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Camera should be their most profitable division and Playstation margins are declining (again) according to their outlook.


I was told there would acquisitions today with the Sony Financials meeting …


I tried to tell some folks that wasn’t going to happen :wink:

It was pretty obvious to anyone who’s followed Sony for a decade or more; the last time they delayed reporting was also due to missing expectations. I don’t care what some YouTubers say, these two aren’t aligned and Bungie’s closure is taking a chunk of their focus.


It just means they probably have a line of credit available to them, if a deal is presented they cannot pass on.

Im thinking they will not be going after acquisitions on Japan but rather focused on NA and Europe. That primarily was has happened and where most of the buying between all companies has happened.

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Yeah I think MS and Sony are fine with getting games multiplat from the big JP publishers (and Sony moneyhatting Square I guess). They’re both far more focused on the West.

And I think the idea of either MS or Sony buying a JP publisher to “save themselves in the JP market” is a bad idea. I think it’s more likely that the Japanese market would just stop caring about that publisher. Sony moneyhatting Final Fantasy isn’t saving PS5 in Japan, instead the popularity of FF in Japan is dwindling.

By the way once again the “insiders” are wrong about acquisition talk again. Sony cannot be “on the cusp” of acquiring Square for this long. They would have to have announced it by now.

This is assuming the games from said publisher would become exclusive. While I’m a firm believer in making all first party western games exclusive to Game Pass platforms, I can definitely see a situation where it would make sense to keep an acquired Japanese publishers games multiplatform in Japan.

Basically, it would be a defensive purchase, primarily intended to ensure those games come to Xbox at all, as opposed to ensuring they’re exclusive to Xbox.

The benefits to keeping them multiplatform are several:

A) To keep the franchise(s) alive

B) To generate goodwill among Japanese gamers

C) To keep making money

D) To increase brand awareness of Xbox in Japan, by tying the acquired franchises to the Xbox brand in the marketing (CoD/PlayStation style)

Yeah, Sony ain’t buying FromSoft.

CAPCOM also broke records in their latest reports…

As did Konami :stuck_out_tongue:


I would be very surprised to see Sony buy a publisher. I’m expecting a few more ‘big’ studios like Bungie (they have over 900 staff).

I get the impression they are comfortable with their single player output, so I’m guessing more multiplayer oriented studios or more VR investment.


Why on earth would capcom want to be acquired by sony or even ms for that matter?

Shareholders are just looking for a return, I don’t know why people get so hung up on that. The Twitter shareholders originally didn’t want to sell but money talks, they will just reinvest elsewhere.

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Twitter isn’t comparable. That has no effect on anyone.

If it was about Money MS would have bought Capcom years ago.