Razer Kishi (Xbox): My initial thoughts and impressions

Ok so here is a brief rundown for those asking about the Razer Kishi:

Phone used: Google Pixel 2XL

Apps Played:

XCloud ( via the Xbox Game Streaming beta app)

ePSXe (PSone emulator)

PPSSPP (PSP emulator)

My Boy! (GBA emulator)


Google Play (app store)

Basic thoughts:

The triggers have a nice resistance to them and the sticks, although small, are set in comfortable positions. D-pad was a bit stiff but felt responsive, and the face and shoulder buttons all felt like normal controller buttons, which was nice. I have big thumbs, but button/stick size was not an issue. ‎ The mounting and connection to the phone is pretty stable. When I tried, the controller will not really bend away from you bc of how it’s built, but will bend toward you if you try. I don’t see this being an issue for me, but something to be mindful of. One strange thing I did notice was that bc my hands felt like they were holding a Switch, I was prone to hitting B when I wanted to hit A. That is just a weird “me problem”, and just muscle memory from playing multiple consoles.


I played each of the emulator apps I listed above, and all buttons worked as if it was the native controller, except with the ePSXe app. I needed to go into config and select the Kishi as my controller, but after that all was well. The only buttons I had to remap were the optional/extra ones (fast fwd, save state, turbo, ECT). There were no problem with the 4 games I tried, NHL 96 for SNES, FFVI advance for My Boy!, Trails in the Sky for PPSSPP, Legend of Dragoon for ePSXe. It felt natural to play these with a mounted controller and not touchscreen.

Google Play Store:

‎ I don’t own/play many games from the app store, but I do have Chrono Trigger, so I tried that. It, again, was just plug and play. The game controlled with the Kishi perfectly and I could still use touch controls if I wanted to.


I really liked the Razer Kishi, it felt comfortable and natural on my hand, it was easy to use with other apps outside of XCloud, and it made XCloud on the phone more enjoyable. Is it worth the $100 pricetag? (Well $90 if you go on Razer, sign up for their newsletter, and get $10 off your order) I’d say if you were gonna use XCloud mostly on your phone, it’s the most comfortable way, much more than the clip on attachment for the Xbox controller. The weight of the Xbox controller and phone and the awkward angle it is in with the clip is not ideal. But times are tight for many now, and the clip is at or under $15 on Amazon. So if you have the means, and think that you will get a good deal of use out of it, then it is 100% worth the purchase.

Hope this helps everyone, drop any questions if there’s something I missed that I can answer or I can try for you to see if it works for what you need.

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Thanks for this.

How do you feel about it on Xcloud irt to lag compared to a Bluetooth controller? Is it a sensible difference?

I felt that there was a slight difference. As a reference, I used the Kishi on both 4gLTE and my home Wifi, while I only been using the Bluetooth controller at home on wifi.

Thanks for the review!

I’m considering this for a future purchase, so good to hear of it in the hands of someone who is ‘real’ instead of a news site reviewer (being paid for the review :wink: ).


This is the one I’m looking at too. Seems the most convenient. Just need bluetooth audio

Thanks for the impressions. Think I might pull the trigger on this.

Also, it looks like you got the Xbox specific one, how did you manage to get it already, it looks like it doesn’t release until later this month?

It was available in the US August 4th, but it looks like it’s out of stock on Razer’s site

Is there a pass-through for power so you can still have your phone plugged in while playing?

Yes, there is.

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Oh really? This is cool… can that be used for USB-C earphones too?

Awesome. I’ve been using a controller with a clip, which works fine in some situations, but sometimes is a pain in the butt, so I’m probably going to spring for the Kishi knowing this.


Try Stadia next. It’s really impressive with the Kishi.

There’s pass through USB-C charging, but I believe you can’t use USB-C headphones, but I use Bluetooth headphones so I haven’t even tried. But I believe it is only a pass through for charging.

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Thanks for this.

The pass through charging is enough, I do have Bluetooth earphones I could use.

I’ve ordered a Realme 6i mobile today and a Xbox Kishi. It’s slightly too large by 1mm long and 0.2mm thick but hopefully that’s ok. Looking forward to seeing how it performs. It’s for my son so I’ve got time to test and return before his birthday.

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Based in Germany and still waiting for my Razer Kishi from the MS Store. Anyone else have their Paypal billed over and over yet no controller was sent out yet? :confused:

Covid is probably slowing shipments down.

Anyone know how to make the guide button use the xbox guide instead of it sending the phone back to the home screen? (Note 20 Ultra)

Have you updated your controller? I think that was what fixed it before. Not positive tho.