Redfall Will Be a Classic Arkane Single-Player Game (Even When You’re Playing Co-Op)

Lots of very interesting things in this article that really do make it sound like an immersive sim 1st (with different classes essentially) and a co-op / loot game second.

Lots of stuff they haven’t spoken about or not really elaborates on, but the ‘nests’ are emergent dynamic world events that drop in for example. Further there are infiltration missions, Dishonoured / Prey style whereby you have multiple entry points with various trade off’s. One might require you to find a key, another has an alarm in the way, the sewers full of vampries etc etc.

It’s shame most won’t read this, because Redfall is getting very little traction and lots of disinterest online; mostly because people aren’t understanding that it is still very much a classic arkane experience.


My hype level for this has gone way up. As a solo player im so glad its just you and not a computer controlled squad with you


I went from being very meh about this game, to this being my second most anticipated game releasing in the next 2 years.

I think the main two issues is that first, it’s not Dishonored 3 which a lot of people including myself were hoping for and second, while the game looks good, I believe that Dishonored 2 looks better and that’s a 6 year old game. My guess is that people simply expected a lot more.

Personally, Redfall is my most anticipated Microsoft exclusive especially since it’s probably the closest to release and the game itself looks like it could be a sleeping hit/hidden gem. Combat/gameplay looks good, world looks very interesting, love that the main antagonists are the vampires and the loot system seems to be based more on quality rather than quantity.

Hoping for a February/March 2023 release as I really want to play it!!

To be fair this is not the arkane that makes dishonored. They made prey

It’s kinda both. Some of the Dishonored 2 team including the director moved to Austin for this.


This is true. I dont think we will ever get another Dishonored as sad as that is. It just did not sell well enough. This on the other hand looks like it could sell lots. To bad it missed its summer release because it could have rode the stranger thing wave

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Okay. This is definitely a twist for me.

I never cared about Prey but am day one for Redfall where as I liked Dishonored but have no interest in Deathloop. lol

Well, sales doesn’t matter as much anymore for them so…

I think they said something similar to this at the Extended Showcase. I didn’t catch all of what they said since I started watching late, but it’s nice that this isn’t one of those “meant to be played in co-op” kinda games. From the interview it seems like they want to make everything accessible even when playing solo, but playing in co-op makes things interesting when combining the powers of different characters.

I wasn’t really interested in this game at first. Just thought it was “Borderlands mixed with L4D” but now im more interested in trying it out. I can imagine they’ll add more playable characters over time.

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it’s an arcane game that holds the same excellent immersive sim aspects of previous games while trying to cater to a larger audience, this launch will be huge for arcane, gamepass and traction.

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Im with everyone else i loved Dishonored but i feel like when a studio try as hard as arkane has to make Dishonored successful so many times they tend to put those IPs on the shelf and try creating new IPs. I wish arkane austin made prey 2 but at the same time I love new IPs so im all in on redfall especially with there whole procedurally generated nests could be alot of great game here

Same here, after the IGN interview with Harvey Smith I can’t wait to play the game. :gimme:

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This sounds much better


Yeah, this puts it back on my radar.

I don’t get why they presented it the way they did though, in both the reveal and the latest trailer it gave off a very different impression from what they are talking about here.

I generally feel that marketing doesn’t do a good job at conveying what makes Arkane games special, and so far I dont think that Redfall has been any different.

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This isn’t getting much traction online because let’s be honest neither did most Arkane games, but this one will still be their most successful one anyway, launching on Game Pass and having co-op will ensure that. And speaking of that, I saw some complaining that for co-op the mission progress only carries over for the host. Yeah that’s probably annoying to play for long missions but they don’t count for your progress, but they said you do keep character progression and loot, but myself not aware what optimal solution for co-op there.


Agreed. Arkane games are those that simply need to be played in order to be understood and appreciated.

When I first saw this game last year, I thought it wasn’t for me (I’m mostly a solo player), but now I can’t wait to try it out.