PS5 has Marvel Avengers 60 fps exclusivity? 😑

Curses :angry:

Just how low can square enix get?

How much is Sony willing to pay?

Framerate exclusivity is literally the worse form of paid exclusivity. Paying to make the other console run a game worse is bizzare.


What the fuck??? Wow.

How is that even possible? Would be funny that Sony paid for exclusivity for frame rates but then, the Series X simply brute forces it to 60FPS at a higher resolution. LMAO.

This will be a win for Sony/PS5 and then get patched a few weeks later to where at the very least, it’s equal on both sides. You can kind of see it coming.

There is still the mention of improved frame-rates there on Series X, so maybe there is only gonna be a native 4K/60 FPS mode there, whereas there will be a performance mode at 4K cherckerboard on the PS5, with another native 4K/30 FPS.

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Don’t tell me it’s AC: Valhalla situation all over again.

Marketing exclusivity is terrible :person_facepalming:

Are we sure the Xbox versions don’t just have a single native res 60 fps mode?

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Going by the list of features for the Series S/X I posted, I would say yes.

It’s ridiculous. I was wondering myself, why there was only one mode on Xbox. If it’s not 60 FPS, that’s BS. They have no deal on patches, only Spider-man character, right ?

After Hitman 3, The Division 2 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me that the Series X can natively do 4K/60 FPS. Apparently, they didn’t even release at first the list of next-gen features for Xbox, so I think Sony didn’t want them to tell the truth there.


Sony and Square Enix are doing everything they can for me to NOT buy this game.

Funnily enough it hasn’t sold as much as SE wanted so all the moneyhatting just seems for moot, well for Sony anyways…

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Even without any of the money-hatting aspects, I’m told it’s a rather bad game from my PlayStation gamer friends. They put two weekends at most into it before deleting it off their drives.


From what I hear, PS5 will have the option to run at 4K/30 or Checkerboard 4K/60

Series X will only run at 4K/60

How reliable is this source if they aren’t aware Xbox supports spatial audio?


Typical sony they are trying everything in their power to prevent Xbox from making a comeback they are frightened this is why bethseda must be exclusive!!! @XboxP3


It doesn’t show the fps for Xbox versions though, correct? I didn’t notice it on there?

They are using the image the devs put out. It specifically notes the audio stuff for PS5 but no mention on XSS/XSX.

It shows that there is improved frame-rates. It wouldn’t surprise me that there is no need for a performance mode on Xbox, and that’s why they didn’t mention it.

That is what I am wondering about too.

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