers, 25+ studios, marketing for gamings biggest moneymaker and PSN+ first place position (game pass will overtake it this holiday)

Its no wonder he’s being kicked.



Definitely interesting to see if they go for another “money man” or someone more developer focused like Hulst. I absolutely didn’t expect this tbh.

Can’t say I expected that

I feel like this is a fallout to the ABK deal and the “poking the bear too far” that made executives nervous, and that bear is Microsoft. Speculation of course.

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The damage is done. They awoken the titans. Now the leader has to make sure they strike it down while defense remains solid. For now.

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Yeah, I wonder if this will make Sony lessen their GaaS focus, he was really going for that. On the other hand, I’m sure Jim had someone above him, it’s not like he had all say in it, did he?

Wouldn’t surprise me. That made Xbox even stronger.


Yup honestly, it’s themselves that they have to blame, they thought Microsoft won’t invest that much on gaming, they were wrong. It’s time to adapt to the new reality.

They aren’t going to lessen focus on GaaS, that’s pure copium, I’m not a Jim fan but the GaaS stuff is absolutely something every CEO will push as they are a necessity in this era

$200m+ single player games that come out every 5-6 years ain’t gonna cut it anymore