PS5 hands-on are here!

For me, seeing the PS5 controller is one of the reasons why I decided to go with Xbox Series X as my primary console as I see the PS5 controller as nothing more than an overhyped gimmick that most developers will stop supporting within 12-18 months. I’m hoping that I can turn all of that Nintendo gimmicky stuff off. LMAO.


Didn’t I say the triggers have force feedback? Seems like the DualSense triggers have actual resistance that can push back on the finger. I think it is very cool, and I want to try it. I hope Microsoft follows suit if the DualSense catches on. I didn’t realize they had a patent.

The haptic feedback seems genuinely amazing.

I wish the Xbox had that, hopefully devs utilise it properly.

Yeah I was just clarifying since my initial post was only about the haptic feedback, sorry that wasn’t clear.

You are right about the triggers though, they do have actual motors inside that can apply resistance. And in either Ghostwire or Deathloop, I can’t remember which, the fire trigger will actually lock when your guns jam. Pretty cool mechanic in the game and force feedback triggers would’ve definitely been an awesome feature for both to make standard to encourage multiplat games to take advantage of them

Edit: it’s Deathloop that locks the trigger

That’s really unfair.

No he didn’t. He said something casually that lunatic fanboys on the internet ran with.


No, he didn’t. He made one joke under his breath (on a podcast that is often comedic) that gamers completely took out of context and set that shit straight on Twitter as soon as it gained traction in the fanboy community and again on the next episode. You’re really, really acting ridiculous about that.

Bakalar has never been an Xbox fan, but to act like he was railroading Xbox in this instance is being as unfair as those fanboys were.

I shall look forward to his comedic under breath comment when he uninstalls an ssd expansion from a PS5 after an extended play session to make fair comparison. They are available now so that’s something you’d think media outlets would be keen to try.

No, if ya watch the video he is clearly just joking off the cuff. He even explained this in a tweet later. He thought it was clear in the video he was exaggerating.

I am interested in seeing thermal cameras on PS5. The fact Sony wouldn’t allow Japanese CC’s to touch the machine is really weird to me. We should get confirmation soon of how cool it runs.


Wait, you didn’t even watch the video or listen to the podcast in question??? Oh Jesus, dude! This is slanderous, terrible behavior. Stop it.

“Trolling”… Yeah, ok. Try to tell the truth about people from now on (or at least admit when you mess up) and you won’t have these issues.



There is no HDMI 2.1 Ultra High Speed cable in the box. It is only a High Speed, standard cable! Wtf are you doing Sony!?


Even the packaging securing the ps5 box is ugly and really shows the unprofessionalism compared to Xbox double packaging

What one could miss if it is not ultra high speed (2.1)

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It is not. It is High Speed. The reference is E321011. Same as PS4 Pro.

High Speed HDMI® Cable E321011 ЯU AWM 20276 80C 30V VW -1 LUXSHARE-ICT

It means no hdmi 2.1 so no 4K120 with this cable. Unless there is some surprise, people have to pay extra money for 4K120. They really cheapen on every side damn it. I remember Sony damage controlling and saying that

Wow now I need to change my Ebay listing. Thanks Sony

I was also trying to search with that cable no.

Didn’t find anything concrete. But that cable has been in use since 2017.

Yep the same as ps4 pro like what I said.

Really disappointing! Should be big news. But hey you know how it will go…/s

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They will counter it with USB-C and wifi 6

Have already seen this on tweeter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Let’s discuss

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