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Sony First Party Studios

Polyphony Digital

  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Established: 1998


  • Location: Liverpool, England
  • Established: 2013

Guerilla Games

  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Established: 2000


  • Location: Helsinki, Finland
  • Established: 1995

London Studio

  • Location: Londan, England
  • Established: 1993

Media Molecule

  • Location: 2006
  • Established: Guildford, England


  • Location: Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Established: 1999

Team Asobi

  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Established: 2021

Bend Studio

  • Location: Bend, Oregon
  • Established: 1993

BluePoint Studios

  • Location: Austin, Texas
  • Established: 2006

Insomniac Studios

  • Location: Burbank, CA
  • Established: 1994

Naughty Dog

  • Location: Santa Monica, CA
  • Established: 1984

Sony Santa Monica

  • Location: LA, CA
  • Established: 1999

Sucker Punch

  • Location: Bellvue, WA
  • Established: 1997

San Diego Studio

  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Established: 2001

Pixel Opus

  • Location: San Mateo, CA
  • Established: 2014

The Verge is reporting that Sony is purchasing Haven Studios:

Sony is buying Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios as part of its live service push - The Verge

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I think we can take the banner from Playstation OT on Resetera.

It’s interesting to see how Microsoft and Tencent have forced Sony to change course on how they do acquisitions. As for so long it was always about established relationships and having a multitude of projects under your belt with Sony before they acquire you. Somewhat similar to what NIntnedo does.

However, lately with Bungie and now with Haven we are seeing a Sony where they are acquiring studios where tehy don’t have multiple projects and multitude of games built with the developer before they acquire them.

While I don’t think Sony needs to answer back to anyone. I will be interested to see If they really are able to close the deal on someone like a capcom or square enix.

How about: “Organic Sellers Market”

Edit: Ayy :slight_smile:


So who wants to be the first person told off for discussing Microsoft acquisitions in the Sony thread. Kidding, I’m just glad we have a thread for this sort of discussion. Haven seems like an interesting purchase though they must be making really strong headway behind the scenes to take a risk with a completely new studio. I’m interested to see just what this new game they are working on is.

Still waiting for that Arc System Works rumor to come true….

It just makes too much sense.

It really depends. ARc System Works have been making Playstation exclusive games for years, but I am not sure that they are fit Sony as a first party dev.

They definitely fit the first party multimedia push, but I think most of their games are multiplat, right?

Like what was the last pure PlayStation exclusive from them? Most of their games still release on PC and Switch iirc.

Do they make anything else aside Guilty Gear?

We can include PC as a target platform for Playstation too.

Organically sourced

Blazblue, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Persona 4 Arena, Granblue Fantasy Versus.

Blazblue also has an anime, which fits in well with Sony’s multimedia push.

I have not seen Blazblue game for ages. Other properties are kinda third party IP.

I mean, I don’t see why the third party part is relevant when they own Blazblue and Guilty Gear. Two fighting games that can be permanent mainstays at EVO.

I think with Smash leaving EVO, EVO will lose a lot of value and Guilty Gear won’t help there. I do curious how Sony is gonna promote EVO because it kinda declined. Bigger games like Tekken or Street Fighter are gonna be multiplatform (for SF it is a must) so having the exclusive game there won’t bring a lot of benefits.

The thing is that the studio should want to make the games Sony wants. That’s the main problem there - Sony cannot acquire ASW and force them to develop certain games.

I personally have no idea why Guilty Gear is still Playstation exclusive. This playstation exclusivity is detrimental to a lot of games these days. Because getting less than 1m sales on 100m userbase is a bonkers.

Why would Sony change what Arc System makes? Fighting games are now a core part of their business per EVO.

You said that Arc System Works fits Sony’s multimedia, I assumed you meant that ASW should start making anime games like (Fate / State that Sony owns).

I am also curious why Sony has acquired only a part of EVO. We are always saying that Sony owns EVO, but they own only a half.

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It’s not true man, acquisitions don’t leak. Not even this recent one did.

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Oh no, I meant that they also have leaned into anime, so they could help Sony in more than just the gaming division. Lol

Oh I’m well aware it was probably crap. Still think it makes a lot of sense though!

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