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I might win the lottery tomorrow. Probably not, but maybe.


And you know more?

I know absolutely nothing, just like the writer of that article.


30 billion dollars? Isn’t that too much, even for the entire Sony?

Less than 1 trillion yen left .


I wonder when we will hear about the acquisition :thinking:

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Even with this very informative chart and all those companies listed, people still think the rest of leftover allocation is going to go to just game studios when they’ve been purchasing a variety of other firms.


Yep, it’s looking more and more unlikely each day that they will ever buy a publisher.

I’m guessing it’s more of the studios they are working with.

Perhaps they will buy Deviation Games or Ember Labs.

Based on what they are doing lately I wouldn’t be surprised if they went for a big F2P studio similar to Riot Games (cash cows) but I’m not sure who.

Damn Sony has a monopoly in the music industry

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I recall they are the biggest music publisher. One of big three 100%.

I listen to a lot of soundtracks and I swear all I see is they’re published by Sony. They at least have a monopoly on soundtrack publishing lol

resources to acquire Square Enix or Capcom or Kojipro, etc. they have. :face_with_monocle:

I don’t think they will spend the rest of their 43% investment in just one big purchase for Playstation, especially with music and movies in it as well. Maybe Square Enix since they got rid of their Western division.

Not really. Unless they are planning to spend all of them at once. Square Enix or Capcom will be at least 6b. I don’t see Sony spending that much for a single division.

i think gaming is the most profitable division or the most important division in the Sony group. the Playstation needs to remain competitive, i think it’s possible for them to invest these “remaining resources” in the Playstation division.

Still really doubtful about that, and it is for three years. Playstation is profitable yes, but there is no reason to neglect all the other divisions.Moreover, Capcom is profitable as well, I don’t see them selling whatsoever, unlike Square.

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I believe that stock buybacks and additional strategic investments are included in that. They’re definitely going to be making strategic investments in chips because it’s holding them back. That’ll be costly.

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I think they spend another 1.5b on stocks so they now has less.

This is what I was gonna post. :phil_lmao:

Quick! someone write an article about how MS could also buy SE! You never know, just in case it happens! then you can pretend that you had “sources” and you knew about it all! :philwins: