Sony believes Xbox owning Call of Duty could impact consumers console choice UPDATE: Microsoft Responds

I don’t believe that to be honest. Especially considering that so many companies even paid Sony for cross play. Xbox One was not that attractive at that time and in 2015 they had other issues to deal with.

I’m starting to think that they never rewrote the activision deal to not include any game on gamepass since they never put any in the first place…

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Well, the deal was done 3-4 years ago at least so GP at that time was nothing in their eyes


You’d think they’d write that in to MLB by now…

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MS can pay out the contract if they want. MW2 will be GamePass day 1 or day 1 of the acquisition, it’s that simple

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There are very slim chances of it happening

Neither Xbox nor PlayStation ever put CoD in any of there subscription services

Also, marketing rights doesn’t stop Xbox from putting out trailer on there YouTube channel

So Even if marketing rights remain with PlayStation, a simple tweet from Xbox will make it clear that CoD is available on Gamepass and that would be enough

And keeping these all assumptions aside, if there is a clause for stoping the game on Gamepass, in my opinion, MS should void such part of the contract and pay the penalty for the sake of service and fans

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I believe Phil paid more then Sony for MLB to be on Gamepass and wrote those lines in contract

Phil outdone Sony with the game there first party studio makes

it should be available as soon as possible after deal closes. There are many things I can ignore and give Xbox a pass but not this one.

It will be hugely disappointing if we were to get MW2 after an year of its launch. It should be in the first batch of games getting released on Gamepass after the acquisition


Was rewatching yesterday’s podcast and when Nick was reading Microsoft’s quote regarding Sony’s games

it dawned on me that Microsoft is literally using the same argument that Sony cultists were using that people are buying Playstation to play exclusive games. Microsoft is literally telling “to go play your exclusive games” :joy:


So what stage on the 12 stages of grief is it when Sony fanboys try and make up crap that COD can’t be on gamepass because of some contract Sony signed before gamepass was even invented?

I find it odd the goalpost moving instead of Sony fans accepting of the fact MS holds all the card when it comes to COD.

At some point in time COD will be on gamepass day one, also at any point in time past any existing contracts MS can decide to make COD exclusive or put in a ton of timed/ or permanent Exclusive perks for MS eco system users.

The decisions are up to MS, one thing is clear though Xbox owners will be the 1 st class players for COD moving forward.


Yeah… Cultists gonna Cult I guess.

If you enjoy CoD and don’t play it on Xbox moving forward you are probably a bit…slow.

Are these the same people that think Sony is going to extend the Deathloop contract to make it a permanent exclusive?

I heavily disagree with this assumption.

The reality is, I believe, that most ps5’s are sold to casuals who buy it to play fortnite, fifa, cod etc. The exclusives are just another selling point. The people buying these consoles mainly or exclusively for the exclusives are the minority. I think people in general are exagerating the effect of exclusive games. Hell, xboxes sell like hot cakes without any major exclusives this year.


You’re right.

100% of the people I know IRL who have PlayStation 4/5 moved there after the 360 gen, once PS had CoD marketing. They only own 3rd parties such as GTA, Fifa, CoD and Red Dead.

Your average gamer couldn’t give a **** about exclusives.


Once the deal is final, COD on Gamepass will be glorious MS will pushed hard for all the advantage you get with COD with Gamepass. I also think they will do a COD collection later on similar to the Master Chief Collection, where you get all the Old COD games in one place it will be amazing.

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A CoD collection with CoD 4, WaW, BO1,2, MW2,3 would be fantastic.

Some crossover with my other topic but if they did this, bonus points if MS shuts down CoD servers for these titles on all other platforms. This huge nostalgia hit would make the series consoles irresistible to the casuals who moved to the Playstation marketing deal.

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It is really interesting going back and looking at PS2/PS3 era PS exclusives vs PS4/PS5.

I think Nick said it on last week’s pod, but Last of Us 1 really “broke” Sony. Almost every game from then on, for all the variety in setting, boils down to third person action game with RPG-lite mechanics. Save for the 1 or 2, it’s like they just leaned wholly into that style.

Yea the “Sony Template” is real and Sony made a huge mistake to rely on “One” style of game for first party and then got cocky and thought they could just sway their influence to have 3rd party fill in the holes.

Sony made a major mistake to rely on a 3rd party games like COD to fill in so many gaps in their own first party lineup. Now COD which makes up a huge percent of Sony’s gaming income is owned and controlled by another platform holder.


I find hilarious the arguments i’ve seen that “people won’t move to xbox because they can just buy cowadoody 69 on PS for 70 bucks” except that for this money you can subscribe to GamePass and have the whole COD catalogue + Activision + 400 games.


Yup, it was such an incredibly short sighted move. Definitely had the mindset that COD would a) never go away and b) stay as big/relevant as ever.

Thankfully, they seem to have recognized this and are looking to diversify again. Hope it works out for them.