PS5 comes with PS4 pro hdmi cable - UPDATE: From IGN Italy


Source of the HDMI cable image

What one may lose if it is not HDMI 2.1 afterall

Meanwhile, series X cable

Source of the series X cable image.

Update from IGN Italy:


Wow the list is big on what you’re missing out. And it means you have to pay extra money to play games at 4K120. So it’s not 499$ for the full experience. How much is a hdmi 2.1 nowadays?


why the heck would sony cheap out like this? this type of stuff is maddening.


Haha wtf.


But john from df said it worked fine with n his lg cx?

I dont think any games are 4k 120fps on PS5 anyway.

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So the tech radar guy in above video could compare it to PS4 pro. Why can’t others do it? DF could have, IGN could have.

What’s going on?:sweat_smile:


Maybe the PS5 don’t need it since it’s not a very advanced console? gasp


It works for games under 4K120 but not for 4K120 precisely since it’s the exact same as ps4 pro cable. Same reference.

Why no one screams on the net about that?

Xbox would have been crucified to death just for that.


Yes there would have been concerned tweets, ranting articles and videos about it within minutes if it was Xbox.

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And the sony lies cycle continues but of course the usual suspects will damage control


Just to be sure, the XSX does come with a 2.1 right? If not I’m going to order one

DF has confirmed that.

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This page says Ultra High Speed HDMI cable (which apparently means 2.1, yes)

Edit: Sorry Holo, quoted you by mistake.

Of course 100% the XSX is future proof.

The other forum is saying that other outlets have confirmed the PS5 cable is 2.1.

Lol then where’s the proof from them? Blabla like with other news without any source, only talk or words put into others mouths. When somebody talks the proof must be showed. Clear and simple

We showed the clear proof it is not and it can be checked. Where is their proof now? Any evidences?

Prove it! Lol.

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You should add this video from which the pic has been taken to give it more weight in case naysayers come and scream fake. Lol.




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Here you go, buddy. I’m not interested in drilling down since I’m not getting a PS5 but if you wanna check for yourself, go for it!